THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 19 Issue 39 | February 9 -15, 2007

Sanitation: Don’t dump on Hudson Square
Hudson Square used to be a dumping ground for uses shunned by other neighborhoods, mainly trucking, including private garbage carters and recyclable waste and paper carters. In the late 1990s, that began to change as new luxury residential buildings began to sprout up.

The Penny Post
King of the Jieuxxx
By Andrei Codrescu
This is the King of the Jieuxxx speaking from the Day After.

Letters to the editor

Downtown Express photo by Jefferson Siegel
Protest rule protested
Civil liberties attorney Norman Siegel joined others outside Police Plaza last week to protest the N.Y.P.D.’s new regulation requiring groups of 50 or more people to get a parade permit to gather.

In Brief

Fireworks for Lunar New Year
With the beginning of the Lunar New Year just a week away, Chinatown is preparing for its biggest celebration yet to welcome in the year of the pig, 4704.

Downtown Express photo by Jefferson Siegel

Henry Chang’s gritty novel about the violent streets of Chinatown 30 years ago has taken him to readings in other cities and to this one near his home in the neighborhood. “Most of the cops were white and of lot of them were racist,” he recalled.

Chinatown writer says home’s where the violence was & the novel is
By Tina Shah
Henry Chang is not the type of author who hibernates in a den behind his laptop. He is a man in tune with his senses and inspired by his surroundings. That is why it would be no surprise if you found him standing at a corner in Chinatown taking notes in the pouring rain or even in below-freezing temperatures.

Fearing lawsuits, city stalled on Greenwich St. safety
By Skye H. McFarlane
In addition to trucks, speeding traffic and slow city bureaucracy, Tribeca pedestrians must also contend with sticky semantics in their battle for calmer crossings.

Outdoor workers are braving the big chill
By Julie Shapiro
Temperatures on Tuesday hit the low 20s, but the wind chill felt much colder — especially to people working outside.

‘You copyin’ me?’ DeNiro makes claim to Tribeca name
By Skye H. McFarlane
Tribeca: The term coined to describe the triangle-shaped neighborhood below Canal St. has morphed in recent years, becoming a veritable brand name to signify all that is hip, artsy and quintessentially New York.
LoHo is deleted in acrimonious acronym ’Net battle
By Kristin Edwards
Does LoHo exist? Not according to Wikipedia.
An entry for “LoHo” posted on the popular online encyclopedia was deleted in late January following a series of debates on whether or not the posting met Wikipedia’s guidelines.


A Think Tank full of jewels of the ghetto
By Jerry Tallmer
Savor the names:
Abe Attell, “The Little Hebrew,” Jack Bernstein, “The Pride of the Ghetto,” Ruby Goldstein, “The Jewel of the Ghetto,” Benny Leonard, “The Ghetto Wizard,” Leach Cross, “The Fighting Dentist,” Sid Terris, “The Galloping Ghost of the Ghetto,” Al “Bummy” Davis, Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, Kingfish Levinsky, Newsboy Brown, Schoolboy Bernie Friedkin, who officially stopped fighting on January 18 when he passed away in Brooklyn at the age of 89…

Indie icon shakes his funny maker
By Todd Simmons
The ageless and tireless Jonathan Richman, now fifty-something, brought his two-piece “band” and impish charisma to the Knitting Factory last week for a four-night stand of shows that were as much nights of comedy as they were musical entertainment.

Listen to Tribeca Radio:
Associate editor Josh Rogers and reporter Skye McFarlane discuss President Bush and 9/11 health care money, school bus confusion Downtown, the city halt to the ban on calligraphers in Battery Park, and they preview the debate over the city plan for a Sanitation parking tower in Hudson Square.
(Recorded 2/2/07)


Garbage tower plan stinks, neighbors say
By Albert Amateau
Residents of Hudson Sq. and Tribeca expressed outrage and contempt last week for the city’s proposal to build a 150-foot tall garage for three Department of Sanitation districts on a site just north of new luxury residential development and a Holland Tunnel exit ramp and ventilation tower.

Even with $2B, rail link remains in doubt
By Josh Rogers
Two billion dollars is a lot of money unless you travel in the halls of Congress or you’re talking about transportation projects. It may not be enough to get a Downtown rail link to the L.I.R.R. and J.F.K. Airport built.

Downtown warming center slow to heat up
By Brooke Edwards
With temperatures well below freezing for the past week straight, there has been a high volume of 311 calls from residents in Chinatown, the Lower East Side and the East Village complaining that they are without heat in their buildings.

Chinatown restaurant is served with $700,000 fine for biting tab
By Mary Reinholz
After three-and-a-half years of hair-splitting litigation over what constitutes restaurant tips and hourly wages in a Chinatown case, a federal judge has ruled that proprietors at 88 Palace Restaurant on E. Broadway wrongfully retained a quarter of the 15 percent gratuity added to banquet tabs.

Super Sunday for Kavanaugh as he celebrates Assembly win
By Lincoln Anderson
Despite the freezing weather and impending Super Bowl later that evening, more than 150 people turned out at The Cooper Union’s Great Hall last Sunday afternoon to celebrate Brian Kavanagh’s swearing in as the new 74th District state assemblymember.

Soho locals host high-level gymnastics meet
By Skye H. McFarlane
Every few minutes, he squirted wetting drops into a pair of ice blue eyes to ward off the dry gymnasium air. The drops couldn’t quite clear the glaze of exhaustion, but NYC Elite gymnastics coach Randy Nebel still had a smile on his face.


Something is rotten in the state of Poland
By Jerry Tallmer
The other night, in a large icebox down on Walker Street, the gross fat upstart King of Poland, a/k/a Ubu Roi, handed me and some others in attendance a mugging (not mug) shot that had just been taken before our eyes of two professional murderers who, hired by Ubu, had done away with good loyal Banquo — though Banquo’s son, the fleeing Fleance, had miraculously escaped into the night.


Dragons break their own record at Millrose
Last Friday was a night to remember for the M.A.T. middle school track team. Competing at the 100th annual Millrose games at Madison Square Garden, the girls relay team of Patty Rosa, Tafari McKenzie, Ashley Thomas and Jubilee Domonech set a school record in the 4 x 150 meter relay.


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Jeroen Diepenmaat, “pour des dents d’un blanc éclatant et saines,” 2006. Part of the group show “Silence” at Gigantic Art Space, 59 Franklin St., 212-226-6762.

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