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Volume 16 • Issue 21 | October 21 - 27, 2003



Getting ready to evaluate memorial designs
Most of what is planned for the World Trade Center site has already been decided. We know where most of the buildings, streets, plazas, museums and cultural centers are supposed to go. We know where architect Daniel Libeskind has set aside memorial space for the 3,022 people who were killed on Sept. 11, 2001 and at the Twin Towers in 1993. The main outstanding question is: what will be the so-called centerpiece to the design, what will the memorial be?

Letters to the editor

Taking Point

Reflections on serving under Gen. Wesley Clark
By Mark L. Kimmey
When Downtown Express asked me to write a piece on retired general and Democratic presidential candidate Wesley K. Clark, I had to think hard about whether I knew enough about the man. In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that my girlfriend volunteers for the Howard Dean campaign, although I haven’t committed to any candidate, yet.

Is Tribeca becoming like the Upper East Side?
By Wickham Boyle
When my shower burst open my neighbors were drenched and still they wouldn’t allow the plumbers into their loft to facilitate repair work. So the plumbers worked long and hard cutting through encumbrances, zigging and zagging through to fix the leaky shower and install a new one.

The Penny Post

By Andrei Codrescu
After they kicked us out of the restaurant at 9:20 p.m. for writing a poem on the tablecloth, I tried to get my new friends to go to a bar, but they bailed out because this was Minneapolis. If you go to a bar, you have to wrestle your conscience for a week, and then try to make up for it with painful manual labor and a cash contribution to a cause. So I went by myself to the hotel bar where some of the worst people in the whole state were smoking cigarettes with some debauched tourists.

Second Thoughts

Downtown Local


Greek coins

Rat talk

Wedding pictures

C.B. 1 meetings

C.B. 1 meetings

Info request for the E.P.A.

Health registry

Police Blotter

Rockettes get a kick out of P.S. 134

Gerson talks to Wall St. group


Tribeca children’s theater tackles the classics
By Timothy Lavin
In New York City, the center of the dramatic world, developing a theater specifically for children is an idea neither novel nor unique. But the founders of Manhattan Children’s Theater, 380 Broadway in Tribeca, are experimenting with a creative twist: treating their youthful audience members like adults.

Trying not to raise the next TV generation
By Jane Flanagan
My five-year-old son, Rusty, wants to be The Hulk for Halloween. Last year he wanted to be John Philip Sousa, the bandleader.

Children’s Activities


Downtown kickers roll on as mercury dips

By Ashley Winchester
The cold couldn’t keep Downtown Soccer League players away from the game this frosty fall weekend.

Downtown Express photo by Ramin Talaie

Yanks scout the Canyon
Yankee manager Joe Torre greeted fans in City Hall Park last Friday after the team took the pennant with a come from behind win over the Boston Red Sox. The Bronx Bombers, who split the first two games of the World Series, hope to finish off the Florida Marlins and return to Lower Manhattan’s “Canyon of Heroes” for a victory parade. The last parade up the historic canyon was Oct. 30, 2000, after the Yanks beat the Mets in the series.

Downtowners wait for school report
By Elizabeth O’Brien
With the population of Lower Manhattan expected to swell and local classrooms already packed, many residents hope that the city will reveal plans to build new area schools as part of its long-term budget to be released next month.

I.P.N. owner says he is kinder and gentler
By Albert Amateau
Laurence Gluck,
the new owner of Independence Plaza North, faced a crowd of anxious tenants last week and presented a mild manner but not much new information about their future in Tribeca after he takes the 1,340-unit complex out of the Mitchell-Lama program.

A street by another name?
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Faced with a heart-wrenching request from family members, Community Board 1 officials decided last week to postpone any decisions on renaming area streets for Sept. 11 victims until plans for the World Trade Center memorial are announced.

Deaths, injuries and fear after ferry mishaps
By Albert Amateau
Tragedy darkened the hearts of New Yorkers last Thursday when the 3 p.m. Staten Island ferry overshot the slip at St. George in Staten Island and slammed full speed into a service pier killing 10 passengers and injuring about 67 more, leaving some of them maimed and one paralyzed.

Demonstrators object to wakes from ferries
By Sascha Brodsky
A day after last week’s Staten Island ferry disaster, demonstrators protested what they called unsafe conditions in New York’s waterways. A gaggle of about 30 boats ranging from kayaks to sailboats gathered Thursday in the windy waters off Pier 81 at 38th St. & West Side Highway in front of the New York Waterway Ferry Terminal.

Deutsche adds water to Wall St. park
Downtown politicians, residents and business leaders have been criticizing Deutsche Bank for the last two years for its damaged Liberty St. building – many have called it a black shroud and a blight – but last week, the firm was praised for a $400,000 donation to pay for a fountain in a new park to be built at the east end of Wall St.

W.T.C. signs: Should they stay or go?
By Voices of Lower Manhattan Staff
We asked New Yorkers: Should the City Keep the Name and Signs for the World Trade Center?

Hudson Park helps spark West side development
By Lincoln Anderson
If it works once, why not try again?
Last month, demolition began on the four-story, red-brick Pathfinder building at Charles and West Sts., just south of the new Richard Meier-designed, twin luxury residential towers flanking Perry St. The new building is being designed by Meier and will likely be the same height and similar design as the existing buildings.

Finding a forbidden fruit in Chinatown
By Jessica Mintz
There is a small group of people to whom one could say the word “mangosteen,” and with those three syllables elicit either a swoon, or a sonnet, or both.

Light still shining brightly for dedicated business owner
By John Arbucci
Going blind is never easy for anyone, but it is particularly difficult for someone who works with light.

After 75 years, Down Town Glee Club still singing
By Jaclyn Marinese
The Down Town Glee Club is a living part of New York City history. The all male, 25-member choir, representing a diverse range of ages, ethnicities and professions, has been part of the fabric of downtown Manhattan since it’s inception in 1927.

Film on Veronica Guerin fails to live up to its material
By Danielle Stein
Reviewing a film based on a true story presents critics with a challenge separate from and often more difficult than reviewing fiction. One must ask oneself whether the feelings she leaves the theater with come from the actual story, or the movie that has attempted to tell it.

2nd annual New York Horror Film Festival in Tribeca
By Ashley Winchester
The Village isn’t the only New York neighborhood with a few tricks up its sleeve this Halloween. Independent horror film director Michael J. Hein, in conjunction with the Independent Film Channel, will bring the second annual New York Horror Film Festival to the Tribeca Film Center, 375 Greenwich just below Canal. It begins tonight, Tues. and will run through Oct. 26.

Koch on film
By Ed. Koch
‘Kill Bill: Vol. 1’ (-)This movie is one big joke, a put on and put down of the movie going public, and really, really bad. But I also didn’t think much of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and both received rave reviews by a number of reviewers. See it and you will weep for your lost time and wasted money.
‘Mystic River’ (+) This is a wonderful movie with superb acting, a fascinating script, and the interesting locale of north Boston. Great attention is paid to detail and everything looks and sounds just right.

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