THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 17 • Issue 10 | July 30- August 05, 2004


$2 billion is a good start, governor
Gov. George Pataki won a big battle for Downtown Thursday when he got President Bush to support transferring $2 billion in 9/11-related tax credits to a link connecting Lower Manhattan to the Long Island Rail Road and J.F.K. Airport. We believe this project will provide a permanent stimulus to Downtown’s economy.

Good-looking barriers, make good neighbors
Financial firms are a vital component of Lower Manhattan and they of course are in need of special security protections.

Talking Point
A childless vacation, once in a … well, you know
By Wickham Boyle
Once upon a time, a month was a month, determined by the arrival of each new moon. Many cultures, like the Jewish, Islamic and Chinese traditions, still keep a calendar based on the lunar schedule. But according to the solar calendar, a newer way to mark time, the month is an arbitrary, arithmetic division of the year.

What happened in Boston’s first few days
By Rachel Lavine
For a Democratic political activist, going to the Democratic National Convention is the equivalent of a pilgrimage. This year especially, Democrats have been looking forward to the convention as a place to get energized and organized in the fight to win the White House for their nominee, Senator John Kerry.

The Penny Post
Art and history (at this moment)
By Andrei Codrescu
The old Woolworth’s building in Tacoma, Wash., now an AT&T switching station, was taken over briefly by artists and turned into a nostalgically barbed installation. One of the artists, Jan Gilbert, from New Orleans, filled windows with historic photos from the days when the Woolworth’s lunch counters became the frontlines of the Civil Rights movement.

Letters to the Editor

Downtown Local
Borders bestseller

Pop concert

Postal changes

Police fest

Police Blotter

Art and politics

Hot opening

Downtown Soccer League rosters fill up quickly
By Erica Stein
The Downtown Soccer League has so many interested players that this year its rolls are full more than a month before the season starts.


New York's
Exciting downtown scene


Special Report
E.P.A. plans to expand test program
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Community members and scientific experts applauded an Environmental Protection Agency proposal to expand testing for 9/11 contaminants to residences and workplaces north of Canal St.

Bush backs rail link money
By Josh Rogers
President George W. Bush is supporting a $2-billion transfer of unused tax credits to help build a commuter-airport rail link to Lower Manhattan, the governor and mayor announced on Thursday.

Civics, humor and a little jury romance
By Maria Ma
Several times a week, Walter Schretzman does his best song-and-dance for a captive audience that would rather, frankly, be anywhere else.

Some Milestones in B.P.C. history
Tim Carey, president and C.E.O. of the Battery Park City Authority, in Teardrop Park, which will open in September. The neighborhood’s last vacant sites are expected to be developed soon.

A look back as Battery Park City nears next phase
By Josh Rogers
It’s getting time to say R.I.P. to an R.F.P. in B.P.C.
Battery Park City, the 92-acre landfill neighborhood built in part on the rubble generated from constructing the World Trade Center, is down to six vacant sites.

Landscape group presents park plan for Varick triangle
By Deborah Lynn Blumberg
As part of the new design for the Tribeca park planned for the triangle at Laight, Canal and Varick Sts., stones from the 50 states—including volcanic rock from Hawaii and quartz from Virginia—will line the space’s winding brick path.

Stalemate on Tribeca tower project continues
By Elizabeth O”Brien
Madelyn Wils accused the city of trying to circumvent part of the municipal land use review process for the 5C lot on Chambers St., but city officials denied skipping a required step.

Running down what’s behind hanging sneakers
By Lincoln Anderson
Although it’s unclear exactly what they are supposed to signify — if anything at all — pairs of old sneakers dangling by their laces from lampposts are a common sight in New York City, whether it be in the inner city or the Lower East Side and Soho.

More than just flowers
By Melanie Wallis
During a sunny afternoon at the children’s garden in Battery Park City, several little girls giggled with delight as lady bugs scampered across their upturned palms. Meanwhile they listened as a teacher explained that the red and black insects are “good bugs. ”


Ron Sukenick, 72, noted B.P.C. writer, dies
By Albert Amateau
Ronald Sukenick, a writer whose novels and stories over the past 38 years have been credited with breaking new literary ground, died Thurs. July 22 at his home in Battery Park City at the age of 72.

Lisa LaFrieda, 51, ran Downtown meat business
By Lincoln Anderson
Lisa LaFrieda,
a partner in Pat LaFrieda Meats on Washington St. and a member of Community Board 2 for the past few years, died early Monday morning at St. Vincent’s Hospital. She was 51.


Horton Foote, vital as ever
By Jerry Tallmer
The stage direction says: “A child is heard practicing again on the piano in the distance. Twilight is beginning. LYD goes to the window. She seems very weak and tired. She turns and sees an imaginary person come in the screen door.”

Koch on Film
By, Ed Koch
“The Inheritance” (+)
A superb film with a gripping story and superb acting. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in months, and I urge everyone to see it.
“The Clearing” (-)
I shouldn’t have been surprised that I found this film disappointing, since The New York Times critic, Dave Kehr, came to the same conclusion. I decided to see it anyway because of the cast, which includes Helen Mirren, who can do no wrong in my book, and Robert Redford, whom I always enjoy watching on screen.

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