Let voters speak on term-limits law
A full-blown debate is currently raging about whether to extend term limits for New York City councilmembers and citywide officials. There is much political maneuvering and backroom discussion happening at City Hall. The problem is, the issue is not being aired in public, and — regardless of where one stands on the matter — that is a major cause for concern.

Mixed Use

Under Cover

Police Blotter


Nobody wins when a volunteer loses a P.T.A. election
By Pam Frederick
Not much comes for free in Tribeca. Anyone who’s dared glance down at their Whole Foods receipt lately knows that full well.

Middle America is bringing my neighborhood — Wall Street — down
By David Stanke
New York City is under attack again. For weeks, John McCain struggled to find his rhetorical take on the U.S. economy. First, the fundamentals were strong.

Island kites and bikes


Downtown Soccer League action

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Photo by Shannon Stapleton/Reuters.

Sen. Barack Obama spoke with Mayor Bloomberg on Sept. 11 at the World Trade Center site. Obama’s campaign said Thursday he would support a bill to provide health care for anyone suffering health problems because of 9/11, but the mayor has withdrawn his support for the measure.

City offers some guarantees at 2 future middle schools
Downtown’s two new schools will have a traditional pre-K-8 model, with elementary students guaranteed a seat all the way through middle school, the Department of Education said this week.

Doubt cast on overcrowding plans
The city took one school overcrowding solution off the table this week and raised serious doubts about another: The incubator space at 26 Broadway is out, and space at the Cove Club looks unlikely.

Teen fights break out on block with high schools
A fight that broke out on the corner of 6th Ave. and Broome St. at the perimeter of Unity Center for Urban Technologies in The Door drop-in center was just the first of several Wednesday on the block, which also includes other high schools.

Parents push for private high school Downtown
Imagine an independent, co-ed high school that thinks outside of the typical classroom box. A high school that partners with The New School, local museums and other cultural institutions to provide its students with additional learning and mentoring opportunities that make the entire city their classroom.

New steps to prevent smoking and drinking at Deutsche
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation is still waiting for the results of the Fire Department’s investigation into the cigarettes and beer cans found at the former Deutsche Bank building last month, but the L.M.D.C. has taken several safety measures in the meantime.

Stone oyster fest

City expands affordable housing area in North Tribeca plan



Obama backs 9/11 health bill; Palin says help is needed

$30 million after House bill fails

The schoolhouse that built Tribeca celebrates 20 years
By Julie Shapiro
Without P.S. 234, there would be no Tribeca.

Police, peddlers struggle with vending law
By Julie Shapiro
Illegal vending is a way of life in the First Precinct, for both the vendors struggling to make a living and the residents who are tired of navigating around them.

B.P.C. turns a new leaf on turf fields
The Downtown Little League and Downtown Soccer League each turned away dozens of children who wanted to play this year — a fact that Jim Cavanaugh, president of the Battery Park City Authority, calls “heartbreaking.”

Those without soundproof windows are ready to throw stones
By Julie Shapiro
The irony of her position does not escape Pat Moore: She fought for soundproof windows for her building and the others near the World Trade Center site, but her building looks like it will be the last to get the windows — if it gets them at all.


Hudson Square veterans chew over what’s going on

Cuisine from the world’s 4 corners in the Square

Catering to the hoity-toity & serving lunch to the New Media

Be it Soho or the Square, the nabe has room for inns


Healing the spirit through dance
In her recently published memoir, “Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh,” ballerina-turned-Sufi Dunya Dianne McPherson, explores dance as a spiritual practice.

Fall frontier on the Lower East Side
By Stephanie Buhmann
On Sunday, September 7, the Lower East Side was swarming with art enthusiasts.

Folkie from the land of grunge
By Matt Harvey
Singer-songwriter Damien Jurado has been recording stripped down lo-fi folk since he was a teenager in the early ’90’s, when he signed with Sub Pop.

How’s he doing?
Performance Space 122’s freewheeling spirit has only been fast-forwarded by its newish artistic director Vallejo Gantner.

Martha Wainwright finds new confidence
As the daughter of musicians Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, Martha Wainwright spent her childhood in the shadow of the spotlight.

Under the cover lovers

The fashion queens of Christopher St.
By Laurie Mittelmann
On Staten Island, 20 wigs crowd the public housing unit of transgender model and prostitute Shawn Rachel, 28.

Under the spiegeltents, all the Seaport’s a stage
By Lee Ann Westover
Through the early part of the 20th century, itinerant theaters crisscrossed Europe—not unlike the Broadway road shows of today. Velvet-draped, teak-trimmed “spiegeltents” brought vaudeville-style entertainment to the public in portable opulence.


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