THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 17 • Issue 7 | July 9- 15, 2004


Stadium plan: Bad for city, worse for Downtown
Last weekend, hundreds of people descended into the World Trade Center site to mark the symbolic beginning of the construction of the Freedom Tower — the first commercial building that will rise from the site. All told, the W.T.C. is expected to get back about 10 million square feet of office space, roughly the same amount that was destroyed on Sept. 11.

Penny Post
Deep Summer
By Andrei Codrescu
If you read, like I do, a mish-mash of poetry, novels, political tracti, economic analysis (my lips moving on this), and forwarded e-mails about politics, you’re bound to have weird dreams. You dream, for example, that you’re carrying a feathered suitcase full of small bills to a hacker in London to distribute to a political party known as Magnus.

Writing down reasons to keep a To Do list
By Wickham Boyle
If your To Do list is finally finished are you dead?
I still have a list that seems to expand endlessly. Every time I finish a good portion of the To Do’s, more appear to take their place. It is almost like an exponential expansion or the futile attempt to dig a dry hole at the beach. The calls to be made, the stuff to fix, laundry, flat tires, the waves of necessities for my children, even the fun I’d like to have; it all seems to rise up like a tsunami at the end of every week. I am sure I dedicated myself assiduously to crossing off item after item and yet my damn list appears untouched.

Letters to the Editor

Downtown Local

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess

The New York State Veteran Artillery Corps marched through Battery Park’s Castle Clinton July 4 for a flag-raising ceremony.

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess

Making sure they carry a torch for her
Justice may be blind, but Lady Liberty took no chances as she checked her green makeup at the South Street Seaport July 3 before some pre-Independence Day festivities.

Picture Story

Independence Day Downtown
Downtown was non-stop action July 4 weekend and that was even before the fireworks at the Seaport and Battery Park City. Lyle Lovett drew thousands to Battery Park for a free afternoon concert July 4.

Are they eating healthy while away at camp?
By Julie Rauer
“The health and consequently the happiness of the whole camp depends on the catering department,” wrote Major J.T. Gorman in his exhaustive, meticulously researched 1933 book, “Camp Cooking and Catering”. No doubt, volleyball games have been lost on suspect corned beef hash, craft projects buried under mountains of runny powdered eggs, canoe trips sabotaged by that second helping of mystery meat, and roaring campfires extinguished by the torrential flow of bug juice.

Loosening the apron strings
By Dr. Amy Glaser
My 14-year-old son suggested I write a column in which I outline the ages at which teens should be granted certain freedoms. He had some very specific ideas.

Artist Melanie Baker near her likeness of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Baker is part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s studio program, which used to be in the World Trade Center and now is in 120 Broadway, owned by W.T.C. developer Larry Silverstein. <more>

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

New home for W.T.C. art studios
By David H. Ellis
The wall of Melanie Baker’s work studio might give someone the impression that she has a strange obsession with members of the Bush administration.

Downtown pot is shrinking, official warns
By Josh Rogers
Affordable housing, parks and schools are some of the dreams Downtowners have had for the nearly $3 billion in federal community development money Congress approved for Lower Manhattan after 9/11.

Construction begins on the Freedom Tower
By Josh Rogers
Officials symbolically marked the start of Freedom Tower construction July 4 by laying a 20-ton cornerstone dedicated to the people who were killed Sept. 11, 2001.

Gerson says housing plan falls short Downtown
By Albert Amateau
Mitchell-Lama tenants threatened with huge rent increases because their landlords are leaving the affordable housing program got a potential lifeline at the end of last month when Mayor Bloomberg initiated a plan to encourage landlords to stay in the program for another 15 years or more.

Seaport merchants organize and wonder about future
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Some merchants at the South Street Seaport have decided to join forces and demand a say in how the area will be redeveloped once the Fulton Fish Market leaves around the end of this year.

Voting problems reported in Chinatown
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Asian American voters with limited English ability often do not get the support they need to navigate New York City’s polling places, according to a report released this week by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Downtown lawyers help win Supreme Court Guantanamo case
By Jerry Tallmer
George Bush, meet King John.
Donald Rumsfeld, here’s a map of Runnymede. It’s not far from Guantanamo.
John Ashcroft, shake hands with habeas corpus.

Falun Gong allowed in Chinatown parade
By David H. Ellis
Anticipating another year of exclusion from the Independence Day parade in Chinatown, members of the spiritual group Falun Gong received a last minute reprieve to march in the festivities on Saturday.

Young entrepreneur has beat on the hood
By Aileen Torres
Upon entering Happy Baby Toys it’s clear that this is not a typical children’s store. Instead of “Baby Beluga” blasting through the speakers, Christina Aguilera and Madonna dominate the airwaves. That’s exactly how owner Michele Smith, 30, likes it. Apparently, the customers like it, too.

Ohio boys bring their blues-rock to WFC
By Aileen Torres
The weather was nothing short of perfect on the evening of the recent Black Keys concert at the World Financial Center plaza. The event was the third performance of the Hudson River Festival, which kicked off in June, part of the annual River to River Festival.

100th anniversary of Bloomsday
By Erica Stein
Reading “Ulysses” was a lot like being in a relationship. I occasionally despised it, I couldn’t ever stop talking about it, it made me laugh, and I may have loved it.

Koch on Film
By, Ed Koch
“Fahrenheit 9/11” (-) “Fahrenheit 9/11” is well done, but while purporting to be a documentary, it is replete with fabrications. Newsday reported some of Moore’s misstatements as follows: “At the start of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11,’ filmmaker Michael Moore shows a clip of CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin saying that if ballots had been recounted in Florida after the 2000 presidential vote, ‘under every scenario Gore won the election.
“Facing Windows” (+) A neighbor urged me to see this Italian film which I thought was good but not as great as he suggested.

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