Volume 20, Number 29 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | Dec. 7 - 13, 2007
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Mixed Use


Seaport hope
A one-day public food market will set up shop this Sunday in a spot where the Fulton Fish Market hawked their wares until two years ago. Wintermarket’s organizer, New Amsterdam Public, has two worthy goals: Promote sustainable food and show the South Street Seaport’s desperate need for an engaging market that appeals to residents as well as tourists.

Letters to the Editor

Police Blotter


Santa mob chug beer and spread cheer on merry way

It wasn’t my idea

Art World 101

The Music Returns
By Andrei Codrescu
The strangest thing is happening to people in their middle age: they are hearing again. Me, personally, I stopped listening around 1976 after I opened for the Ramones at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco.


One community board calls foul ball over field
By Julie Shapiro
When the Parks Department and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation sited a ballfield in Corlears Hook Park — Community Board 3 territory — without consulting the board and the community, C.B. 3 members got angry.

Official warns of worsening construction problems

90 West woes

A glimpse into the Seaport’s future?
By Julie Shapiro
Two years after the Fulton Fish Market closed its doors, local food vendors are returning to the Seaport — at least for a day.

Honing Pier 40 plans as deadline nears By Josh Rogers
There are new details about all three plans for Pier 40’s future.

Landmarking can be a drag
by Patrick Hedlund
If the painted pitch-black walls of the famed Pyramid Club in the East Village could talk, they’d also sing, laugh — and likely gag.

Hanukkah Downtown

E.P.A. hasn’t gotten the lead out Downtown, critics say
By Julie Shapiro
Lingering contamination from 9/11 is not a problem, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said after releasing data showing unsafe levels of lead in nine buildings near the World Trade Center.

Museum grant

Gingerbread fundraiser

Trust appointee’s wife is on Pier 40 parents group
By Josh Rogers
Gov. Eliot Spitzer has turned to a Downtowner whose children use Pier 40 to serve on the Hudson River Park Trust’s board, but the appointee’s connections to a local group could prevent him from weighing in on the Trust’s next big decision.

The new pulse of Lower Manhattan artists
By Abby Luby
The catastrophic upheaval of 9/11 affected everyone in Lower Manhattan, but an often overlooked contingent are its artists, whose work still reverberates with the impact of the WTC attacks.

Take the PATH to the past
The best place to see a movie in New York City isn’t in New York City. It’s in Jersey City.
“The Loew’s Jersey Theater offers a moviegoing experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the New York area,” said historian and Brooklyn College film professor Foster Hirsch, a longtime Village resident. “And it’s so close, especially for us Downtowners.

French for drums, but accessible to everyone
The group name Loop 2.4.3 calls to mind an esoteric piece of software, and indeed, parts of this duo’s new album “Batterie” sound like they are being read from binary code rather than traditional music notation.

Portrait of the author as a distant man
By Leonard Quart
All of a sudden a couple of literate, small, independent American films have appeared that are driven by characters rather than by action or special effects.

Sir Paul in the Loser’s Lounge
By Todd Simmons
The sweet and soulful sound of Paul McCartney was on display last weekend at Joe’s Pub.


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