Even 250 feet is too tall at Site 5C
Let’s count the reasons why development of the vacant lot behind P.S. 234, know as Site 5C, should be used to benefit the public. First, it is city-owned land. Second, as one Community Board 1 member, Rick Landman, has pointed out, the city forced people off of the land over 40 years ago to implement an urban renewal plan that it never fulfilled. Third, the city’s handpicked developer for Site 5C, Scott Resnick, is well on his way to getting $200 million in tax-free Liberty Bonds that were intended to help rebuild Lower Manhattan into a better place after 9/11.

Penny Post
The shadow of a nipple
By Andrei Codrescu
I propose Janet Jackson’s nipple for Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” cover. Her nipple must have known, long before the rest of us, that the U.S. government was going to go to war against the female breast. When Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the marble breast of Justice covered in her own halls, there was no turning back.

Downtown Notebook
The last act, when fathers are no longer kings
By Wickham Boyle
I went to see “King Lear” with Christopher Plummer at the Lincoln Center Theater and sat though nearly four hours of a wise, yet sad deconstruction of fathers and children.

Letters to the Editor

Downtown Local

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

We may have had to drive the Brits out of Bowling Green but that was over 200 years ago and Tim Kuhnla, left, Roy Arguelles, Scott W. Wisnow and Paul Sussex appeared to be in a forgiving mood Downtown last Friday at the opening party of Pound and Pence, the new British-style pub at 55 Liberty St.

Westchester memorial selection

Ratner-Gehry building

Pre-school academy plan Asthma screenings

C.B. 1 meetings

Police Blotter

Picture Story

Fun at the Film Festival
Crowds filled Greenwich St. Saturday for the Tribeca Film Festival’s family street fair.

Doctor's View

Brace yourself for adolescence
By Dr. Amy Glaser
In middle-class homes, braces and adolescence go together like chips and salsa. However, braces are a huge expense for most families, and many parents must ask themselves if there really is a need. Among the affluent, braces seem almost like a rite of passage that get placed regardless of any misalignment.

Youth Activities

A Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Tribeca Film Festival Preview
As a passerby checked out some Tribeca Film Festival posters in the neighborhood this week, festival organizers were getting ready to put on New York’s answer to Cannes and Sundance. The event opens for its third year Saturday, May 1 and runs until Sunday, May 9 with 150 feature films, 100 short films and much more. In our third annual preview to the event, we provide the highlights, tell you about some of the people working on the T.F.F. and what you need to know about the family street fair down Greenwich St. May 8, the free “drive-in” movies on Pier 25 and the panel discussions. See Coverage.

Bloomie’s, the Uptown icon, opens in Soho
By Elizabeth O’Brien
The line snaked four times around metal barriers set up on Broadway in Soho on Saturday. Beefy men in black suits controlled the well-dressed crowd. It wasn’t a hip party at the latest nightclub. Bloomingdale’s was open for business.

Trains, planes & Shelly Silver
By Josh Rogers
The scene has been fairly typical over the last year. The governor or mayor or both call a press conference to make a big announcement about development in Lower Manhattan or the Far West Side. It usually hinges on a transportation investment, but the person who often is not there for the ceremony is Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

In search of a fund for the Trust
By Lincoln Anderson
It’s no mystery the Hudson River Park has a serious budget shortfall. The park’s estimated price tag is $400 million, but the $200 million allocated for the park by the city and state — $100 million from each — is almost used up

B.P.C.A. studying 800-foot tower on its last commercial site
By Josh Rogers
The Battery Park City Authority is studying the environmental effects of building an 800-foot office tower to keep Goldman Sachs in New York City at the World Financial Center.

U.P.S. looks to deliver Hudson lot to developer
By Lincoln Anderson
United Parcel Service’s slogan “What can Brown do for you?” is sounding attractive to developers reportedly eyeing the delivery company’s giant open-air parking lot in Hudson Sq. åAccording to real estate sources, U.P.S. is actively seeking developers for the roughly 85,000-sq.-ft. lot, bounded by Spring, Washington and West Sts. and on its north end by the St. John’s Building.

Board’s committee opposes P.S. 234 split
By Elizabeth O’Brien
While P.S. 234 may have to add an extra kindergarten class next fall, the school’s principal told Community Board 1 there were better ways to ease overcrowding than a tentative city proposal to split her school in two.

Chapel near W.T.C. marks locale with formal exhibit
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Just as it comforted rescue workers after Sept. 11, 2001, St. Paul’s Chapel now brings solace to those who want to remember and commemorate the terror attack that happened in its backyard.

High school begins to emerge from 9/11 ashes
Nearly three years after 9/11, the black shroud will soon be lifted from one of the few Downtown buildings still undergoing structural rehabilitation following the World Trade Center collapse.

Telling true tall tales at museum’s new home
By Deborah Lynn Blumberg
Designers and builders from around the world know them as man’s version of an ant hill, a cultural icon, or the only way to rise up in a city to breathe fresh air. They are tall, they are soaring and they were born in New York—skyscrapers. For almost a decade, their story has shifted around New York City, from one temporary location to the next, but now, their rich history has finally found a home.

New Yorkers wish two Queens a bon voyage
BNew York bade a sparkling farewell to the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth 2 on Sunday night with a fireworks display by the Statue of Liberty.

Tribeca Film Festival Special

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