THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 20 Issue 12| August 03 - 09, 2007
9/11 ceremony realities
The recent demand by the leaders of some family groups to stage this year’s 9/11 ceremonies in the middle of an enormous construction zone is misplaced and misguided.

Wise move at 50 West
Borough President Scott Stringer gave Downtown a better chance to get more affordable housing this week with the clear “no” he told the city and developer Francis Greenburger of Time Equities.

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert
The new Journal?
The day after Rupert Murdoch secured enough board votes to buy the Wall Street Journal and its parent firm, Dow Jones & Company, protestors from MoveOn distributed fake copies of the Journal Wednesday outside paper’s and firm’s headquarters in the World Financial Center. The liberal group said all of the faux Journal’s headlines were used by Murdoch’s Fox News and warned that the respected business paper will take on a rightwing political agenda under Murdoch.

Talking Point
There’s nothing fishy about studying the river
By Julie Nadel
At a recent Hudson River Park Trust board meeting, trustee Henry Stern, former city Parks commissioner, asked, “What’s an estuarium?”  It made me think:  With all this recent attention about a river study center (estuarium is the fancy name), maybe it would be helpful to remind people what it is and why it matters.

The Penny Post
Not native to this land
By Andrei Codrescu
The Dakota people on Prairie Island, between Minnesota and Wisconsin, are proud and rich and have made a life-saving raft of their history. Or, at least of the history they were able to recover from all the fragments left behind by the white man’s attempts to eradicate them from earth.

Under Cover

Letters to the Editor

Police Blotter

New liaisons

Drawing Downtown’s line

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess

Retro play
The Seaport may be filled with all sorts of attractions, but sometimes all it takes to have a good time is an old-fashioned jump.

Corraling Chinatown’s cowboy buses
By Sruthi Pinnamaneni
Holding fluorescent-colored signs calling for a halt to a proposed relocation of bus zones in their neighborhood, hundreds of Chinatown and Lower East Side residents poured into the M.S. 131 auditorium on the evening of Tues., July 24. Some had waited almost an hour for the start of the Community Board 3 meeting. 

Downtown’s East Siders to get temporary dog run
By Jennifer Milne
On a sunny Saturday morning, a pack of dogs gleefully trotted off-leash at the end of Pier 16 at the South Street Seaport. They sniffed one another, spoke in happy barks and played chase on the pier’s wooden planks.

Swig takes drink from cup of human kindness
Many a developer has pledged to be a good neighbor to Downtown residents, but on Tuesday Kent Swig of Swig Equities put his pocketbook behind his promises, shelling out $1.3 million for the Burling Slip playground.

A taste of Downtown’s sweetest stores
By Anindita Dasgupta
Growing up in communist Romania, Carmen Botez did not have luxuries like chocolate. It wasn’t until she left the country at age 14 that she tasted it for the first time. She has spent the rest of her young life studying chocolate.

Beep says stop on West St. condos
By Josh Rogers
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer rejected a $550-million hotel and condo project at 50 West St. Wednesday because it includes no money for affordable housing.

Connor likes mayor’s traffic idea, knocks his tactics
By Skye H. McFarlane
Let the debate continue. Last Thursday, the state Legislature voted to keep the congestion mitigation conversation alive. By Tuesday night, two Downtown legislators — Assemblymember Deborah Glick and state Senator Martin Connor — stood before Community Board 1, suggesting changes and alternatives to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s original congestion pricing proposal.

College wins robotics grant
The Borough of Manhattan Community College announced this week that it received a grant of $190,000 from the National Science Foundation to fund an educational robotics program.

Visitors revel in City Hall Park north on reopening day
By Anindita Dasgupta with Jefferson Siegel
Fernando Lagares, a Staten Island resident who works on Chambers St., remembers relaxing in the northern section of City Hall Park before it was closed because of post-9/11 security concerns.

Some families demand 9/11 ceremony at W.T.C.
As somber 9/11 family members gathered at Zuccotti Park at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 1, they faced a press group with more people than their own. Despite the small turnout, the family members had come to announce big actions, the filing for a permit to have their own remembrance ceremonies on 9/11, in the actual ground zero site itself.

Neighbors: Garbage tower changes still not a pretty picture
By Lincoln Anderson
The Department of Sanitation has made some significant modifications to its plans to build a 14-story, three-district garage at Spring and Washington Sts. But community members still say the project is too big — and a terrorist threat to boot.

Rowing, rowing Whitehall boats; Life is but a dream
By Lucas Mann
New Yorkers enjoying the Hudson River Park on Sat., July 28, might have been surprised to see a fleet of six-person, wooden row boats flying international flags, resolutely battling the current. No, this was not a race to rediscover America, it was the International Rowing Federation’s annual rowing tour.

Where everyone’s a curator
By Stephanie Murg
For the international art world, the stars have aligned in Europe—in more ways than one. Calendrical coincidence has made the summer of 2007 a blockbuster for the world’s leading art fairs, with Art Basel in Switzerland, the 52nd Venice Biennale, Documenta XII (which takes place every five years), and Sculpture Projects Munster (held once a decade) opening within weeks of each other.

The cents and sensibility of ‘Becoming Jane’
By Steven Snyder
Perhaps it shouldn’t be such a surprise that screenwriters Kevin Hood and Sarah Williams have imagined a real-life Jane Austen who so closely resembles the author’s fictional heroines.

From the island of Faro, a strange, unforgettable language
By Jerry Tallmer
James Agee, a film critic writing in disregard of p.c., at a time when p.c. had yet to sprout among us, said that watching the films of D.W. Griffith was like watching the invention of the alphabet, or the wheel.

All you need is a duck, and a little bit of luck
By Will McKinley
Somewhere, there is a duck worth one million dollars. And he’s just waiting for you to adopt him. On Monday, August 6, the seventh annual “Million Dollar Duck Race” swims into the South Street Seaport, with live music, prizes and a chance for one lucky New Yorker to feather his or her nest with a cool million bucks.

Robbers on Bowery
By Jaya Saxena
The new Robbers on High Street album, and their album-release show at Bowery Ballroom, put me in a contemplative mood about the state of modern rock music.


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