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Mixed Use

Still time to salvage a bad garbage plan
The planned three-district Department of Sanitation garage in Hudson Square is a glaring example of planning that does not consider the community’s opinion.


Head for the Frisco Bay to learn about planning
By Julie Menin
For all of the dense zoning texts and boxcars full of building regulations, land use planning in New York City today remains pretty much an unpredictable and often times puzzling process.

Mikhaela Reid

Bruce Sinder, 55, a Tribeca pioneer, dies

Volume 20, Number 45 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | March 21 - 27 , 2008

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Downtown’s Rock honored
Mayor Mike Bloomberg honored David Rockefeller, 92, at the 50th anniversary celebration of the organization Rockefeller founded, the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association, Tuesday night. Rockefeller, the driving force behind the construction of the Twin Towers and Chase Plaza, thanked the mayor, who jokingly played matchmaker mentioning his 99-year-old mother. “She’s single and likes younger men,” Bloomberg said. Article and photos, page 16.

Wrestling with the Bear, JPMorgan halts W.T.C. project
By Josh Rogers
JPMorgan Chase, consumed with finalizing its takeover of Bear Stearns, has scrapped its plans to build a large trading floor building at the World Trade Center.

Board looks to extend one of Tribeca’s historic districts
By Julie Shapiro
In northwestern Tribeca, the buildings span two centuries. Crumbling brick homes and corniced warehouses stand among more modern structures.

Burger King cracks down on Fulton St. teens
By Julie Shapiro
When 20 teenagers jumped the counter at the Fulton St. Burger King March 6 and started grabbing everything in sight, general manager Mohammed Rahman had little time to think.


Rockefeller feted Downtown on 50th anniversary
By Josh Rogers
David Rockefeller, who perhaps did more to shape the face of modern Lower Manhattan than anyone else, was honored Tuesday night in one of the buildings he helped build -- One Chase Manhattan Plaza.

Smelling something funny in city plan, advocates push garbage alternative
By Lincoln Anderson
The community alternative plan is very much in vogue right now Downtown.

Bouley support grows at C.B. 1

In black & White, neighbors say plan is 15 feet too high
By Julie Shapiro
On a block in North Tribeca, residents and a developer are in agreement on almost everything — but no one is willing to budge on the details.

P.S. 89 class size drops, delighting parents & principal
By Julie Shapiro
When parents talk about Lower Manhattan schools, the word “overcrowded” usually headlines the discussion. Residential buildings are popping up throughout the district, and they quickly fill with families drawn to the neighborhood’s strong schools.


Drawing the invisible
By Debra Jenks
If you’re familiar with the work of the immensely talented Nina Katchadourian, you will recognize some similarities between her interest in language and location—both physical and cultural—and the work of the nine artists she has selected from the Drawing Center’s Viewing Program.

Soul of the corporate world evades detection
By Leonard Quart
The celluloid combination of ambition and formal imagination doesn’t always succeed, but occasionally results in a provocative and stimulating film.

Sex, lies and videotape
By Adrienne Urbanski
In a news-saturated world where YouTube and reality television have become our way of experiencing the lives of others, it’s fitting for a theatrical work to use video to bring us closer to the characters’ interiors.

The Raveonettes’ popularity soars
By Lee Ann Westover
Since the release of “Whip it On” in 2001, The Raveonettes have skirted a line between being an odd act on the fringe and being an “it” band on the point of blowing up.

‘Dead Man’s Cell Phone’ has perfect reception
By Jerry Tallmer
With echoes of flower children through the decades, the saddest line in Sarah Ruhl’s new play is “Whe




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