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Reason for hope at I.P.N.
If you want to sum up in three words what prevents Tribeca from becoming an exclusive neighborhood only for the rich, it’s easy: Independence Plaza North. While there is nothing wrong with the luxury lofts that surround the middle-income housing complex – in fact they indicate a neighborhood that continues to strengthen – maintaining a mix of incomes is also vital to the neighborhood.

Clearing the air Downtown, post-9/11
What to make of the recent news regarding the environmental effects caused by the destruction of the World Trade Center two and a half years ago? There continues to be little concrete evidence to suggest that the people living near the W.T.C. are at heightened health risks because of 9/11 – certainly reason for some comfort. But there continues to be justifiable concern and confusion about the long-term health risks.

Penny Post
Dada poetry
By Andrei Codrescu
The pulses of spam are surging around the dams and walls erected by spam-assassin software, networks and government, and producing eerie poetry. At first, I thought that avant-gardists had targeted me personally for their guerilla poetry, but realized quickly that there was way too much of it and that even the most automatic generators of word-salad could not make as many strange combinations as stuffed my mailbox every morning.

Talking Point
In search of Martha, paparazzi return to N. Moore
By Wickham Boyle
After she was found guilty on all four Federal charges last Friday, a very stoic Martha Stewart made her way in a silvery SUV to her daughter’s penthouse apartment on North Moore St. Once again this street, three blocks below Canal, found itself invaded by paparazzi, press vans and hoards hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity in crisis.

Make an impact on the environmental statements
By David Stanke
With plans for the World Trade Center site falling into place and 10-plus years of construction quickly approaching, there is a critical need for the Downtown public to register its interests and concerns. The Lower Manhattan Development Corp. is taking public comment on three very important documents with deadlines beginning Monday, March 15. Your response to one can ensure that work on the W.T.C. begins as quickly as possible.

St. Patrick reflections now that I’m Irish-American
By Alphie McCourt
I loved Saint Patrick’s Day when I was growing up. I haven’t always loved Saint Patrick’s Day in New York. Too many people, professional Irishmen among them, use the day as an excuse to get drunk. The parade itself is spectacular, the music stirring and the school children are joyful, full of enthusiasm, stepping proudly up Fifth Avenue.

Letters to the editor

Downtown Local


More homemade Mexican fare at La Palapa Cocina
By Frank Angelino
A palapa is a beach shelter with a palm-thatched roof, and “rockola” is Mexican slang for a jukebox. Put them together and you get La Palapa Rockola, a six-month-old Mexican restaurant with many authentic homemade foods.


Picture Story

Purim party
Rabbi Joshua Heller, below, reads from the Megilla as the Downtown Synagogue celebrated Purim last Sunday with a costume party at P.S. 234.

Downtown kids show no long-term health effects from 9/11
By Dr. Michel Cohen
My young patient had been coughing for about a month and a half, and his mother was understandably concerned.
“I’m starting to wonder if it has anything to do with September 11,” she said.

Youth Activities

I.S. 89 girls split
The girls I.S. 89 basketball team split their last two games, winning their game last Thursday, followed by a defeat on Tuesday. Thursday’s match, March 4, was a home game against Ice, and I.S. 89 won big, 25-11. The girls were up 7-1 after the first quarter, which let them turn to their bench early.

Downtown Express photo by John Arbucci

Pamela Hepburn, one of the first female tugboat captains, near her Pegasus, a 1907 vessel that is now on dry dock on Staten Island

Tug pioneer, Tribeca mom, restores ship
By John Arbucci
Some people dedicate their lives to rebuilding old cars. Others take up woodworking. Tribeca resident Pamela Hepburn is doing something different. She’s restoring a 97-year-old tugboat.

Tenants cheer rent agreement in Tribeca
By Albert Amateau
The months of worry for Independence Plaza North tenants appeared to have ended Monday when tenant association leaders reported an agreement with the owner, Laurence Gluck, who intends to take I.P.N. out of the Mitchell-Lama program at the end of June.

Plans to move Confucius Plaza to ease traffic
By Janel Bladow
Civic Center residents and members of a Community groups give thumbs up to moving Confucius Plaza out of the congested Chatham Square intersection.

Children’s asthma study suggests possible 9/11 effects
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Children in Chinatown visited the doctor more for asthma in the year after Sept. 11, 2001 than they did before the attack on the World Trade Center, researchers have found.

Libeskind, Young join panel
By Debbie Blumberg
“Remember, never forget.” The words on the wall of New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan will come to life this month when the museum hosts a half-day symposium exploring how Holocaust memories are preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

Residents file suit against the E.P.A.
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Residents, workers and students in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency on March 10, saying the agency failed in its duty to protect citizens from the environmental fallout of the World Trade Center disaster.

Hope grows to build ‘the Lincoln Center of Chinatown’
By Josh Rogers
The idea of opening a large cultural center in Chinatown moved from a dream to something closer to reality Thursday as the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. voted to spend $150,000 to study the best way to make it happen.

A park to grow under the Brooklyn Bridge
By Janel Bladow
The next phase of bringing beauty to the beastly spaces beneath the Brooklyn Bridge breezed through a Community Board 1 committee meeting on Tuesday, March 9. The Seaport/Civic Center Committee approved a Parks Department design proposal for Brooklyn Bridge Park with one proviso – that it’s clearly spelled out who will maintain the new recreation area.

Resnick gets earful on Tribeca development plan
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Builders of the residential tower proposed for Chambers St. presented their landscaping designs to Community Board 1 on Wednesday, as board members grilled them about the project’s anticipated impact on the neighborhood.

Committee backs street name for Tribeca brothers
By Elizabeth O’Brien
In a reversal of its earlier position on naming streets after 9/11 victims, a Community Board 1 committee voted to co-name the northeast corner of Beach St. for two Tribeca brothers who died in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Young filmmakers in Tribeca
By Aileen Torres
The films of four teenage girls were a new addition to this year’s African-American Women in Cinema Film Festival, which was held at the Tribeca Film Center. “Screening of Our Youth,” was hosted during the festivities last week by WABC anchorwoman Saundra Bookman at Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Film Center.

‘Krappy Kameras’ not crappy images
By Atticus Brady
“There’s something about picking up a real piece of garbage,” said Sandra Carrion, a photographer and member of the Soho Photo Gallery on White St.

Koch on Film
By Ed Koch
‘Touching the Void’ (+)
This film is a magnificent reenactment of a true climbing incident that occurred in the Peruvian Andes. ‘Trilogy 1: On the Run’ (+)
This is the first chapter of a triptych film.

New York's
Exciting downtown scene

Photo by Jeff Larson








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