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Tuesday’s weather was simply beautiful, which was appropriate, since it was Earth Day. Earth Day represents an opportunity to reflect on the green initiatives in our neighborhoods, our country and our world.

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Poets from near and far reflect on 9/11
The Tribute WTC Visitor Center is holding its second annual poetry reading on Sunday April 27 at 120 Liberty St. in recognition of the National Poetry Month.

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Volume 20, Number 50 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | APRIL 25 - MAY 1, 2008

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess
Seaport kiss

Kissing style can be a little more laidback Downtown than it is in Paris, site of Robert Doisneau’s famed photo by the Hotel de Ville.

Here comes the judge?
Freed may go for broke in Council race
By Josh Rogers
Downtown might have Kathryn Freed to kick around again.

Tribeca work to continue with $21 million from the state
By Julie Shapiro
Connie Fishman, president of the Hudson River Park Trust, had such good news to share with Community Board 1 that she couldn’t wait until she was at the front of the room to make her announcement.

City to begin search for E. River waterfront operators
By Clark Merrefield and Julie Shapiro
Underneath the fume-laden FDR Drive near Rutgers Slip, the city is planning two new pavilions where ping-pong, aerobics, tango and karate could become the norm. 

84% jump in new students at P.S. 89; P.S. 234 swells
By Julie Shapiro
Principal Ronnie Najjar is an expert at squeezing new students into P.S. 89.

Brooklyn Bridge to get a little coffee color
The Brooklyn Bridge is getting a $300 million facelift.

Downtown political club moves toward peace
By Josh Rogers
A Downtown political club’s leaders moved to make peace this week after yelling and acrimony broke up last week’s meeting.

Greenmarket to return, but street vendors say no sale
By Julie Shapiro
The Greenmarket in Zuccotti Park will open next Tuesday, despite objections from street vendors who say they will be displaced.

Tenants hope win won’t be demolished on appeal
By Julie Shapiro
When it comes to affordable housing, any victory is better than no victory — but a group of Baxter St. tenants aren’t celebrating just yet.

Capsoutos raise dough on Passover

Bikes and ‘Brown’ hope to co-exist along the new Washington St. lane


In others’ worlds, in other words
By David Callicott
By invoking the confessional, the theme of the 2008 PEN World Voices Festival—“Public Lives/Private Lives”—addresses the shifting boundaries in modern media, literature, and society, and the impact those limits have on free speech and human rights.

Fashion first: a spectacular art
By Talia Page
“What a stark contrast,” noted an observer looking out the gallery windows at throngs of people who were packed together like sardines, shoving their way into Chinatown’s cubicle-like market stalls.

Film festival spills into the streets
By Lawrence Everett Forbes
The Tribeca Family Festival, a fan favorite that drew crowds of more than 300,000 people last year, promises to live up to expectations this year with a lineup of fun and lively entertainment featuring talented performers, dancers, stilt-walkers, Broadway performances, arts and crafts, and face painters.

For students, the power of collective witness
By Michael Rymer
Most high school students associate their cell phones with freedom. Their contact lists and photos are directories for their independent social lives.

Drive-In thrills with family-friendly fun
By Lawrence Everett Forbes
Sports fans, music aficionados, and families alike are bound to find themselves parked up front and center at the North Cove of World Financial Plaza for the annual Tribeca Drive-In outdoor screenings.



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