THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 17 • Issue 34 | Jan. 14 - 20, 2005

From the Editor
Skepticism needed for Tribeca development expansion plan
It’s not often in New York City government that community boards get real power – the ability to approve or stop a project. Boards serve an invaluable function and often can convince agencies and developers to change their plans, but they almost never get the final say. Community Board 1 is likely to find themselves in just such an unusual position soon.

Talking Point
Mayor on the state of Downtown
Mayor Mike Bloomberg delivered his State of the City address Jan.11 at Hostos Community College in the Bronx. Below are excerpts from his official transcript that relate to Lower Manhattan. At one point, the mayor addressed Virginia Fields, borough president of Manhattan.

Returning memories of Chaney, Scwherner, Goodman and Baldwin
By Jerry Tallmer
The ring of that telephone at the New York Post 41 years ago is a long way from the front page of last Friday’s New York Times, but not so far that I don’t hear it all over again.

Letters to the editor

Under cover

Downtown Scene

Photo by Jennifer Weisbord
Foggy ferry days
Ferry commuters made their way out of the Hudson River fog Thursday on a surprisingly mild January day.

Dueling D.A. candidates?

Tribeca CERT team

Trippi goes local

L.M.D.C. switches air quality firms

Goldberger to open new lecture series

Liberty garden condo battle continues

Police Blotter


B-ball battle
The Comets (wearing black) edged the Sparks (yellow) in a close Manhattan Youth basketball league game Wednesday night at P.S. 234.

Youth Activities

New York's
Exciting downtown scene
Famed sailor to set course at North Cove
By Josh Rogers
American yachting champion Dennis Conner has joined with two Battery Park City residents to run the neighborhood’s marina starting this spring.
The Battery Park City Authority on Tuesday designated a new group that includes Conner to run the North Cove Marina. The other principals of North Cove Marina Management, Inc. are both neighborhood residents, Michael Fortenbaugh, commodore of the Manhattan Sailing Club, and Jordan Gruzen, an architect. Conner, who lived in the neighborhood from 1992 – 1994, has sailed out of the maria several times in recent years.

C.B.1 committee balks at barriers at 60 Hudson
By Nancy Reardon
Community Board 1’s Tribeca committee decided last week that the Western Union Building at 60 Hudson St. should only have security barriers if the New York Police Department decides they are necessary.

After demolition begins, Deutsche presents 4 Albany St. plan
By Ronda Kaysen
The small, neo-classical building at 4 Albany St., damaged and contaminated in the World Trade Center disaster, will face a similar fate of demolition with its neighboring Deutsche Bank building, although without the same level of public scrutiny.

C. B. 1 comments on W.T.C. memorial adjustments
By Ronda Kaysen
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation presented its World Trade Center Memorial Plaza plans to Community Board 1’s W.T.C. Redevelopment Committee, giving the committee its first opportunity to respond to the design.
Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Daniel Komanoff, 10, of P.S. 150 sold a heart-shaped cookie to Harrison Hatton, 11, right, before the start of school Friday. The students were raising money for UNICEF to benefit the children who survived the Indian Ocean tsunamis.

P.S. 150 hawks for tsunami kids
By Ronda Kaysen
A cupcake goes a long way — all the way to South Asia — the students at P.S. 150 have learned. Distressed by images from halfway around the world of an earthquake and several ensuing tsunamis that wrecked havoc on 13 countries, Marina Templeton’s 5th grade class launched a bake sale, rummage sale and coin drive last Friday to raise money for the disaster’s 5 million victims.

B.P.C. looks to adopt a tsunami town
By Ronda Kaysen
A group of Battery Park City residents launched a new charitable organization, Battery Park City Cares, in response to the tsunamis that wrecked havoc on several Indian Ocean countries last month.

Pier 40 park group leader resigns
By Lincoln Anderson
Saying it’s “mission accomplished” for the Pier 40 sports fields, Tobi Bergman has resigned as president of Pier Park and Playground Association, or P3, the group created in 1996 to lobby for more youth sports fields in Greenwich Village.

New Chinatown labor dispute at old location
By Hemmy So
Amid flying accusations, neighborhood rumors and a recently filed lawsuit, members of the 318 Restaurant Workers Union have determined to gain redress from Golden Bridge Restaurant owner Philip Wu.

City and neighbors discuss construction in historic districts
By Hemmy So
On a busy night of meetings for community activists, a ten-person hodgepodge of concerned residents, historic district representatives and city agency representatives exchanged ideas on ameliorating the problems caused by construction in historic districts.

In The Arts

Hindu etchings meant to enlighten
By Carrie Moyer
Thirty of the most gorgeous drawings on recent display are showing in “Field of Color: Tantra Drawings from India,” on view at The Drawing Room, the project space of The Drawing Center. The works, dating from 1970 to the present, come from the collection of the French poet, Franck André Jamme. Most are small, no bigger than 14 inches, and painted with gouache, watercolor and tempera on rough, fibrous paper.

Chalfant performs work of banned Soviet poet
By Jerry Tallmer
Politicians never know what to do with poets, and dictators certainly don’t, except to exile them, jail them, ban them, stifle them, starve them, or kill them.

Federico Restrepo inspired Puppet Master
By Wickham Boyle
Federico Restrepo is a Colombian born theatrical artist. He grew up in a family in Bogotá where everyone around him was an artist. His older brother was a filmmaker, his sister in the theater and his father his mother and friends all worked as painters, directors or writers.

From Broadway to the Grand Ole Opry
By Jason Victor Seinus
As we all face the New Year, disappointed, but not really all that surprised by our loved ones’ lack of discernment in zeroing in on our tastes during the recent mad exchange of gifts, there are some musical jewels from leading female vocalists of divergent styles worthy of everyone’s careful consideration.

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