THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 17 • Issue 11 | August 06 - 12, 2004


Learning to live with fear
For the last three years, few of us living or working in Lower Manhattan were able to go through our daily routines without the thought of a terrorist attack in the back of our minds. Somehow though, many of us carried on and were able to keep those thoughts distant.

Talking Point
Terror warnings need maternal feelings
By Jane Flanagan
We need mothers somewhere behind the lectern of terror warnings.
Last Sunday, after a phone call from a relative alerted me to the dire threats, I turned on the television. Mayor Bloomberg popped up. I felt better. “Okay, our mayor is going to speak to me.”

The Penny Post
Fantasy rhetoric on stem cells
By Andrei Codrescu
Bio-ethicists have their job cut out for them. There are so many issues that need their input: stem-cell research, cloning, animal experimentation, organ sales on the internet, human genetic selection, the right to die, weapon testing, genetic manipulation of plants and animals.

Letters to the Editor

Downtown Local
310 feet at Site 5C?

Suggestions for Gehry

Winter Garden variety clowns

ISO Christmas knitters

Hudson development

C.B. 1break

Police Blotter

Bodybuilding competition

Tribeca shop closes after 50 years

Chinatown festival

Racing wet wheels on Wall St.

Tribeca real estate market’s next boom
By Josh Rogers
Tribeca’s quaint, converted warehouse lofts are in danger of being overwhelmed by several large-scale development projects in the works, neighborhood leaders fear.

City looks to make biggest health registry bigger
By Elizabeth O’Brien
The World Trade Center Health Registry has become the largest registry in U.S. history, but the more than 50,000 enrollees still fall short of the city’s expectations for the program.

W.T.C. culture groups talk to C.B. 1
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Representatives from the four cultural institutions selected for the arts and museum complex at the redeveloped World Trade Center site told residents what kinds of amenities they could expect when the complex opens in five years.
Security was tight outside Tribeca’s Citigroup building this week after Tom Ridge, secretary of Homeland Security, said the firm’s New York buildings were possible terrorist targets.

Downtown reacts to terror threat
By Elizabeth O’Brien
It wasn’t quite business as usual on Monday, as Downtowners went about their routines amid heightened security in response to terror threats against the Citigroup buildings and the New York Stock Exchange.

Housing program a finalist for Boys’ Club site
By Lincoln Anderson
A proposal for supportive housing is reportedly a finalist for the Boys’ Club of New York’s Milliken Clubhouse property at Pitt and E. Houston Sts.

The art of testing communication through a tube
By Deborah Lynn Blumberg
Peering through a skinny yellow tube from the second floor lobby of the Bowery’s Sunshine Hotel, resident Nelson Castro smiles at pedestrians on the sidewalk below and shouts, “You’re upside down!” Jean, another longtime resident, yells into the tube in fluent French, “Hello! Do you speak a little French?”

Chatham Towers leaders oppose parking garage idea
By David H. Ellis
Fearing potential traffic, as well as business and environmental consequences, neighbors of the Chatham Green Houses announced their objection to the idea of constructing a 750-space parking garage underneath the housing complex.

20 years later, B.P.C. art moves to Foley Square
By Deborah Lynn Blumberg
For three months this summer and early fall, alternative arts organization Creative Time will re-install an interactive monument that twenty years ago encouraged freedom of expression and open dialogue in Battery Park City.

Genius in the blood
By Jerry Tallmer
Dynasty. A much misused word. Unless you are talking about this family.
Imagine this: Ellen Terry and her grand-nephew John Gielgud, in one room together. Then add Terry’s children: Edith Craig a suffragist; and Edward Gordon Craig a path-breaking stage designer. Imagine that dynasty.

Respite from Downtown heat
By David Spiher
The madness of the “summer group show” is currently running amok in almost all of the Chelsea galleries, with wee curatorial arrows furiously flying and overgrown nominal conceits now in full bloom.
Koch on Film
By, Ed Koch
The Door in the Floor (+)
I recommend that you see this flick although it is seriously flawed.
“Maria Full of Grace” (+)
This movie is outstanding. It depicts the lot of a 17-year-old, poverty-stricken Colombian woman, Maria Alvarez (Catalina Sandino Moreno), who works in a flower factory. She quits her job because of the miserable manner in which her boss treats everyone in the shop.

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