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We turn toward Quinn on Pier 40
At the end of the month, the Hudson River Park Trust is scheduled to make a decision on the development of Pier 40 that will have vast implications for the Hudson River Park and all of Lower Manhattan.

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The candidates debate: Who can win? Who better not?


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Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

John De Matteo, athletic director of Manhattan Academy of Technology, has started 16 sports programs and 38 teams at the school in just five years.

Coach inspires students to step up their game, any game
By Julie Shapiro
Five years ago, the trophy case at P.S. 126 was empty, an after-school sports program did not exist, and athletics were far from a priority.

Crime mostly down Downtown in 2007
By Albert Amateau
Crime in the seven major categories in the police precincts covered by Downtown Express continued the decline in 2007 that began more than 10 years ago, according to NYPD Comprehensive Statistic (Comp Stat) reports.

Former Schumer aide challenges Connor in Senate race
By Josh Rogers
A former aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer is taking on State Sen. Martin Connor in the September Democratic primary and has already raised over $200,000.

Facing Tribeca opposition, C.B. 1 busts its bar decision
By Patrick Hedlund
Not so fast, Buster. Tribeca residents in opposition of a planned sports bar on N. Moore St. struck a victory against the proprietor this week after the community board voted overwhelmingly to rescind its original recommendation of a liquor license and shoot down the previous request.

Soto leader Bay bound
The mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, announced on Jan. 14 his appointment of Luis R. Cancel as the head of that city’s Arts Commission.

Battery design adds historic tops; wins some support
By Julie Shapiro
The Battery Maritime Building moved a little closer to receiving a four-story glass hotel addition when Community Board 1 approved changes to the building 30 - 6 Tuesday night.

Wall Street gets a museum of money
By Stephanie Murg
Weekends are usually quiet on Wall St., but last Saturday, an excited crowd there gathered around a $10,000 bill, scrutinizing the unfamiliar face of Salmon P. Chase, while others listened to jetBlue founder David Neeleman give pointers on starting a company.

Worker killed at Trump’s Downtown project
By Patrick Hedlund
One worker was killed and at least two others suffered serious injuries after a portion of the Trump Soho condo-hotel at the corner of Spring and Varick Sts. collapsed during construction Monday afternoon.

Port hears the shouts over construction noise
By Julie Shapiro
Six hours of sleep might not sound like something to celebrate, but for people who live near the World Trade Center site, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

Reading Trust’s tea leaves, Pier 40 group is hopeful
By Lincoln Anderson
The Pier 40 Partnership is feeling upbeat after a pair of meetings with the Hudson River Park Trust’s board of directors last week.

City offers Southbridge a park AND $5.5 million
By Julie Shapiro
Plans for a new DeLury Square park garnered broad support at a Southbridge Towers tenant meeting last week, though some people remained concerned about the park’s security.


Stairway to satirical suspense
By Scott Harrah
Classic Alfred Hitchcock films are known for many things, but comedy is not normally one of them.

Bob Dylan’s 1966 concert revisited
By Todd Simmons
Bob Dylan’s sudden, controversial move to electric rock music in 1965 with “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and “Maggie’s Farm” signaled the beginning of a wild ride for the young troubadour from Minnesota turned Greenwich Villager.

Koch on Film

A grainy image of the world
By Paula Crossfield
At lunchtime on a busy Friday at the World Financial Center, I found myself staring at piles of uncooked rice. They had potential, but these grains were not destined for my stomach.

A monster, flaws and all, unleashes its haunting beauty
By Adrienne Urbanski
Puppetry too often is written off as the stuff of Saturday morning cartoons and children matinees.


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