THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 19 Issue 53 | May 18 -24, 2007
The Albany fight for gay marriage
“Promise made, promise kept” is the pithy comment State Senator Tom Duane made when Governor Eliot Spitzer introduced his bill to enact marriage equality for same-sex couples a few weeks ago.

Steps to folly
While some aides to Gov. Eliot Spitzer dither like Hamlet over the fate of the “Survivors’ Stairway,” the governor’s people at the Port Authority are making great progress at the World Trade Center site. Two things were clear from our visit to the site last week — construction is proceeding rapidly and the stairway is in the way. If it’s not yet slowing down the work, that will happen very soon.

The Penny Post
In conclusion...
By Andrei Codrescu
College campuses all over the country have now heard commencement speeches from every public person, from Bob Barker to myself. Bob Barker told graduates in Missouri that “Let’s Make a Deal” is a cult among the young because the set hasn’t changed since the ‘70s

Talking Point
For Rudy, gay is a drag
By Andy Humm
Rudy Giuliani is continuing an emerging pattern of abandoning his previous support for gay rights, recently attacking New Hampshire for enacting a civil union law for same-sex couples because it “goes too far” and is “the equivalent of marriage.”

Letters to the editor

Under Cover

Police Blotter

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Anthony Shorris, the Port Authority’s executive director, said a JPMorgan Chase tower at the W.T.C. would not “mess up the park” planned near Liberty St.

Look out below! Billions worth of building down at the W.T.C.
By Josh Rogers
Anthony Shorris pulls out a picture of the barren World Trade Center site from January 2006 as he raises his voice to talk over the noise created by the cranes and other equipment now working on the entire 16-acre sunken area.

Southbridge privatizers win control of the board
By Josh Rogers
Residents of Southbridge Towers in favor of privatizing the middle class housing complex won control of the board of directors May 1.

Hospital marks 150 years with new sign and C.E.O.
By Skye H. McFarlane
It was a celebration of the old and new at New York Downtown Hospital Tuesday, as the hospital showed off a new street sign and new leadership while honoring the hospital’s 150-year-old legacy.

Back to the future of L.E.S.; District plan revives
By Alyssa Giachino
Neighborhood preservationists are revving their engines again on the Lower East Side, this time with a broader coalition of support, reviving a proposal to designate a historic district that ran into determined opposition last year.

A Downtown parent in charge of W.T.C. redevelopment
Anthony Shorris may live in Greenwich Village, he may be running one of the area’s most powerful agencies, but he didn’t call in any political chits to get his son Michael a coveted slot in Tribeca’s P.S. 234.

Downtown Alliance president steps down after 2 years
By Skye H. McFarlane
The voice of the Downtown business community will soon have to find a new mouthpiece. Eric Deutsch, the popular and oft-quoted president of the Downtown Alliance, is resigning his post to accept a job developing real estate in the private sector.

College names temporary president
Metropolitan College of New York, located at 75 Varick St., has just appointed Joan Straumanis interim president while it searches for a long-term replacement for Stephen Greenwald, who has been president of the college since 1999.

Today you are no longer a puppy

Local boy inspires Downtown generosity for cystic fibrosis
By Jennifer Milne
On a sunny Monday morning, Stanley Zolek runs around his Battery Park City apartment, grinning, like a normal 3-year-old. He brings his mom, Dawn Zolek, a box of cereal to eat, but she tells him he needs a bowl from the kitchen. On his toddle back to the kitchen, Stanley coughs.


Little Red Riding Hood, with a Latin beat
By Bonnie Rosenstock
On any given Saturday afternoon at Teatro Sea, you might find Cinderella dancing tango at the ball, a strong-minded Little Red Riding Hood plotting to eat the wolf, or Papa Bear lecturing Baby Bear on the importance of self-esteem and the power of forgiveness as a way to achieve inner peace.

Confined in a land down under
By Nicholas Luckenbaugh
In the heyday of British colonialism, statesmen of Great Britain used the newly acquired Australian outback as a destination for prisoners, sending what were only seen as the dregs of society to a faraway location beyond the reaches of civilization.

A Hollywood airhead deflates on stage
By Scott Harrah
The 2001 movie “Legally Blonde” was a cerebral comedy that cemented Reese Witherspoon’s status as a box-office draw. The movie, a midsdlebrow farce about a spoiled blonde California sorority girl who gets accepted into Harvard Law School to pursue her preppy ex-boyfriend, was amusing, quick-witted, and had a strong underlying feminist theme that gave it an intellectual sense of appeal much like “Clueless” had a few years earlier.

Listen to Downtown Express
Radio on the internet:
Dep. Mayor Daniel Doctoroff talks about Downtown redevelopment, the W.T.C. arts program, Hudson River Park funding and congestion pricing with hosts Josh Rogers and Skye H. McFarlane. Julie Menin, Community Board 1's chairperson, discusses the need for schools and cultural programs Downtown and the new members of the board. (recorded 4/30/07)


Stop in the name of traffic safety, B.P.C. says
By Skye H. McFarlane
On West St. there were rowdy middle schoolers, armed with radar guns and protest signs. On River Terrace there were toddlers, pushing pink-wheeled scooters past taxis, towards the park. And all around Battery Park City last week there were worried parents, hoping that the city Department of Transportation would make intersection changes to protect their children on the way to school and play.

Nassau building landmarked

A pirate garden invades a run-down ribbon of soil
By Lincoln Anderson
While an earthen strip held by a low retaining wall on Sullivan St. might have struck most as just a sorry sliver of dirt, Lynn Vaag always saw its potential. A few weeks ago, on the day before Earth Day, she started transforming it into what she calls a “guerilla garden.”

Royal visit
King Albert II of Belgium, right, visited the World Trade Center site Sunday with Queen Paola.

Greenmarket loses 7 spot
After hopes for a new home fell through, the folks at New York City Greenmarket are once again without a plaza to purvey their goods near the World Trade Center site.

W.T.C. subway accident
A large wire cable fell from the ceiling and in between two subway cars in a tunnel near the Chambers St.-World Trade Center subway station at about 8:15 a.m. Wed. May 9, according to New York City Transit spokespersons. No one was injured.

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer

Joey Semz, 31, graffitist who turned to folk music
By Randi Hoffman
Joey Semz, 31, a prolific Lower East Side graffiti artist and musician, died unexpectedly at his parents’ home in Staten Island on April 7.


Six Days — or why Nasser missed lunch in Tel Aviv
By Jerry Tallmer
There was a week, 40 years ago next month, when quite a few people in various parts of this world held their breaths and prayed. I was one of them.


Senior Softball
Revolutions vs. Cards
After nearly losing to the mercy rule because of the uptown Cards, the Revolutions were able to pull together the comeback of the season on Saturday in a Central Park slugfest.
Yankees vs. Indians
On a chilly but sunny Mother’s Day, Noah Brodsky started a rally for the Indians with a double.


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