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Volume 16 • Issue 11 | August 12 — 18, 2003


W.T.C. baby study’s findings
A report by Mount Sinai School of Medicine has found what scientists called a slight but significant rise in the percentage of small babies born to women who were pregnant and around the World Trade Center during or after the 9/11 terror attack. The researchers hypothisized that air pollution from the destruction and burning and smoldering of the World Trade Center was the likeliest cause of the low birth weights, but they admitted more study is required to be conclusive.

Ferry emissions need regulation
A recently released report by the Bluewater Network environmental group on ferries’ emissions levels has renewed concern about this form of pollution and the loophole that allows it to persist even as lower emissions have been mandated for buses, construction vehicles and trucks.

Wind’s effects must be considered
Although the World Trade Center was majestic and awesome, one problem it had was of a natural sort — wind. Specifically, the trade center’s plaza was often buffeted by tremendous gusts, making traversing it a sometimes daunting task.

Letters to the editor

Second thoughts

The penny post
We are here to stay, or: If you spell it, it’s yours
By Andrei Codrescu
The takeover of America by Central Europe and the Balkans is now complete, as an Austrian and a Greek battle for control of California. The battle of accents between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arianna Huffington is proof of that.

Downtown Local
Inventors of tomorrow

L.M.D.C. residential grant office to close

Two Bridges District is designated for State Register of Historic Places

Atlas brought heavy presence

Courthouse named for Judge Watson

Art talk on lofty topics

Tour of historic Ear Inn building

Police Blotter

Silver urges L.M.D.C. to fund Hudson River Park construction

Planters around stock exchange look better, but are for security

Trust: Lilac can berth at Pier 40 when fendering of pier is done

Popper’s showstopper at City Hall

Adrienne Poulakakos, partner in Harry’s restaurants, was 69
Adrienne M. Poulakakos, who was associated with her husband, Harry, and her son, Peter, in the family restaurants in Lower Manhattan, died on Mon. Aug. 4 after a brief illness at the age of 69.

Bonnie Schwartz, owned Tribeca coffee and sandwich shop, 52
By Suzanne Zionts
Bonnie Schwartz, owner of Downtown Delicious, located at 327 Greenwich St., died Aug. 1 due to complications caused by cancer. She was 52. She is survived by her husband, Martin Schwartz, and her friend and business partner, David Fischer.

Picture Story

Naaay-borly police event

Lower East Side Girl power

Bikes for Africa

Let’s go Stuyvesant!!!


Kids’ antics or absence — which one is worse?
By Jane Flanagan
I love New York moms.
Several years ago, when I took my then 1 1/2-year-old-son, Rusty, to Rockefeller Park, I was so glad to meet my mom friends. We talked about getting by on five hours of broken sleep a night, an exhaustion multiplied by not being able to take our eyes off our babies for a second.

Children's Activities

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Children play in Rockefeller Park, just a stone’s throw from a ferry spewing a black cloud of diesel exhaust.

Ferries belch diesel near kids’ playground
By Jane Flanagan
August is a popular month at Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City, where the breeze off the water and the playground sprinklers are a welcome relief from the heat. But this year some families are staying away. Others come reluctantly. The reason: the nearby ferry terminal.

Moms question W.T.C. baby study findings
By Elizabeth O’Brien
Despite research showing a possible link between trade center toxins and lower baby birth weight, several Downtown mothers who participated in a recent study said last week that the preliminary results did not appear to describe them or their babies.

Federal-style houses eyed as landmarks
By Albert Amateau
From the Village to the southern tip of Manhattan, there are 13 vestiges of the early 1800s in the form of Federal-style buildings that preservation advocates are hoping to save for future generations to enjoy.

Downtowners air views at neighborhood workshop
By Elizabeth O’Brien
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has about $1.3 billion left to spend, and last week Downtowners compiled a giant wish list for the money that included more jobs and fewer hassles from rebuilding construction.

Judge’s ruling provides ‘road map’ for reopening Park Row
By Josh Rogers
Mayor Mike Bloomberg said last week that the city doesn’t always strike the right balance between security and personal freedom and he indicated a willingness to look again at loosening the security protections near Police Headquarters and Park Row.

Gerson: Petition fraud charges are ‘nonsense’
By Lincoln Anderson
A petition challenge in a district leader race on the Lower East Side has caused a larger ripple effect, after a Newsday article on Saturday reported that it could impact other races, including City Councilmember Alan Gerson’s reelection bid.

American Indian Museum: Artistry and the Wild West
By Kaitlen Jay Exum
At the foot of Bowling Green Park, The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, is a gem for the whole family. The subject matter is interesting and the staff enthusiastic and helpful. Additionally, the museum boasts a variety of programs specifically designed for children and families.

East Village Fringe Festival expands west
By Davida Singer
East meets west this August, for the 7th annual New York International Fringe Festival. The largest multi-arts gathering in North America, presenting shows by some of the world’s best emerging artists and companies.

Koch on film
By Ed. Koch
“Boys Life 4: Four Play” (-) The four short homoerotic stories depicted in this film, never sexually explicit or pornographic in language, are very flimsy. The same short-story format was used in the previous film in this series, but those stories were much more engrossing. “Dirty Pretty Things” (+)
This film, because of its subject matter, is totally absorbing from beginning to end. It provides an insight into the lives of legal and illegal immigrants living in London, some of whom, are seeking political asylum from their native countries.

New York's
Cast of “Booted,” a dance piece at FringeNYC 2003
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