THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN — Volume 18 • Issue 36 | January 20 - 26, 2006


Upholding city standards
The city’s Board of Standards and Appeals will be holding hearings on two issues next week that will have direct repercussions Downtown but are also important to the entire city.

Letters to the editor

Under Cover

Talking point
Losing a father just when he is getting it right
By Jerry Tallmer
During or just after the Six Day War of June 5 - 10, 1967, there appeared on the Letters to the Editor Page of The New York Times a few short lines from a young woman named Nancy Weber who was just breaking in as a journalist in New York. A photo in that newspaper of an Israeli soldier, rifle in hand, helmet on head, taking a moment for prayer by Jerusalem’s recaptured Western Wall — no Wailing Wall now! — had, she wrote, brought thrilling tears to her eyes that she had never before felt as a Jew.

The Penny Post
Extreme Makeover’ of the world
By Andrei Codrescu
The votes are in. “Extreme Makeover” is America’s best TV show. The premise is universal: men and women with good intentions and lots of money swoop down from Hollywood on the ugly and the hopeless and transform them through surgery and advice into beauties to die for. Or is that the Swan? No matter, the concept is in play.

In Briefs

Untitled shop reaches the end

60 Hudson’s day in court

Checking up on your favorite eateries

Mendez picks chief

Glee Club auditions

Downtown Express photo by Jefferson Siegel
Have umbrella, will shop
Several pedestrians brave a wind-swept rain on their way through the South St. Seaport Wednesday.

Youth/ Sports

Downtown Express photo by Jefferson Siegel

Bruce Springsteen belts out “Oklahoma Hills” in a surprise appearance at the Winter Garden Saturday. Jen Chapin, carrying her son Maceo, helped pay tribute to Springsteen’s “Nebraska” album.

Bruce wows the Winter Garden
By Josh Rogers
Not every boss likes it when you suck up.
After a night of listening to covers of his “Nebraska” album and reverential explanations of how the songs capture the working class’s desperate struggle to achieve the American Dream, Bruce Springsteen made a surprise appearance at the Winter Garden Saturday and joked that his fellow musicians’ interpretations were all wrong.

A few signs of life as businesses struggle south of the W.T.C.
By Ronda Kaysen
In any other neighborhood, the familiar green banner that appeared on a vacant shop window last week wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. But at the corner of Washington and Carlisle Sts., word of a new Starbucks setting up shop is something to talk about.

Goldman finalizes deal for library, rec center
By Ronda Kaysen
Goldman Sachs reached an agreement with Community Board 1 to give the neighborhood $4.5 million for a library and community center, bringing months of protracted negotiations to a close.


Student-inmate hangs himself in the ‘Tombs’
By Albert Amateau with
Paul Schindler
The high school student charged with the Dec. 27 murder of a 45-year-old masseur, who was found in a burning Chelsea apartment, hanged himself in a holding pen in the Criminal Court “Tombs” complex in Lower Manhattan on Friday afternoon, Jan. 13.

Free emergency training for Downtowners
By Chad Smith
In its efforts to attract more members to ensure a safer neighborhood, the Community Emergency Response Team of Lower Manhattan will be offering free training courses for anyone who lives or works in the Downtown area.

Collector discovers early color slide of the Yankee
A Pennsylvania collector has discovered an early slide of the Yankee Ferry — the historic ship that was docked in Tribeca from 1990 until late last year when the ship was forced to move by the Hudson River Park Trust.

Downtown arts groups make their case for L.M.D.C. dough
By Ronda Kaysen
When Michael Dorf heard that $35 million was available for cultural organizations Downtown, he jumped in line with more than 100 other cultural groups for a chance for the money.

Futsal players are getting their kicks during winter
By Judith Stiles
For all those New Yorkers who made an ardent pledge to get back in shape after the gluttonous holidays, forget about those boring torture machines in the gym, and don’t bother with endlessly jogging on a treadmill while watching inane television shows. Some may want to try something new, like playing Futsal, for an exhilarating workout that is so much fun the hours fly by unnoticed.

Downtown Arts & Entertainment

Preaching to a liberal audience
By Rachel Breitman
In the spirit of stand-up comedians, Saturday Night Live’s “Not Necessarily the News” and The Daily Show, writer and director Nancy Holson has always had a slightly skewed take on politics. Her 15-year-old musical, “The News in Review,” found humor in topics ranging from Hillary Clinton’s 1992 cookie recipes to Martha Stewart’s trial.

Redefining the ordinary
By Nicole Davis
At first glance, the group of crates, piled haphazardly in a corner of this Chelsea gallery, looks nothing like the rest of the work on view at Molly Davies’ first New York retrospective of her forty-year career.

New setting, same old slaughter in ‘Hostel’
By Noah Fowle
“Hostel” arrived in theaters last week riding a promotional wave much too large to satisfy either horror buffs or ardent film fans alike. Unfortunately the second effort of writer/director Eli Roth (“Cabin Fever”) was overshadowed by its executive producer, Quentin Tarantino.

The family that sticks together
By Aileen Torres
Survival of the fittest becomes a cruel joke in “A Taxonomy of Barnacles,” Galt Niederhoffer’s debut novel, which takes its name from Charles Darwin’s less famous, more tedious work on the evolution of parasites best known for living on ship hulls, whale bellies and rocks.

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