THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 19 Issue 38 | February 2 -8, 2007

Soho-Village historic district’s time has come
The new proposal for a South Village Historic District is an idea long overdue.

Talking Points
End the turf war with turf fields
By Alan J. Gerson
Planning that has taken place for Lower Manhattan, and for much of our city, during the past few years has neglected the most fundamental component of our future: our children.

Don’t sacrifice rec center for desperately-needed school
By Angela Benfield
As the parent of a fifth grader at P.S. 89 and an eighth grader at I.S. 89, I attended a meeting of the Youth and Education and Battery Park City Committees of Community Board 1 in the auditorium of the school last month.

The Penny Post
Bodies on display
By Andrei Codrescu
I saw the “Bodies” exhibition, a controversial display that’s been touring the country, making thousands of people depressed.
Letters to the editor

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President Bush visited the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday morning and promised $25 million to a 9/11 health fund for ground zero workers.

Bush 9/11 pledge hailed and assailed
President Bush came to Lower Manhattan Wednesday promising $25 million for 9/11 workers in need of health care.

Few Southbridgers cross Gold to hear of waiting riches
By Josh Rogers
When a book gets turned into a movie some don’t go because they didn’t like reading it, others fear the screen version will be a poor substitute for the novel’s brilliance and some just want to stay home on a cold winter night.

High school is rocked by Trump pile driving
By Brooke Edwards
Since last month, more than 1,000 students and staff at Chelsea Career and Technical High School have had to choose between sweating in overheated classrooms or opening their windows to the constant pounding of a pile driver and the smell of diesel fumes.


Not so silent films
By Steven Snyder
For most people, silent movies are little more than grainy, black-and-white films that pop up on obscure cable stations late at night — old fashioned images of exaggerated acting set to an old-fashioned, outdated piano score.

Your story here
By Megan Gillin-Schwartz
Everyone has a story to tell, and lately, more people are publishing their personal tales.

Despite a paper-thin plot, ‘Gutenberg’ delivers
By Scott Harrah
Corny, silly, historically inaccurate, shamelessly politically incorrect and undeniably hilarious, the two-man spoof “Gutenberg!


Spring training comes Downtown early with a twist
By Brooke Edwards
Downtown Little Leaguers showed up in record numbers for this season’s tryouts, as the league works to create more balanced teams.

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Express associate editor Josh Rogers and reporter Skye McFarlane talk about hot topics in this week's issue.



9/11 workers struggle to get workers’ comp
By Chris Bragg
Half a dozen doctors testified on his behalf. Experts on 9/11-related diseases confirmed his claims.

School bus confusion
By Skye H. Mcfarlane
To 9-year-old Chynna Basso, the whole thing seemed rather novel.

City halts ban on park calligraphers
By Brooke Edwards and Josh Rogers
The city has stopped enforcing its ban on calligraphers in parks, although it still does not classify calligraphy as art.

The either/or of Antigone, then and now
By Jerry Tallmer
Sophocles gave us “Antigone” early in the 4th century B.C.  Ireland’s Nobel Prizewinner Seamus Heaney gave us “The Burial at Thebes,” his poetic current-vernacular translation of “Antigone,” early in the 21st.

An out-of-the-box ‘Rite’
By Lori Ortiz
One could say that Nicholas Leichter came to a crossroad last year with his “Carmina Burana.”

Dragon hoopsters top Salk
The M.A.T. Dragons basketball teams continued their strong winter season this week, defeating the Salk School of Science in a Monday night double-header.


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Reporter’s Notebook
$38 million worth of green for Tribeca park
By Josh Rogers
It’s been mostly quiet on the western waterfront lately, but Hudson River Park Trust officials hope to resume construction on the park’s Tribeca section in a month.

Admitting mistakes, CUNY promises a better demolition
By Skye H. McFarlane
The Borough of Manhattan Community College’s second report to the public on the fate of it’s damaged former dorm got better marks than the first, but community members weren’t yet ready to pass the college with flying colors.

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Parade permit flap

Express hits Internet radio

Gateway to Carnegie

Sitting by the dock of the harbor

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