Volume 20, Number 28 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | Nov. 30 - Dec. 6, 2007
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School report cards a step in the right direction
The Department of Education’s first-ever School Progress Reports, with its A-F grading system, is sending shockwaves through the city’s educational community.

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Police Blotter

The Penny Post
Those gossiping physicists
By Andrei Codrescu
Friends will sometimes say, “You have to meet X, you’ll love each other!” You meet X and you don’t love each other. Actually, you dislike each other at first sight. A good friend will be philosophical about it, shrug his shoulders and say, in the local parlance, “c’est la vie.” The trouble is, you’re all poets, working the same turf.


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Jack Lukewarm nipping
Maya Arnott, left and Samantha Villano, both 6, gathered fake snow Tuesday at the Winter Garden for the holiday lighting ceremony and the season’s first indoor snowstorm.

Gardeners oppose human fertilizer room (a k a bathroom)
By Julie Shapiro
Community gardeners are angry about proposed bathrooms at Washington Market Park, because their construction would temporarily close the gardens and permanently remove eight garden plots. Even worse, gardeners say, their new plots will be adjacent to the bathroom.

Festive opening night for Barnes & Noble

Green buildings will put owners in the black, panel says
By Patrick Hedlund
Green building is no longer the exception in New York City — but the rule, said a group of panelists discussing the significance of going green at a forum organized by the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association and Downtown Alliance on Wednesday.

Gerson unveils bill to battle 60 Hudson diesel
By Julie Shapiro
City Councilmember Alan Gerson announced new legislation Wednesday morning in front of the building that the legislation targets: 60 Hudson St.

Community, cops debate whether police can solve teen violence problem
By Julie Shapiro
There are limits to what the police can do to reduce teen violence Downtown, a First Precinct sergeant told Community Board 1 Tuesday.

City Council race heats up 2 years early
By Josh Rogers
Councilmember Alan Gerson still has two years left in office but the candidates to replace him have begun to organize and are already turning to him for campaign advice.

Menin removes Landman after charged remarks
By Julie Shapiro
Community Board 1 Chairperson Julie Menin removed Rick Landman as chairperson of the Planning and Community Infrastructure Committee this week.

Edwards rallies with striking writers
By Jefferson Siegel 
As the Writers Guild strike entered its fourth week, members proved they haven’t lost their touch. Several hundred writers — and actors in support of them — were joined by local union leaders, politicians and presidential candidate John Edwards in a show of solidarity at a rally in Washington Square Park on Tuesday.

New Museum to open with 30 hours of free admission
by Lincoln Anderson
The New Museum, New York City’s only museum devoted exclusively to contemporary art, will open its new building on the Bowery to the public on Sat., Dec. 1.

C.B. 1 faces steep budget cuts
Proposed budget cuts to the city’s community boards could mean losses of $15,000 at Community Board 1 and the possible reduction or elimination of staff wages over the next two years, the district manager reported last week.

Friends dump on garbage plan
The Friends of Hudson Square have some unfriendly language for the Department of Sanitation regarding the agency’s proposal to build a massive garage in their neighborhood.


A far-flung tale that hits close to home
There was a moment during a preview performance of Kristen Palmer’s new play “Local Story” that I will never forget. Two characters were pinning wet laundry to a clothesline strung across the stage, and they nearly pulled the set down on top of them.

Speaking volumes in the blink of an eye
By Steven Snyder
Not only an awe-inspiring testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a fascinating examination of the nature of visual communication, Julian Schnabel’s utterly captivating “The Diving Bell and The Butterfly” is above all a powerful evocation of the passion that burns within the hearts of the true artists.

Growing up Jewish, human and otherwise
By Melissa Korn
It’s rare to find a book about growing up Jewish — or any religion, for that matter — that doesn’t cruelly mock too-strict rules or minimize faith down to superstition.

On Mamet’s ‘November,’ and whether it will open in January
It wasn’t a press conference, exactly, and it wasn’t a preview of the play that had had its first full-cast reading an hour or two earlier.

From the Public, the sound of a sizable new voice
By Wickham Boyle
Brotherly love is a term often tossed though rarely parsed, but in the new play at the Public Theater called “The Brothers Size”, one cannot help but come away with the palpable sensation that you have actually experienced the raw, gut- wrenching love that brothers grapple with in modern life.


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