THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 17 • Issue 33 | Jan. 7 - 13, 2005

From the Editor
Revive Seward Park’s affordable housing opportunity
A little under a year ago, the city unveiled a new plan for the long-dormant, remaining Seward Park Urban Renewal Area sites just south of the Williamsburg Bridge. This plan called for building a mix of 400,000 sq. ft. of affordable housing and 400,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

Penny Post
Love and dread
By Andrei Codrescu
The bartenders at Molly’s bar on Decatur donated all their tips to the victims of the tsunami, and anonymous benefactors matched what they raised dollar for dollar. This was a generous gesture by people who can ill afford it, but it goes to show that the tragedy in Southeast Asia touched people deeply.

Letters to the editor

Under cover

Downtown Scene

Downtown Express photo by Corky Lee
Year of the horse
Chris Vecchiarelli and Suzanne Lambe rang the New Year in with style with a horse-drawn carriage ride in Lower Manhattan before enjoying a full-course meal at Bayard’s. The carriage ride was part of Bayard’s New Year’s Eve package, which cost $500 per couple.

Brookfield likes both tunnel options

W.T.C. auxiliary cop promoted

New York's
Exciting downtown scene
Whole Food hopes for Tribeca tower
By Ronda Kaysen
Whole Foods Market, the high-end grocery store that has New Yorkers salivating for sushi grade tuna and calamata olive bread, may soon plant itself on Greenwich St.

Memorial group’s first meeting
By Josh Rogers
The C.E.O.-studded and celebrity-sprinkled group picked to raise money to build the World Trade Center memorial and cultural center met behind closed doors Wednesday and began organizing to raise about $500 million.

Duarte statue to remain center of his namesake square
By Albert Amateau
The new design for Duarte Sq., the brick triangle on the north side Canal St. at Sixth Ave., which calls for keeping the statue of Juan Pablo Duarte in the middle of the triangle near its present position, won a vote of approval this week from the Community Board 2 parks committee.

Stewart more confident as jury readies to deliberate
By Mary Reinholz
After a few tears a few months ago, attorney Lynne Stewart was laughing and appeared confident this week as the jury gets ready to decide whether or not she helped terrorists.

Hudson River Park receives awards for excellence
Hudson River Park, the 5-mile-long riverfront park between the Battery and 59th St. being built by the state-city Hudson River Park Trust, received five awards for excellence in 2004.

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

A Fulton Fish Market fish tagged for sale. The market is expected to move out of Lower Manhattan within a few months.

Seaport’s fish reflections
By Ronda Kaysen
Wednesday morning at the Fulton Fish Market was no different than any other morning in the last 170 years. A fishmonger named Stretch, with a steel hook dangling from his shoulder, packed Tilapia in ice. A journeyman, wincing from the sleet, shoved his hands into his jacket pockets, the East River gray and foreboding behind him. Soon, this will be gone.

Makeshift tsunami relief center opens on Canal St.
By Ronda Kaysen
Robert Rowen, a Chelsea resident and photographer, spent most of New Year’s Day watching a steady stream of news about the Asian tsunamis on television. Overwhelmed by the devastating barrage of images, he posted an ad on Craigslist, an online bulletin board, asking where he could volunteer. Within 24 hours, he had not only found a partner — Nick Spanos, founder of the Soho real estate firm Bapple – but he had set up his own Tsunami Relief Center at west end of Canal St.

Tribeca performance artist Reno’s new dog was a hit at the show.
2005 Opens with poetry group’s marathon
By Jefferson Siegel
On New Year’s Day, while some people were in bars watching football games, home nursing hangovers or watching another “Twilight Zone” marathon, an epic literary and artistic event was unfolding over the course of the day and night at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery.

In The Arts
The art of seduction
By Jerry Tallmer
It is a cartoon Jew out of Julius Streicher’s ferociously anti-Semitic newspaper, Der Sturmer, only this is an animated cartoon, or a brief fragment of one – a hook-nosed, humpbacked caricature Jew clumping into some dark, conspiratorial woods as the sound track bizarrely supplements that image with the patched-in lyric of a soupy, sentimental German song of that era: “A star that has fallen from heaven, straight into the human heart . . . ”

History and healing
By Chirsttopher Byrne
In its lyricism and narrative structure, reminiscent of the metaphorical “magical realism” of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “Gem of the Ocean,” August Wilson’s latest play, is the story of an African-American community less than 40 years following the Civil War. It is a timeless, and intrinsically American, story of human survival, religious faith and the intrusiveness of technological change.

Good scribbling
By Stephen Muller
At a recent holiday gathering, another art critic was overheard saying, in reference to Sam Reveles, “This one does scribbles.” Whether intended as a joke or an expression of a world-weary critic exposed to too much kid art of late, the remark gave this reviewer pause. As a fan of Sam Reveles’ work in general and an admirer of his current show at CRG Gallery, I found the remark glib at best.

Going global in the new year
By Jason Victor Serinus
As we begin another increasingly globally-interconnected year, world music continues to offer a greater variety of refreshing sounds. The following CDs are this critic’s menu for some of the most interesting offerings, even with some imperfections, for 2005.

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