THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN — Volume 18 • Issue 18 | September 23 - 29, 2005

A court appointment more important than Roberts
The debate on whether Democratic senators should support the confirmation of John Roberts to be the Supreme Court’s next chief justice is nearing a conclusion with next week’s scheduled vote. No knowledgeable observer believes there is a chance Roberts will be denied confirmation, so the more important question for senators is how will their vote affect the appointment to fill the court’s other vacancy?

Tribeca 5B decision

Letters to the editor

A name with more pull than a birth name
By Wickham Boyle
This morning in the still inky morning I heard feint taps on my bedroom door. I didn’t stir from real sleep, as I perceived my name being called.
“Wicki, Wicki get up.”
No response.
“Mama get up, you said we could do science.”
I was out of bed in a flash.
Wicki will not move me from my bed, and Mama will rouse me in a nanosecond. So in fact, despite what Shakespeare postulated, there is something in a name. Perhaps a rose by any other name will smell as sweet, but to a mother, the moniker as it trips from the tongue of your off spring is a clarion call, and different from all other names.

The Penny Post
Stages of grief
By Andrei Codrescu
A reader accused me of writing premature elegies for New Orleans. The city isn’t dead, he said, we’re bringing it back. Okay, so that’s how I feel, too. On Tuesday. On Monday I felt like crying. On Wednesday I got mad at everybody, starting with Bush and going on down the line to my reader.

Police Blotter


Downtown Briefs

Friday, the day to…

Sports / Youth

New man takes over B.P.C. agency
By Ronda Kaysen
Tim Carey, president and C.E.O. of the Battery Park City Authority, left his post this week, handing the reins of the 35-year-old agency to C.O.O. James Cavanaugh.

Art floats around Downtown
By Nicole Davis
Bob Henry has tugged a few odd things in his time: an inflatable rubber doll promoting a Stevie Van Zandt concert on Randall’s Island; fuel rods from a decommissioned nuclear power plant. But Robert Smithson’s “Floating Island” is by far the most beautiful barge of the tugboat captain’s career.

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

3 p.m. dismisal at P.S. 20. City cuts have forced the school to scale back the after school programs.

City’s after school cuts hit Chinatown & L.E.S. hardest
By Vanessa Romo
A citywide overhaul of after school services, by the Department of Youth and Community Development, is leaving hundreds of families in Lower Manhattan confused and without much needed after school child care services.

Downtown is a hurricane risk, but city has a plan
By Caitlin Eichelberger
A dome of water spun up from the sea and thrown onto land. A torrent of wind racing along the avenues. A flood rising around the bases of skyscrapers.

Second bus route to return to Park Row
By Claire F. Hamilton
The M15 bus route will return to Park Row within a week. The latest development in Chinatown’s dispute with the Police Dept. over the partially-open road doubles the number of bus stops between Worth St. and City Hall to 400 per day. The M15 will mark the second bus route—after the M103—to be reinstated on Park Row since four were diverted after September 11.

Talks begin on W.T.C. memorial’s museum
By Ellen Keohane
About 50 people, including 9/11 family members, museum curators, a filmmaker and a professor, settled into seats at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies in Lower Manhattan on Monday night to learn more about the future plans for the World Trade Center’s Memorial Museum. The public workshop was the first of two scheduled within the next month.

Friends loaned Lopez $166,000 to settle campaign dispute
By Lincoln Anderson
Following the filing of a Freedom of Information Law request, the Campaign Finance Board released a document detailing personal loans made to City Councilmember Margarita Lopez allowing her to qualify for public matching funds in her unsuccessful borough president campaign.

Energy fuels latest battle in East Side arts center war
By Ronda Kaysen
A Lower East Side arts center was granted a last -minute reprieve from Con Edison last week — preventing a catastrophic power outage that would have closed the center. But the internal strife that has threatened to destroy one of the last vestiges of affordable studio space for artists in the neighborhood for years is no closer to a resolution, despite a new management structure that will be unveiled this week.

Gilda Radner gets her way on Houston St.
By Lincoln Anderson
With a “1-2-3!” they tugged on the string and — it broke off! The paper wrapper was left still covering the new sign.
“Gilda would have loved this!” someone in the crowd said with a smile.

YWCA celebrates new Downtown home
By Caitlin Eichelberger
The YWCA of the city of New York celebrated the opening of its new headquarters in Lower Manhattan Wednesday. Decked out in the organization’s signature color — persimmon — children from the YWCA’s early learning center in Clinton assisted in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Downtown Arts & Entertainment

Paw dropping performance at Tribeca Performing Arts Center
By Jefferson Siegel
An unusual theater troupe is staging its first-ever shows in the U.S. and many will find the performances of its feline stars absolutely paw dropping.

The rise of the Turkish film empire
By Vanessa Hilary Larson
“Once upon a time, we had one of the biggest film industries in the world,” said Mevlut Akkaya, reminiscing on the heyday of Turkish film in the 1960s and 70s. Now, Turkish film is rising again, thanks to an explosion of new talent over the last decade among Turkish filmmakers living both in and outside of Turkey.

Keeping the room in Stritches
By Jerry Tallmer
“I don’t get many love songs,” said Elaine Stritch from a high stool facing a preview audience in the Café Carlyle, where she was about to start a seven-week gig through October 29. “I’m not complaining, I’m boasting,” said the mistress of the tough, the bitter, the Sondheimian.

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