Volume 20, Number 32 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | December 21 - 27, 2007

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Dan Doctoroff’s complex legacy
Dan Doctoroff’s impending departure as deputy mayor for economic development and rebuilding for the Bloomberg administration after six years does not come as a surprise. His leaving City Hall had long been rumored.

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What fresh hell is this?
By Andrei Codrescu
I’ve been to South Florida enough and written about it enough times to think that there isn’t another thing I can say about it. I know that Miami doesn’t look like “CSI” because they use special lenses. I know that South Beach is one big meat market where muscles and behinds are traded as casually as snorting coke off a car key. A Lexus, most likely.

‘Legend’ conjures up those 9/11 fears again
By David Stanke
People racing on foot to find a way off the island of Manhattan; military vehicles taking positions around the city; historic bridges destroyed; the futile efforts of a population to escape an unimaginable disaster: these are the visions of “I am Legend.”

The new game plan focuses on skills and creativity
By Judith Stiles
A fundamental change is occurring in how soccer is being taught to American children, and in this revolution’s forefront is an innovative program at the Downtown United Soccer Club.

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New bill includes penalties for repeat harassment
By Albert Amateau
A hearing on Monday on a tenant anti-harassment bill drew a crowd that nearly filled the Council Chamber at City Hall.

Downtown housing breaking its records by record numbers
By Patrick Hedlund
Jon McMillan, director of planning for Rockrose Development Corp., remembers the time he realized Lower Manhattan had come into its own as a residential neighborhood.

Construction crash tests Downtown’s new emergency system
By Julie Shapiro
Downtowners didn’t have to wait long to see the city’s brand-new emergency notification system in action. Notify N.Y.C., launched Dec. 10, got its first test last Friday after a construction accident at the Goldman Sachs building.

Pier 40 group says non-profit operator is the only answer
By Josh Rogers
Creating a non-profit conservancy with access to tax-free bonds is the only feasible way to save the Pier 40 fields from big developers, a new report concludes.

Port closes in on retail deal, pushes back memorial date
By Julie Shapiro
The Westfield Group will return to the World Trade Center to run the retail space there, the Port Authority confirmed Tuesday.

Trash talking persists about garbage trucks on pier
By Josh Rogers
The city and some Villagers are trashing the idea to build a garbage truck garage near the Pier 40 playing fields.

‘Having it all’ includes a business for some Downtown moms
By Julie Shapiro
Since Rachel Thebault left her high-pressure investment-banking job, her life hasn’t exactly slowed down. In the past three years, she graduated culinary school, opened her own bakery and gave birth to her first child.

Governor, mayor spin new island idea on Governors
Free bicycles and hills made from recycled demolished buildings might be coming to Governors Island, but not for a few more years at least.

Ballfield backers try to stretch it into a double
By Julie Shapiro
Rather than using a $2 million grant to build one baseball field Downtown, athletic programmers now hope to spread the money over two parks.


The unbuilt, thought-filled environment
By Stephanie Buhmann
During a time when most galleries in Chelsea and Uptown prepare to close for the holidays, Sunday L.E.S., located at 237 Eldridge Street, has opened one more solo exhibition.

Pinter returns, slightly more the wisecracker
At the top of Act I in the script of Harold Pinter’s “The Homecoming” there is this stage direction following the entrance of Max, the parent and tyrant of a disjointed household of men in North London: “He wears an old cardigan and a cap, and carries a stick.”

The Living Theatre, alive with the sound of avant garde music
On a the early side of a Nor’easter floating over the metropolitan area, 25 hardy souls made their way several blocks from the closest subway to the downstairs performing arts space The Living Theatre.

Oil and water
Strange collaborations and explorations on CD

‘Beckett Shorts’ long on desperation
Director JoAnne Akalaitis, former artistic director of the Public, has never been a purist when directing Samuel Beckett’s plays.

The Texan Hollywood adores
By Steven Snyder
With this sharp a screenplay and this brilliant a cast, “Charlie Wilson’s War” would be an entertaining diversion in any season.


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