THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN — Volume 19 • Issue 9 | July 14 - 20, 2006


Let 9/11 families take the lead on name listings
One of the most emotional and difficult issues connected to the World Trade Center memorial is how to list the victims’ names. Memorial designer Michael Arad proposed a random listing with shield insignias near the uniform officers who died. There is widespread opposition among relatives of the victims to the random grouping and this idea should finally be scrapped.

Police Blotter

Letters to the editor

Under Cover

Downtown Notebook
Is the mainstream media right about Wall St. living?
By Jean Marie Hackett
“Terror Returns to the Financial District: Naomi Campbell moving into 55 Wall Street” screamed Gawker’s ominous — yet promising — header on June 28.

News Briefs

Banking on two new Chinatown hotels

C.B. 3 incumbents win

MTV, heavy artillery on the L.E.S.

Football tryouts
The Downtown Giants Youth Football and Cheerleading program is accepting registrations for the fall 2006 football season. Three teams will be offered for children aged eight and under, ten and under and 12 and under.

Breaking: Goldman to buy Embassy Hotel

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

A leg up on the juggling competition
Acrobats from China didn’t go barefoot in Columbus Park Tuesday in order to keep the balls in the air. More pictures.


Give me a subsidy and a rent hike, landlord says
By Ronda Kaysen
The owners of an affordable housing complex on the Lower East Side would like to raise tenants’ rents, despite a $5 million federal grant they received in the wake of 9/11 to keep rent affordable.

Tribecans try to ice Tony Soprano’s project
By Ronda Kaysen
The set of “The Sopranos” isn’t the only place where James Gandolfini is getting into the real estate business. The actor would like to build a seven-story residential building in Tribeca, and his neighbors are not so happy about it.

How green will Tribeca’s park be,how long was the wait?
By Josh Rogers
The dirt Gov. George Pataki and other officials shoveled last week on Pier 25 was just a prop to symbolize construction of the Hudson River Park’s Tribeca section, but after years of delays, real work is actually underway.


Parker firm, residents upset with City Planning approval
By Ronda Kaysen
The City Planning Commission approved an application on Wednesday to rezone a swath of North Tribeca, making way for what could be a major overhaul of the neighborhood’s waterfront.

D.O.T. changes truck plan to neighbors delight
By Janet Kwon
The State Department of Transportation has changed its previous truck-rerouting plan, easing fears of Battery Park City residents who were worried about traffic congestion.

Board studies plan to limit East Side towers
By Lincoln Anderson
Community board members and housing activists got a first glimpse Monday night of a preliminary draft proposal for a sweeping rezoning of the East Village and half of the Lower East Side that would curb development of tall condo towers and hotels and include incentives for providing affordable housing in new construction projects.

Following the money of Downtown school fundraisers
By Anindita Dasgupta
Thousands of Lower Manhattan residents filled the streets earlier this year to enjoy traveling mimes, tables of gourmet food, spinning apples, and karaoke booths.

Rats race Downtown for construction projects
By Ronda Kaysen
The rats in Tribeca are shameless. They not only come out at night, they strut across the street in broad daylight, they curl up in the flowerbeds on Greenwich St., and sometimes, if you stand quietly enough, you can hear their babies squeaking beneath the subway grates, say residents.

Alliance gets new V.P.
By Janet Kwon
Nicole LaRusso and her mother Maryellen have a special tie, beyond the obvious mother-daughter relationship. Both women will have witnessed the building or rebuilding of the World Trade Center from their office at 120 Broadway.

Big Board’s cafeteria workers march on the exchange
By David Spett
New York Stock Exchange cafeteria workers staged a protest on July 12 in front of Bowling Green’s Charging Bull.

Garlic run’s motorcycle mayhem doesn’t go down well with Gerson
By David Spett
The 19th annual motorcycle charity event known as Gooch’s Garlic Run was held in Little Italy on Wed. June 21 and probably raised nearly $50,000 for charity, an event sponsor said. But the event — which involved thousands of motorcycles racing about — was not without complaints, notably from City Councilmember Alan Gerson.

Downtown Arts & Entertainment

Sitelines: Helping make Downtown avant-garde again
By Lori Ortiz
Why does the English sparrow choose to live in the city instead of the prettier green suburbs? More importantly, why do WE choose to live here in an atmosphere of dust, construction, and emergencies? Performance artist Aaron Rosenblum asks these questions in his poetic “New York is Here!,” a site-specific performance he created for 5,000 square feet of unfinished space on the ground floor of Tribeca’s AT&T Long Distance Building.

Deneuve and Depardieu’s remembrance of things past
By Jerry Tallmer
Catherine Deneuve has never wanted for guts, and she proves it once again and most extraordinarily in André Téchiné’s not cruel but ruthless “Changing Times” (“Les Temps qui Changent”). The virginal peaches-and-cream psychopath of Polanski’s “Repulsion,” the ravishing free-spirited 20-year-old of “Umbrellas of Cherbourg” (88 films ago).

When the cop and criminal are one
By Steven Snyder
There are conflicting agendas in “A Scanner Darkly,” which wants to be a film both about the intruding, invasive omnipresence of the government, and the struggles of those who find themselves addicted to life-altering drugs.

French film explores Haitian ‘service’ industry
By Rania Richardson
Under the hot Haitian sun, sex may be easy, but it’s freighted with uneasy disparities in race, age, and class in French director Laurent Cantet’s “Heading South.” The film follows three women who head to a resort in Port-au-Prince looking for the antidote to their lonely lives up north.

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