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Mr. Speaker, Downtown needs you to get congestion pricing passed
When the day comes, perhaps a good many years from now, that Sheldon Silver is no longer the speaker of the Assembly, much will be written about his legacy.

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Volume 20, Number 47 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | APRIL 4 - 10 , 2008

Downtown Express photo by Jefferson Siegel

Downtown Niagara
Construction workers began constructing a 110-foot waterfall art project on Pier 35 near the Manhattan Bridge Wednesday. It’ll take about seven days to build Olafur Eliasson’s waterfall structure, but the three-month long “New York City Waterfalls” project is not scheduled to open until mid-July. Waterfalls of up to 120 feet will also be built near Governors Island and in Brooklyn – near the Brooklyn Bridge and Piers 4 and 5. The Public Art Fund commissioned the four falls, which will run daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and be illuminated at night.

City’s Downtown parking numbers justify residents’ years of yelling
By Julie Shapiro
A long-awaited study of placard parking in Lower Manhattan shows that the situation is just as bad as residents, commuters and visitors suspected — and it may even be worse.

‘X’ marks the F.D.N.Y. warning spot at Bouley site
As wailing sirens converged at the site of David Bouley’s new restaurant Brushstrokes at 109 W. Broadway, it appeared that the celebrity chef had escaped the frying pan only to land in the fire.

Beekman school, Gehry’s tower pushed back a year
By Julie Shapiro
It’s official: The new Beekman St. school will open in 2010, not 2009.

Silver’s likely to support traffic pricing, but puts passage in doubt
By Josh Rogers
with Julie Shapiro
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told Downtown Express Wednesday he is likely to support congestion pricing, but the Albany power broker also said passage is still in doubt.

Trust gives new Pier 40 team 90 days
By Josh Rogers
Downtown residents and Pier 40 field users started flooding Chris McGinnis’s email box with “pumped” congratulatory messages last Thursday, hours after the Hudson River Park Trust said it was working with his community group and a former rival to keep the popular pier running without a proposed entertainment complex.

C.B. 1 member ousted over assault arrests
By Julie Shapiro
An arrest record kept Andy Neale from being reappointed to Community Board 1, Downtown Express learned this week.

6 newcomers appointed to Board 1
By Julie Shapiro
The beginning of April means it’s time for new community board members.

Tompkins riot vets not ready to keep quiet
By Lincoln Anderson
East Village activists will descend on City Hall’s steps on Thurs., April 3, at 3 p.m. to demand a permit to hold a weekend of hardcore punk concerts in Tompkins Square Park on Aug. 2-3 to mark the 20th anniversary of the park riots.

Wheels start spinning again

9/11 museum exhibits go online

NYC TV snares local Emmy nods


Wacky and strange, but true
By Todd Simmons
Never having heard her music, I went to see Baby Dee at Joe’s Pub out of sheer curiosity, my interest piqued by her bizarre résumé.

Broadway’s newest musical rocks
By Scott Harrah
“Passing Strange,” the new rock musical that recently transferred to Broadway after a successful run at the Public Theater, does not break the same theatrical ground as “Spring Awakening” and “Rent,” because it lacks the infectious scores and compelling stories that made those shows instant classics for the “twenty-something” crowd.

Three cheers for ‘Cheer’
By Michael Rymer
As a high school student in Durham, North Carolina, Kate Torgovnick hardly seemed destined to become a sports writer.

Of cameras and commemoration
By Jeffrey Cyphers Wrights
Art creates a portal for us to travel through time, and several current shows address this ability with starkly different designs and results.

Candy boys & girls
By Brian McCormick
Chelsea’s very own rite of spring happens every April at the Joyce Theater, when sexuality blossoms onstage in the form of Stephen Petronio Company.


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