Construction safety for the kids . . . and everyone else
Downtown Little League players and parents luckily escaped death Saturday when a piece of metal fell off the Goldman Sachs building under construction and crashed onto the Battery Park City ballfields across the street.

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Under Cover

Mixed Use

Downtown Express photo by Tequila Minsky

Police arrested two suspects last week, accusing them of stealing a laptop from someone at the Mulberry Street Library.

Police Blotter

A Ben by another name: Dan
By Ben Krull
The confusion happens so often, that I have stopped correcting people. This causes embarrassment at social gatherings, where I am known to one person as Dan, and another as Ben.

Steady fielding as Downtowners manage to get in some games
Downtown Little League games were canceled Saturday afternoon after a piece of metal debris from the Goldman Sachs construction project crashed onto the fields (see article, page 5), but play resumed Sunday after a stop work order was issued.

League president passes the ball to new leader
For a reminder of why he is ending his term as president of Downtown Soccer League, all Don Schuck has to do is look up.

John Ranard, 56, social-documentary photographer
By Andrew Ranard and Lincoln Anderson
John Ranard, an East Village photographer known for his work documenting boxing, Russia during the period of perestroika and AIDS in Russia, died of liver cancer at Mt. Sinai Hospital on Wed., May 14. He was 56.

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Woody Allen directing his new untitled film in Battery Park Tuesday. He will be shooting at Downtown Hospital next week despite a moratorium on some Lower Manhattan streets. He was granted an exception because he had already shot scenes at the hospital.

Hearing about too much ‘action,’ city looks to limit Downtown film shoots
“And…Action!” yelled a man with a yellow rain slicker and a megaphone. On cue, a jogger took off along the Battery Park esplanade, passing other extras who cast fishing lines or gazed at the Statue of Liberty.

City takes harder line on 60 Hudson noise
With the new city noise codes in hand, the Department of Environmental Protection is taking a harder line against 60 Hudson St., the telecom hotel that houses sensitive electronic equipment.

Community center’s opening set
The real opening of Manhattan Youth’s Downtown Community Center will be a quieter affair than the politician-studded grand opening in April.


Six-figure fundraisers keep schools running
Sarah Reetz rushed down the middle of Duane St. Saturday morning, listening intently to a voice from her headset.

St. Vincent’s tries to resuscitate project
St. Vincent’s Hospital/Rudin redevelopment, ruled not appropriate for the Greenwich Village Historic District, presented a brand-new, scaled-back plan.

Parents take stock of Goldman after field accident
This was one fly ball no one wanted to catch. It flew in on the wind, dropped like a rock and landed like a knife.

Disc falls off Deutsche
A steel disc plummeted 22 stories at the Deutsche Bank building last week but it did not injure anyone.

Downtown jam cams
The Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center will install 27 traffic cameras Downtown.

Advocate looks to build beachhead for beach idea
Community Board 1 seems to be warming up at least a little to the idea of adding a public beach on a neglected sandbank beneath the Brooklyn Bridge’s Manhattan terminus.


River to River
The River to River Festival, the nation’s largest free summer-long arts festival, begins its seventh season May 28-June 1.

Testing the perimeter
By Leonard Quart
Born in Hamberg, Germany to Turkish parents, Fatih Akin directed his debut film in 2004. “Head-On,” an emotionally volatile black comedy/tragedy about a mismatched Turkish couple who embark on a sham marriage, received a great deal of critical plaudits, including a prize at the Berlin Festival.

Young dance makers break new ground
By Judith Stiles
With election politics heating up the airwaves, it is not surprising that hot topics such as the war in Iraq, race relations and gay rights are among the themes addressed by the recent works of young choreographers at Columbia University’s Miller Theater.

A return to simple form
‘Polaroid’ artist acts as the camera, filter and viewfinder. By Talia Page
In ballpoint sketches, Egon Zippel champions the “hand of the artist” with a postmodern return to the direct experience.

Terror and tough love
Depressed playwright haunted by the ghost of Idi Amin
By Jennifer DeMeritt
How do you write and star in a play about self-indulgence being guilty of self-indulgence?


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