Some Deutsche answers
District Attorney Robert Morgenthau gave us half a loaf last week in his report on the fire at the former Deutsche Bank building. While he began to answer some of the questions officials have been ducking in the 16 months since two firefighters died battling the fire there, he left many critical questions unanswered and implausibly held only lower level officials criminally accountable.

Letters to the Editor

Downtown Notebook

My talks with the Peking ship hand from 1913
By Martin Sokolinsky
We first heard a year ago that the South Street Seaport Museum was making plans to sell the Peking to Germany. It came as a shock to us weekend volunteers.

A pause to remember Pinter — Rest without peace
Every great writer speaks in his own voice, invents his own language — not just his own language but the whole tone of that language — and Harold Pinter, who died in London at 78 on the day before Christmas 2008, after a long battle with cancer, was greater than most.

In Pictures

O little town

O little town on Wall St.

Vintage subway



the knit cutting

Downtown Express photo by J.B. Nicholas

The Bluebeats played one of the Knitting Factory’s last concerts in Tribeca. A smaller club will reopen in Williamsburg sometime in 2009.

The Knit cutting out of Tribeca this week
By Julie Shapiro
Brian Jimenez stood outside the Knitting Factory Sunday night, waiting to see one of the venue’s last shows in Tribeca.

Downtowners add their pitch to ‘Doubt’s hopes
By Candida L. Figueroa
John Patrick Shanley’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Doubt” has gained a new slew of success with its motion picture release last week.

Downtown air is cleaner, agency reports
The air Downtown isn’t just safe to breathe — it’s safer than it’s been in years.

Indian Jewish leader: Killers were ‘warped monsters’
By Lincoln Anderson
Three weeks after the deadly Mumbai terrorist attack, the leader of a group of Indian Jews came to the Village Temple to give an insider’s perspective on the horrifying act of violence that shocked the world.

Downtowners debate D.O.T.’s grand bike plans
By Josh Rogers
The bike revolution will not be televised, but it’s likely to wind up on YouTube with many, many comments from Downtowners.

Explaining W.T.C. progress to tourists
By Julie Shapiro
Jean Grillo shouted over the jackhammers along Liberty St. last month, shepherding a crowd of tourists behind her.

That’s not origami, that’s a Tribeca penthouse
By Julie Shapiro
In a neighborhood where rooftop additions are met with frustration and resignation, the architect Henry Smith-Miller designed the least obtrusive addition of all: an invisible one.

Iraq vet, B.P.C. neighbor, reports from the front line
U.S. Army Reserves Sgt. Barton Fendelman, a Battery Park City resident stationed near Baghdad, emailed Downtown Express an open letter to Mayor Bloomberg objecting to the nighttime closure of the Engine 4 fire company on South St.



rock candy

A bowl of rock candy
The newly christened Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex in Soho has the potential to establish itself as a lively alternative to the usual circuit of New York City tourist destinations.

Fantastic Mr. Brecht
On February 27, 1933, the Reichstag building in Berlin that housed the German Parliament was ravaged by fire.

Eden in the flesh
It was the morning after the opening, and the raves were in, but already Martha Clarke was on the cell phone


In focus behind the camera
“Annie Leibovitz at Work,” a newly published retrospective of the iconic photographer’s 40-year career, is equal parts text and images. She got her start in 1970, when one of her photos of Vietnam anti-war rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley was used for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, which subsequently offered her a job.

White picket malaise
“Prostitution is the perfect example of the double standard. It’s illegal to sell your body if you’re poor but when you’re rich—when you’re rich it’s perfectly acceptable. We just call it being a wife,”


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