THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 19 Issue 41 | Feb. 23 - March 1, 2007

Pier 40: Which plan is best for the community?
In 2003, the effort to redevelop Pier 40 at the end of W. Houston St. into a park and commercial complex crashed. Before that happened, however, four years ago, hundreds of engaged Downtowners packed public forums at which the development groups presented their plans..

The Penny Post
New Orleans on Mardi Gras
By Andrei Codrescu
Even as the Mardi Gras parades rolled out their giant Greek deity heads and pseudo-classical papier mache dream courts, a new ghost parade gathered strength. Invisible to the bead-blinded crowds, the images of the past two years marched and flew above, between, and below the crowds.

The club that toppled Tammany turns 50
By Ed Gold
It’s hard to believe that Village Independent Democrats, which made history by turning out of office the powerful Tammany leader Carmine DeSapio in the ’60s, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Letters to the editor

Under Cover

Police Blotter

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess

Bright colors, big New Year
Thousands of visitors came to China–town Sunday for the first day of 4705, the Year of the Pig. The Lunar New Year celebrations, with confetti and costumes much more colorful than Wall Street’s tickertape parades, also included fire crackers at Chatham Square and for the first time, fireworks in the evening at Columbus Park.

Kicking off Lunar New Year with a bang

Buddhist shrines hidden in Chinatown’s shops
By Patricia Chang
Beyond the stalls selling steamed pork buns and knockoff handbags, the observant visitor to Chinatown can watch a telling ritual unfold.

Exploring complaints that pre-date 311 by centuries
By Skye H. McFarlane
Belongings scanned and name tags applied, a motley crew of visitors gathered Friday afternoon in the entry hall of the Surrogates Court building at 31 Chambers St.

‘Bourne’ plans a smoother crash in the Seaport
Matt Damon may get a better reception in the Seaport than his former “Bagger Vance” co-star Will Smith, whose “I am Legend” film crew caused neighborhood uproar several weeks ago.

Keeping down bar noise is starting to get fashionable
By Julie Shapiro
Designers for the international clothing chain H & M must be hanging out in bars on the Lower East Side.

N.Y.P.D. backs laws to crack down on bars
By Albert Amateau
The Police Department went to the City Council on Feb. 13 to support bills to give the department’s Civil Enforcement Unit expanded powers under the Nuisance Abatement Law to close businesses where violent crimes have occurred and to close businesses that sell false I.D.’s.

‘Burger King kids’ beat City Hall on buses
The “Burger King kids” have won their battle, but education advocates are still fighting a war over the Department of Education’s school bus restructuring plan.

Fortuneteller rumble in Soho
A feud between Gypsies turned violent in Soho on Tuesday night, when several men attacked a local fortuneteller and her husband.

Listen to Tribeca Radio:
Associate editor Josh Rogers and reporter Skye McFarlane discuss President Bush and 9/11 health care money, school bus confusion Downtown, the city halt to the ban on calligraphers in Battery Park, and they preview the debate over the city plan for a Sanitation parking tower in Hudson Square.
(Recorded 2/2/07)


Preservationists fight to save 3 rowhouses on Greenwich
By Skye H. McFarlane
The original residents of 96 Greenwich St. could never have imagined this: More than two centuries after its construction, their modest brick home is caught at the center of a battle between a hotelier, a gentleman’s club and a host of preservationists.

Exploring Downtown’s private gems and old complaints
animals. Most of the missives, however, demonstrate the enduring nature of gripes about sanitation, construction and city politics.

Fire at Tribeca’s Jack Parker site
Fire broke out in a vacant building at West and Watts Sts. at about 3 p.m. Fri. Feb. 16, bringing four fire companies to the location. The blaze was in control within an hour and there were no injuries. The fire department has not yet determined the cause.

Tribecans mourn the homeless man they called Larry
By Brooke Edwards
The sudden death of a homeless man, known only by Larry, has sparked an outpouring of sorrow and concern from people who live and work in Tribeca, the place that Larry called home.

A new reason for rhyming
by Harry Newman
While they may once have seemed musty and a bit passé, over the last few years metrical verse and formal poetic structures — poems written to a set rhythmic pattern and rhyme scheme — have been making a comeback in the poetry world.

Cool country, Brazilan beats, and a human horn
By Lee Ann Westover
Six CDs you should hear now.

Dulce de Leche dance
By Sara G. Levin
Even the richest food can sometimes be too much of a good thing.

Live long and improvise
By Will McKinley
I’ll admit it. I’ve been to a “Star Trek” convention. It was the ’70s and I was young and foolish. But it only happened once.

Sonic Youth still making noise
By Todd Simmons
It’s good to be back at The Ritz”, Thurston Moore dryly declared before unleashing gales of feedback from his sticker-laden guitar; one of thirty that Sonic Youth had at their disposal Friday night.


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Jeroen Diepenmaat, “pour des dents d’un blanc éclatant et saines,” 2006. Part of the group show “Silence” at Gigantic Art Space, 59 Franklin St., 212-226-6762.

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