THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN — Volume 17 • Issue 44 | March 24 — 31, 2005

Letter from the Editor
East Side, West Side, waterfront needs and L.M.D.C. money
Wanting to replicate the success of Hudson River Park, the city is putting forward a major plan to upgrade the East Side waterfront from the Lower East Side to the Battery.

People on the Street
“If you could change one thing about Lower Manhattan what would it be?”

Talking Point
Congressional worries
for one woman’s health only

By Wickham Boyle
I believe the entire country is dying; and yet we are narrowly focused on one woman. I know more than half of America has missed the fact that we are slowly withering from lack of a centralized health care system, from a pathetic public school network, from an increasingly polluted environment and from inadequate assistance to the thousands of service people returning home limbless and jobless. And yet all weekend the Congress toiled, traveled and passed a bill to force a woman to continue living without any brain function.

The Penny Post
Poetic paradise in old Vienna
By Andrei Codrescu
I’ve taken a survey of 800 poets, including Dave Brinks, and we agreed that the best times and places to be a poet was Vienna at the end of the 19th century, and New Orleans at present. In Vienna the cafes of the time teemed with the high flames of idealism and art burning inside any number of people, some of them moved by bohemian faith, and others just pretty.

Under Cover

Police Blotter

Letters to the Editor

House resolution introduced on W.T.C. memorial
U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, whose district includes the World Trade Center site, introduced a resolution this week expressing House of Representative support for the W.T.C. memorial. All 28 of his Republican and Democratic colleagues in the New York delegation have signed on as co-sponsors.

State Senate backs park money
The state Senate this week agreed to support $5 million for the Hudson River Park in the upcoming New York State budget for the 2005-6 fiscal year, according to Assemblymember Richard Gottfried, the Assembly co-author of the 1998 legislation that created the 5-mile long riverfront park currently under construction.

Sunny day’ at P.S. 1

Youth Activities

Youth Sports
I.S. 89 girls’ hot fourth quarter nets comeback win
By Zachary Roy
March Madness was in full effect last Thursday at I.S. 89, where the Cougars’ girls team overcame a 13-point fourth quarter deficit to defeat Salk Middle School 33-32 on a game-winning shot by Bria Schirripa.




Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Jesús Aguais, founder of Aid for AIDS, in a Hudson Square storage room where he collects H.I.V./AIDS medications to send to poor patients in other countries.

Sending AIDS drugs around the world from a storage room on Greenwich St.
BY Mai Bui-Duy
They all eventually end up in the same storage facility on Greenwich St., no matter what part of the country they originally came from. Boxes upon boxes of varying sizes are neatly stacked in the part of the Hudson Square office affectionately termed “the pharmacy.”

Changing hospital hopes to change its reputation
By Ronda Kaysen
When Linda Belfer awoke in an intensive care unit in April 2004, two days after a string of seizures rendered her unconscious, she had no idea where she was.

Bergtraum student learns about tourism in Hong Kong
Most 17-year-olds float through the hallowed halls of high school with little or no sense of what they want to do with their lives. But Tiffany King isn’t one of them.

Signs of life for neglected Varick St. park plan
By Ronda Kaysen
A Virginia-based trade organization has plans to renovate the triangular park between Laight, Varick and Canal Sts. as early as this spring.

Hit and literal run from crash near Houston St.
A police car chase of a driver who ran a stop light ended in a two-car crash at Avenue A and E. First St. at 10:30 p.m. Tues. March 22, police said. The driver of the offending car fled and a passenger in his car was charged with possession of marijuana, police said.

Tribeca’s Toons now a phone call or a walk away
Aman Singh
The Toons have moved out of Tribeca after 20 years. The Thai-food family-owned restaurant, which opened almost two decades ago in Tribeca, with nothing more than cooking skills to attract foodlovers, closed last month.

Traffic talk

New age Noah transforms a bestiary
By Wickham Boyle
Gregory Colbert, the peripatetic photographer who set up his 45,000 square foot Nomadic Museum on pier 54 on the brackish Hudson River, is for all the world a modern day Noah. His one-man show called “Ashes and Snow” features over 200 sepia toned, inspirational photographs of exotic animals melding with human partners. In this time of Tsunami, mudslides, melting arctic glaciers and the Senate’s recent vote to drill for oil in the pristine Alaskan wilderness, we need a new age Noah to collect, protect and deify our dwindling natural masterpieces.

Offering up the good stuff
By Art Swift
For singer/actress Maureen McGovern, now starring in the musical “Little Women” on Broadway, her music has never been just a way to sell records – it’s also a way to ease and heal ailments.

Tribeca Artists At Kiva
Confluence of Commerce and Ceramics Kiva Coffee and Catering house hosted the Chambers Street Pottery studios spring show. The show is on exhibit at KIVA 299 Hudson Street just north of Canal Street until tax day April 15.

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