THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 17 • Issue 26 | Nov.19 - 25, 2004


From the Editor
Use B.P.C. money for more affordable apartments
It is our hope that this great city forever remains a desirable and expensive place to live, but there also must be a place for people of all income levels. Part of the answer to the city’s chronic housing crunch is in two funding streams right here in Lower Manhattan.

Talking Point
Deciphering blogs, exit polls, and post-election news
By Jane Flanagan
For two weeks now the Internet has been abuzz with reports of voting irregularities. Democratic bloggers point to tens of thousands of discarded absentee ballots in Florida, nine-hour lines at the polls in Ohio, and then, of course, the fliers directing Ohio Democrats to vote Nov. 3, the day after the election.

Penny Post
Pushed by a ghost
By Andrei Codrescu
Laura and I walked past the Village X store within a few feet of Gem Spa at St. Marks Place in New York. I was animatedly recalling to her for the nth time the glories of my rebel youth at this very spot and how I learned everything I knew from Ted Berrigan who used to stand here giving lessons in poetry with a Pepsi in one hand and a lit Chesterfield in the other, when a ghost blew on us and we both fell down.

Letters to the editor

Downtown Notebook
Seeing beyond the darkness of autumn
By Wickham Boyle
I can’t stop crying. I thought I was finished with the hormonal storms that preceded my period in youth and seemed to entwine me nearly constantly in the final years of full-blown menopause. And yet here I am, one moment content riding my bike against traffic, peddling to the gym on a foggy fall day, when without warning the waterworks start.

Free bird: Animal rescue has Cornelia St. aflutter
Terry J. Allen
I know, I know. It’s only a pigeon. But there it was gray and ordinary as crumpled newspaper, at eye level on the building across Cornelia St. from my apartment. On second glance I realized it hanging upside down like a bat from the cornice between the fifth and sixth floors. Pretty cute trick.

Under cover


Downtowners gear up for season’s last weekend
Compiled by Tyler Pray
After a muddy and cold weekend, all Downtown Soccer League teams look forward to their final matches of the year next weekend.

Little League names new president
By Divya Watal
Lower Manhattan’s Downtown Little League is set to launch forth on its new season this spring, with a new president, an expected surge in membership and some exciting plans to host the state Little League championships.

Children's Activities

New York's
Exciting downtown scene
E.P.A. waits for permission to test its offices
By Ronda Kaysen
The Environmental Protection Agency’s “World Trade Center environmental retesting plan” is mired in bureaucracy delays, and the agency has not even received permission to test its own Lower Manhattan offices.

Performers request refunds as festival postpones events
By Ronda Kaysen
The Tribeca Arts Festival has postponed most of its events until February, although many of the dancers have withdrawn from the festival and festival dates, locations and details about possible television coverage have yet to be announced.

Planning group discusses retail future of the W.T.C.
By Sascha Brodsky
A planning group is urging the creation of a more complete plan to encourage retail development in Lower Manhattan.

The British garden is coming, but some wonder about statue
By Divya Watal
“Art is made to disturb,” said Cubist painter Georges Braque in the early 20th century. Some Lower Manhattan residents would argue: if it is made to disturb, let it not appear in a public square.

Live band adds twist to Friday night karaoke
By Leigh Devine
The dark-haired young woman shyly approached the stage when her name was called out by the bandleader. She looked nervous as she took the microphone and greeted the band with a gentle smile. But within seconds of starting the song, a solid and confident voice exploded into the familiar rock hit, “Counting Blue Cars,” by Dishwalla.

Downtown Express photo by Jennifer Weisbord

Sandy Frucher, former president and C.E.O. of the Battery Park City Authority, left, said the city should live up to its promise to spend Battery Park City money on affordable housing. He was joined Monday by Richard Sirota, former B.P.C.A. chairperson, Andrew Cuomo, former secretary of the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler.

Call for affordable housing
By Josh Rogers
With pricey Ritz-Carlton condos to the left and a sign for luxury rentals to the right, two of the men behind the agreement to use Battery Park City money for affordable housing returned to the neighborhood Monday to say the 18-year-old promise is being broken.

C.B. 1 backs De Niro group’s taller hotel plan
By Ronda Kaysen
Community Board 1 gave a nod of approval to actor Robert De Niro for his revised Greenwich St. hotel designs.

Yanking back the leash on dog-owning voters
By Lincoln Anderson
In the latest poll controversy in this fraught election season, Downtown dog owners are saying that the Board of Elections is unfairly barring them from voting if they bring their pets with them.

AIDS organization marks 20 years of providing housing
By Divya Watal
When Freddie Hughes developed full-blown AIDS eight years ago, after subjecting his body to a high-risk existence teeming with needles and drugs, he thought his life was plunging into an abyss.

All in the family
By Mara McGinnis
A painter has an empty canvas. A writer has a blank sheet of paper. And Delores Custer has empty frying pans and plates.
Custer is an artist, but her medium is edible. Sitting in her cozy apartment on North Moore St. where she’s lived since moving to New York in 1976, Custer describes some of her experiences in working with food for 30 years.

Where his heart is
By Angela Benfield
Chances are, that if you have a child enrolled in the Downtown Soccer League this fall, you’ve seen him around the field. Chances also are, that whether he’s coaching for your child’s team or not, he’s influenced your player.

Stella Adler, with affection
By David Noh
“Your talent lies in your choice,” was the mantra my late acting teacher, Stella Adler, would exhort in her never-to-be-forgotten classes, so what else could I do but attend the annual gala in her memory, “Stella By Starlight,” at the Pierre Hotel?

In The Arts

Out there, and too far beyond
By Christopher Byrne
Sometimes “quirky” works—when a unique perspective or series of perceptions come together to create a show that, if not perfect, gets a lot of credit for being “out there,” for breaking a few rules and taking a chance. In the case of “People Are Wrong,” the story is “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House” meets “E.T.,” and it probably pays not to look too closely or the cracks in the narrative become glaringly apparent.

A very golden Hart
By David Noh
“I don’t have Picassos or Matisses, but I do have George Gershwins and Irving Berlins,” Kitty Carlisle Hart said, as she ushered me into her opulent East Side apartment. And, sure enough, lining her hallway “gallery” are oil paintings by these masters of American music.

A man for our season of discontent
By Andy Humm
Bill Condon’s “Kinsey,” starring Liam Neeson as pioneering American sex researcher Alfred C. Kinsey, is first and foremost a damned good movie.

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