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Volume 16 • Issue 35 | Jan 30 - Feb 05, 2004



9/11 report cannot be a political rush job
We never imagined anyone would ever have to say this: A report explaining if there were any security lapses that allowed the deadliest attack on civilians in America to occur, and outlining any preventive measures that can be taken in the future, is too important to be rushed or delayed for partisan reasons.

Hudson Sq. BID
Tensions boiled over at last Thursday’s Community Board 2 meeting on the issue of whether to create a Hudson Sq. Business Improvement District.

The Penny Post

Viva democracy! Saved by election
By Andrei Codrescu
The electoral drama is so refreshing! After two years of war, war, war and of homemade monsters like Scott Peterson, and the depressing scandals of celebrities, we are finally treated by our media to a window into something that truly matters to most people. The unfolding primaries have a bracing effect beyond the words and images and candidates rolling up their sleeves (to their detriment sometimes, see Howard Dean) and getting down to the business of finding out just what hurts and concerns us.

Downtown Notebook

Candidate shopping in New Hampshire with the family
By Steve Kaufman
This was our third time going to New Hampshire. My wife, Ana, and I have previously trekked up to New Hampshire in the middle of the winter to take in the various campaigns for president in 1988 and 1992. Some friends had suggested the trip and it truly was an amazing experience.

Letters to the editor

Downtown Local

E.I.S. & peace?

Blow your horn

Director search

Fields at Wall

Calatrava at C.B. 1

Prison sentence in residential grant case

End of the Bottom Line

Nautical move


I.S. 89 teams win
The I.S. 89 Cougars girls basketball team won a close game Tuesday against the School of the Future Bulldogs, 22-21.

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Madelyn Wils, who has just become the new president and C.E.O. of the Tribeca Film Institute, said she will decide in April whether or not she will run for reelection as chairperson of Community Board 1 in June.

Still in the Downtown mix
By Josh Rogers
She is on so many boards focusing on Lower Manhattan that it may seem like she has always had a fulltime job, but Madelyn Wils has just been hired by Robert De Niro and his film partners to become president and C.E.O. of the Tribeca Film Institute, and in February, she will start collecting her first regular paycheck in three years.

Arab culture near the W.T.C.
By Gal Beckerman
The desert heat of the Middle East felt very far away last Friday night, but Tareq Abboushi and his band were trying hard to invoke it. In a cold and unheated Beaver St. loft, Abboushi stared out at a bundled-up audience of about 50 people and then blew on his fingers to keep them warm.

Vendor law is close, Albany says
By Elizabeth O’Brien
The area around the World Trade Center site will be vendor-free under a near-completed agreement negotiated by Albany lawmakers, legislative sources said on Wednesday.

Theater idea released
By Josh Rogers
The American National Theatre released this design for a $200-million three-theater space to be built adjacent to the proposed Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site.

Bigger building should mean bigger rec space, C.B. 1 says
By Elizabeth O’Brien
With the city’s land review on the property set to begin in February, Community Board 1 members stressed the need for a public recreation center inside the proposed 5C development on Chambers St.

C.B. 1 committee backs Pier 40 ballfield plan
By Albert Amateau
The waterfront committee of Community Board 1 on Jan. 28 enthusiastically supported the Hudson River Park Trust plan for in interim ball field in the courtyard of Pier 40.

New businesses open in Downtown’s southwest
By Melanie Wallis
The southwest end of the Financial District is showing a few signs of development with new businesses opening or expanding.

Con Ed responds to electrocution death
By Albert Amateau
In response to the tragic death of Jodie Lane who was electrocuted on Jan 16 after coming in contact with an electric junction box cover on an East Village street, Community Board 3 this week urged Con Edison to develop a safety plan and report back to the board.
By Bonnie Rosenstock
When October rolls around, most people set their sights on the upcoming fall and winter holidays. But not the Streit family. For them, October signals “spring cleaning,” the season to roll out Passover matzos, the traditional unleavened bread that Jews eat during the eight-day holiday, which begins in April this year.

Back to basics
By Tracy Montgomery
There is a place with an orange-trimmed awning on Harrison Street that seems to call out to passersby. At first glance, it appears to be a cafe. Once inside, Top 40 music plays in the background and attractive women sit in the stylishly modern front room not nursing drinks, but nursing babies.

Tribeca’s Flea Theater with ‘Give Us Your Children’
By Davida Singer
For their 30th anniversary season, ‘The Talking Band’ remains true to its mission of creating new works in musical theater, works that always push the envelope.

Bebe Neuwirth in ‘An evening of Kurt Weill’
By Jerry Tallmer
Well, Lenya is gone now, she left us in 1981, but Bebe is very much with us, and if any woman now alive, any American woman, can step into the shoes of Lenya — the blow-’em-all-to-hell chambermaid’s shoes of Pirate Jenny in “Threepenny Opera,” the two-sizes-too-big clodhopper shoes of Anna No. 1 in “The Seven Deadly Sins,” the squared-off schoolmarm’s shoes with an assassin’s knife in the heel in “From Russia With Love” — it is dark and dangerous Bebe Neuwirth.

Deepest darkest dilemma
By Danielle Stein
The opening scenes pan over the Peruvian Andes and it’s immediately clear that the mountains, in all their menace and beauty, will do for this film what the sea did for Jaws. The ice-capped peaks are so dangerously alluring that we almost —almost — understand why the subjects of this dramatized documentary, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, felt so compelled to reach them.

Koch on film
By Ed Koch
“The Barbarian Invasions” (+)
I thought I would not see this film after a New York Post reviewer, V. A. Musetto, gave it a half-star and wrote, “A major disappointment from respected French-Canadian director Denys Arcand.
“Crimson Gold’ (-) I decided to see this Iranian film after reading Jonathan Foreman’s capsule of it in the New York Post. It stated, “Another powerful, deeply humane but hypnotically slow-moving film from one of Iran’s cadre of brilliant filmmakers…”

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