THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN — Volume 19 • Issue 20 | Sept. 29 - Oct. 5, 2006

What's the big rush at Pier 40?
A month and a half ago, The Villager and Downtown Express first reported that the Hudson River Park Trust was readying to release a new request for proposals, or R.F.P., for developers for Pier 40. We editorialized that the Trust should keep this R.F.P. shelved since a large portion of the community enjoys the pier's current primary uses — the sports fields and long-term parking.

Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess
Crumbs from City Hall
Regardless of whether the visitors are winged or unwinged, City Hall Park is a popular spot for lunch.

Letters to the Editor

Under Cover

Police Blotter

The Penny Post
Among the cabdrivers
By Andrei Codrescu
I used to keep a list of cities with the most insane cabdrivers. Rio de Janeiro held the top spot for the longest time. All I had to do is say "Rio taxi" for that bitter taste of terror to come gushing up my gullet as the cab hurtled down from Corcovado in spiral loops around moving vehicles, stationary structures, and clumps of fragile pedestrians.

News Briefs
Free swim lessons

Office view

Park Row hearing

Memorable run

Assemblymember Sylvia Friedman, David Chohen concede


Sailing in the fast lane

AC Milan vs. AS Roma
The Downtown Soccer League's AC Milan beat AS Roma Sept. 21 on the Battery Park City ballfields.

Youth Activities

Downtown Express photo by Kate Englund

Zoe Miller, 8, loves to drive one of the last manual elevators in Tribeca, but this century-old lift will soon be replaced by automatic elevators. "When the elevator's gone, I'm only going to take the stairs," she said.

The pull of Tribeca's elevators
By Sara Stefanini
Every time the bell rings, Zoe Miller eagerly calls out to her mother, "The elevator's ringing! The elevator's ringing!"


Play Ball! B.P.C.A. says fields should stay open
By Ronda Kaysen
The Battery Park City ballfields will likely stay open during construction of two new luxury towers, local officials say.

Group says you can fight City Hall closing
By Ronda Kaysen
A coalition of Downtown residents wants to see City Hall Park completely open to the public — and they're willing to take the city to court to make it happen.


Tribecans appalled as work resumes on Zinc project
By Ronda Kaysen
The city might think it's fine for developers to get back to work building the Zinc building in Tribeca, but nearby residents think otherwise.

Lynne Stewart upbeat as threat of jail looms
By Lori Haught
Radical Lower East Side attorney, Lynne Stewart, 67, was happy and optimistic at a gathering held in the East Village Tuesday night, even if it was to honor her before she is sentenced to up to 30 years in jail.

Young Rabbi takes over old Synagogue
By Marvin Greisman
Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Rabbi Avi Weiss, the pioneering founder and dean of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School in Upper Manhattan, Rabbi Yossi Pollak.

With one site, much input, Village Care set to build
By Lincoln Anderson
Village Care of New York, which operates the Village Nursing Home, is forging ahead with its plan to build a new facility on W. Houston St., but has dropped its scheme to build up to four other scattered satellite facilities in the Village.

New store cracks Downtown market with egg creams
By Lori Haught
The Soda Shop, 125 Chambers St., is satisfying the cravings of a generation.
With a blend of seltzer, Fox’s U-Bet Chocolate syrup and ice cold milk they are bringing back something that was virtually lost, the authentic New York Egg Cream.

City asks how many government cars park Downtown?
By Josh Rogers
The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan was fond of saying that no problem can be solved before it can be counted, and in that vein the city has just begun a $450,000 study to figure out just how many cars owned by police and other government workers are taking up Lower Manhattan parking spots.

Soccer prez says overcoaching youth misses the goal
By Judith Stiles
When Sunil Gulati, the president of the U.S. Soccer Federation, showed up in Brooklyn to watch his young son play soccer for the Downtown United Soccer Club Dynamos on an ordinary Saturday afternoon.

Trust sets quick deadline to pick Pier 40 developer
By Lincoln Anderson
The Hudson River Park Trust is moving ahead with a new effort to redevelop Pier 40 at W. Houston St. The Trust on Aug. 31 issued a new request for proposals, or R.F.P., for a "master developer" for the sprawling 14-acre pier, and one can only assume that the authority is serious in its intent.

Downtown Arts & Entertainment

A stinging romantic comedy
By Scott Harrah
Although "WASPs in Bed" is set in the Berkshires and focuses on the lives of upscale New Yorkers spending a long, July 4th weekend together, this lighthearted comedy has all the makings of a "Brit-com sex farce" and for good reason.>
Big teases: Burlesque is still booming Downtown
By Jennifer O'Reilly
Backstage at the Slipper Room, Miss Saturn debates the merits of several, go-go dancing wigs with her co-performer, Clams Casino. Her first choice of hairstyle is flamboyant, a circus-like fro of florescent orange and pink curls.

In 'Songs,'Young Jean Lee pokes fun at everyone
By Nicole Davis
Young Jean Lee is a big tease. In the first few minutes of her new play, "Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven," the Brooklyn-based playwright leaves the audience in the dark, literally, as the sound from an unseen video begins.

After 34 years, "Birth and After Birth" is born
By Jerry Tallmer
Tina Howe won䴜t let anybody read the first play she ever wrote, if indeed a script can still be unearthed. What she'll tell you is that it was called "The Nest," that it was done up at Provincetown, Mass., and in New York City, that "it was about how women compete with men, and in it Jill Clayburgh jumped out of a wedding cake and was licked clean."

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