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School planning the way it ought to be
“Consult with the community before the decision is made” is a suggestion we’ve made many times before. Community leaders and activists often bring their knowledge, passion and neighborhood-interest to issues, helping turn bad plans into good ones.


When it mattered, Cronkite backed the war

Letters to the Editor

Mixed Use

Under Cover

Police Blotter


Tile man at work

A Park big enough for two big events

Relaxed inspection

Small town Soho


Where will they go? City considers 2 ideas for Downtown school zones
By Julie Shapiro
Hoping to avoid the confusion and anger that surrounded Lower Manhattan kindergarten admissions this year, the Dept. of Education has unveiled two options for next fall.

Building’s condition has neighbors fearing a forced move
By Julie Shapiro
A new batch of violations at 109 Washington St. has the building’s residents fearing anew that they could lose their homes.

Work begins on 2 park projects
Construction on a public bathroom in Washington Market Park began earlier this week. The bathroom, in the northwest corner of the park, generated controversy when the location was proposed in 2007.

City favors moving Village middle school to FiDi
By Julie Shapiro
The city is solidifying its proposal to move Greenwich Village Middle School to 26 Broadway, an office building near Bowling Green, for fall 2010.




Street work could delay memorial opening, official warns
By Julie Shapiro
If the 9/11 memorial at the World Trade Center site is going to open on the 10th anniversary of the attacks, two things are necessary: first, a completed memorial plaza, and second, a way to access it.

Access denied! Gerson not allowed on the ballot
By Julie Shapiro
An increasingly beleaguered Alan Gerson faces a new challenge in his bid for reelection to the City Council after the Board of Elections removed his name from the ballot this week.

Traffic change on Chambers

6-month move for Engine 6

More frequent Gov Isle ferries

Deutsche questions continue to pile
By Julie Shapiro
The agency charged with bringing down the former Deutsche Bank building could not give a schedule this week for when the demolition would begin or how long it would take.

Part of L.E.S./Chinatown zone, science park’s sited at 30th St.
By Harry Bartle 
Late last month, in yet another effort to diversify the city’s economy.

Board votes to limit size of Tribeca buildings

Annual street theater show tackles present by looking to past
Crystal Field’s Theater for the New City ensemble again delivers.

Village author mines humor from misery
“Speed Shrinking” released in the cruel month when therapists vacation.

Still Waters Run Deep
Sprawling novel extracts magic from the mundane.

Four complex, collaborative Downtown projects
Surreal concepts encourage imagination, contemplation

Four fleeting Chelsea art exhibits, to be seen soon
Introspection, satire, wit used to explore subject, form, self.

Summer in the City
Best Downtown Bets for July & August


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Volume 22, Number 12 | July 31 - August 6, 2009

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