Greasing the wheels for better bike ways
This season may go down as the Summer of Cycling in the city. More and better bike paths are being built, a wide cycling and walking corridor will be created between Lower Manhattan and Central Park on three special Saturdays next month, and private groups have started a number of free bike rental programs.

Letters to the Editor

Downtown bounces back with a comeback win over Inwood

Downtown Express photo by Jefferson Siegel

Big wheels keep on rolling
A cyclist makes his way around pedestrians in the new bike path running through City Hall Park Wednesday afternoon. Park advocates say the new path endangers park users, but the city says it provides bikers with a safer route to the Brooklyn Bridge. The two sides met Tuesday in what advocates say was a contentious meeting that resolved nothing. In an editorial this week, Downtown Express praises the city efforts to promote cycling but criticizes its approach, particularly in City Hall Park.

City’s Grand bike plan
By Gabriel Zucker
Kojo Gamor, who was cycling along Grand St.’s narrow bike lane on a recent Monday, had only five words to offer on the city’s bike lanes.

Noisy pile-driving at site to be finished by early September
Construction noise is expected to be down outside P.S./I.S. 89 when students return to class this September.

With program’s help, homeless bag full-time jobs
By Lucas Mann
“We have just three conditions that a candidate needs to meet to be a part of Project Comeback,” said James Martin, executive director of the Association of Community Employment (ACE) Programs for the Homeless, sitting in his Spring St. office.

After a slump, museum begins to rally with All Star game
By Julie Shapiro
Opening a new attraction in a city saturated with places for tourists to spend their time and money is not an easy job.

Politicians support St. Vincent’s, and are jeered
By Albert Amateau
Elected officials on Tuesday reluctantly supported the St. Vincent’s Hospital hardship application for Landmarks Preservation Commission permission to demolish the eccentric O’Toole Building in order to develop its proposed 299-foot-tall new hospital in the Greenwich Village Historic District.

Community’s ship finally comes in on pier walkway
By Albert Amateau
Lower East Side residents and visitors have a new waterfront promenade and event space with spectacular views.

City and electeds put on pressure for a new school
By Gabriel Zucker
In another step toward creating a new public middle school at 75 Morton St., Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott reported that the Department of Education has spoken with the Empire State Development Corporation to retract the request for proposals the state agency issued last week.


Ward says he’s no Moses, but promised land is in sight
By Julie Shapiro
The builders of the new World Trade Center squirmed last week at the suggestion that what the project may really need is not a collaborative steering committee but a single-minded visionary like Robert Moses.

Checks still not in the mail for struggling shops
By Julie Shapiro
One year after the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation said it would help small businesses floundering on construction-choked streets, businesses have not yet received any money.

Schools could open early in temporary site
The Department of Education may put 250 elementary seats in converted commercial space at 26 Broadway in 2009 to ease the school crunch Downtown.

Townley guarantees space to P.S. 234 in September

Cabby runs into biker on Greenwich St.
A cab struck and injured a Tribeca cyclist turning off Greenwich St. Tuesday.

Debris from A.I.G. hits resident’s terrace
A two-by-four fell off the American International Group building at 175 Water St. and landed on an apartment terrace at 160 Front St. last Thurs., July 10.

Police: Don’t keep on trucking on Broome St.
Monday morning, the Police Department’s Motor Safety Carrier Unit set up a checkpoint on Broome St. just west of Lafayette St.

Bank on Italian Museum opening in Little Italy soon
By James S. Woodman
Joseph V. Scelsa, who displays open nostalgia for his Italian American upbringing, isn’t fond of “The Sopranos.”

Celebrating human rights document in dozens of languages
By Laura Latzko
“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”


In the wake of Josephine Baker
Claudie and Alphine, black and beautiful, rock stars in the making—Claudie is also a poet—have been best friends all their lives, all but bedded lovers, though very different in temperament.

Railing against a dark period of American politics
By Nicole Robson
As another Bush era draws to a close, Theodore “Ted” Hamm, founding editor of monthly paper “The Brooklyn Rail,” tracks the rise of liberal media in his new book, “The New Blue Media: How Michael Moore, MoveOn.org, Jon Stewart and Company are Transforming Progressive Politics.”

Zombies on stage, in the crowd too
By David Todd
In “Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom,” a cast of four actors play revolving roles—various boys, girls, mothers, and fathers—allowing the characters to merge into a sheltered blankness.

Five years at the Phatory and still having phun
By Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
On 9/11 Sally Lelong lost her studio space near the World Trade Center. She found a new place on East 9th Street and eventually turned it into The Phatory. This summer, she celebrates her fifth anniversary of life as both an artist and a dealer.

The revolutionaries revisited
By Ernest Barteldes
After chronicling his many travels through Brazil and paying homage to his former Lower East Side neighbors, artist and musician Michael Rimbaud has sought inspiration in 18th century historical figures for “Revolutions,” his new show at L’ Orange Bleue, the Soho restaurant that also doubles as art space, hosting art shows from local artists on a regular basis.

Father figure:‘New Yorker’ humorist Ian Frazier gets paternal


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