THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN | Volume 19 Issue 25 | Nov. 3 — 9, 2006

Keep more of the
B.P.C. ballfields open
This spring Downtown Little Leaguers may play on smaller fields with their cheering parents far away behind the fences on Murray, Warren and West Sts.

Under Cover

Letters to the editor

Police Blotter

Talking Point
9/11 families don't care about W.T.C. box beams
By Michael Burke
The events of 9/11, the evil that struck, the death and destruction, the heroism and sacrifice bind us all equally and irrevocably. No one has the right to try and discard that truth or to substitute their version of it — for any reason.

The Penny Post
In praise of goth beauticians
BBy Andrei Codrescu
You walk into a hair salon that just opened in the hood. A few modified psuedo-goth girls sit on barber chairs having a discussion.


Downtown Soccer League action
Minor 8
Bologna vs. Verona
The field was very muddy, but it was a crisp, sunny, fall day Saturday as Bologna and Verona took the field, both teams short a few players.

Slowly accepting my son running ahead
By Jane Flanagan
Every morning when I walk my son to school, he runs ahead of me. Rusty, 8, darts in and out of people carrying cell phones and brief cases, and flies past his classmates holding their mom or dad's hand. Occasionally the grownups will glance back to see where in the hell the adult in charge is, and I'll smile meekly and wave.

To the park, princess
Grace Kirwin, 3, was ready to march to Washington Market Park Tuesday for the park’s annual Halloween celebration. Pictures.

Hopes for 2007 Fiterman demo
By Skye H. McFarlane
There was much venting Monday night when the Borough of Manhattan Community College held the first of what it said will be a series of public meetings on the deconstruction of Fiterman Hall.
While community members expres

Downtown anarchist/reporter killed in Mexico
By Lincoln Anderson
Outrage over the murder of activist and journalist Brad Will and the violence in Oaxaca, Mexico, exploded on Monday when a protest by hundreds of angry demonstrators outside the Mexican Consulate in Midtown flared into a near riot with the police.

Progress Report

Downtown needs a rail link to J.F.K. Airport
By Eric Deutsch
Lower Manhattan is currently undergoing a remarkable resurgence, a transition from recovery to a major economic expansion that business experts and public officials could not even envision just a few short years ago.

A better East River waterfront begins in 2007
By Keith O'Connor
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's December 2002 Vision for Lower Manhattan speech set the stage for one of the most exciting projects, the revitalization of the East River Waterfront.

I hear progress outside my window
By David Stanke
The last year has seen very little construction progress at the World Trade Center, but very important progress on other fronts.

Monitoring Downtown's construction day by day
By Charles J. Maikish
A year and a half ago I began my tenure as the executive director of the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center, which was created by Governor George Pataki and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, through joint executive orders on November 22, 2004.

Make retailers earn subsidies with better pay & benefits
By Bettina Damiani
When all is said and done the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (which is closing its doors) will have allocated over $2 billion in cash grants to revitalize Lower Manhattan after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Arts and Entertainment

Reel New York
The Mayor's film office celebrates 40 years of NYC films
By Nicole Davis
The name Sam Shaw may not ring a bell, but the late, great celebrity photographer seared two images onto the collective consciousness of the 20th century.

Renoir's masterpiece, still a few steps ahead
You remember the game. You're alone on a desert island for the rest of your life. You're allowed one book, one play, one poem, one essay, one painting, one piece of music, one ballet, one gourmet dish, etc., etc. … and oh yes, one movie …

The Lower East Side revealed
By Tonia Steed
At the magazine stand, the vendor unties bundles of newspapers. A little boy, suspenders criss-crossed over his dusty trousers, watches, fascinated. Behind them, people buy knishes and frankfurters

City to Trump: Yes to hole, no to building
By Lincoln Anderson
Donald Trump’s hotel on the western edge of Soho isn’t being built yet — but the Trump Hole is.

Online takeout site boosts Downtown restaurant business
By: Skye H. McFarlane
Forget wireless. The latest hi-tech trend for Downtowners is seamless— that is.

Orthodox Jews debate L.E.S. Sabbath zone
By Marvin Greisman
The issue of establishing a Lower East Side eruv — the creation of a set boundary to permit activities on the Sabbath, such as carrying objects or pushing baby carriages — continues to spark a lively debate among segments of the Lower East Side Orthodox Jewish community.

Progress Report

We're rebuilding all over the W.T.C. site
This year has been one of incredible progress, and equally significant changes, that we believe will greatly enhance the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site.

Towers, workers and residents will get great stores
By Larry A. Silverstein
It is no secret how passionate I have been about rebuilding the World Trade Center into a world-class business center.

Raising the money while we build the memorial
By Joe Daniels
In recent months, tremendous progress has been made on the World Trade Center Memorial.

Downtown's population will double with a $30-billion investment
By Daniel L. Doctoroff
The lowest commercial vacancy rate in five years. Over 10,000 housing units opened or under construction

Cultural building shouldn't be delayed any longer
By Julie Menin
Fundraising for the World Trade Center Memorial recently received a tremendous boost when Mayor Bloomberg agreed to chair the W.T.C. Memorial Foundation board.

Will the city do a better search for remains this time?
By Charles Wolf
As I unlocked my apartment door, groceries in hand, the phone rang. It was NY1.

Five years of accomplishments
By Kevin Rampe
Five years after the Sept. 11th attacks, Lower Manhattan continues its dramatic revival.

Looking past the borders as B.P.C. is completed
By James Cavanaugh
As we approach 2007 Battery Park City finds itself a year closer to the completion of its master plan, on target for this decade.

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