THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN — Volume 18 • Issue 17 | September 16 - 22, 2005

Downtown questions for Messrs. Bloomberg and Ferrer
Anthony Weiner’s decision Wednesday not to campaign in a possible runoff with Fernando Ferrer establishes the November mayoral election as a head-to-head contest between Ferrer and Mayor Mike Bloomberg. It is now time for these two major candidates for City Hall to outline in detail their plans for Lower Manhattan.

Letters to the editor

Small anniversary turnout at firefighters’ museum
By Orli Van Mourik
It’s 2 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 10th when I draw up to the modest entrance of New York’s Fire Museum on a quiet block on Spring St. My cab driver — clearly a veteran — has never heard of the museum and seems unconvinced of its existence. “278, you said?” He asks, with a furtive look of paternal concern. I exit the cab and walk into the building, expecting to immediately collide with throngs of mourners, but am startled to find the gift shop at the front completely deserted apart from a dark-haired salesgirl standing behind a counter full of tchochkies. I dutifully deposit my $2 in the wooden donation box and wander into the main room on the museum’s first floor.

The Penny Post
New Orleans confessions
By Andrei Codrescu
I think what people in other cities find hard to understand is just how much New Orleanians love their city. I’m not saying that folks in Houston or Cleveland don’t love their cities. I know it for a fact that my friend Marty loves living in Shaker Heights, which is in Cleveland. New Orleans is different, I think, if only because the locals have had a long time to elaborate a style of living and a modus vivendi that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else.

Police Blotter


Sports / Youth

Downtowners kickoff soccer season
The Downtown Soccer league kicked off its 13th season this weekend at the Battery Park City fields. Over 750 Downtown youths competed in the opening weekend of play, according to league president, Don Schuck. The “weekend went great,” he said.

Youth Activities

Mendez, Stringer and Ferrer take primaries
By Lincoln Anderson and Caitlin Eichelberger
In a low-turnout Democratic primary election on Tuesday there weren’t many surprises as the favored candidates in local races all won.

Gerson stalls Tribeca development
By Ronda Kaysen
City Councilmember Alan Gerson stalled a City Council vote last week on a Tribeca development, leaving the project’s future in doubt and setting the stage for a possible standoff between the mayor’s office and the City Council.

Downtown Express photo by Ramin Talaie

Remembering 2001
Thousands came to the World Trade Center site Sept. 11 to honor the 2,749 people killed there four years ago. <more>

9/11 art flap on 9/11
By Ronda Kaysen
The controversy was to be expected. A significant Downtown art institution holds a conference and exhibit on the anniversary of Sept. 11, equipped with politically provocative artwork, homages to divisive intellectuals and a walking tour of the World Trade Center site. The city’s tabloid newspapers and vocal 9/11 family organizations get wind of the plan and lash out, aghast that such sacrilege would occur on a day of remembrance.

Deutsche Bank’s dismantling begins
By Ellen Keohane
Just three days before the fourth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Governor George Pataki and Lower Manhattan Development Corporation officials announced that the deconstruction of the Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty St. would begin.

B.P.C. elevator problem remains stuck
By Ronda Kaysen
How many government officials does it take to fix an elevator? More than you can imagine if the elevator is in Battery Park City.

9/11 ceremonies begin with the sunrise
By Caitlin Eichelberger
To mark the fourth anniversary of 9/11, about 75 Battery Park City residents and fellow Lower Manhattan community members gathered for a sunrise ceremony in Battery Park city with hosts borough President C. Virginia Fields and Councilmember Alan Gerson.

Residents, city look to limit Downtown development
By Lincoln Anderson
City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden has been pounding the pavement, a community group has funded a comprehensive rezoning study, the local city councilmember has allocated $50,000 to the community board — and all signs are pointing to a rapid rezoning of the East Village that will limit building heights and eliminate the dreaded community facilities bonus — the use of which to construct oversize buildings has come under fire from residents and the community board.

Vladeck Houses helps in Katrina relief
By Lincoln Anderson
Remembering their own difficult experiences after 9/11, tenants of the Lower East Side’s Vladeck Houses have been pitching in to help the Hurricane Katrina refugees in their hour of need.

Downtown Arts & Entertainment

A benefit for Katrina’s other victims: New Orleans jazz musicians
By Rick Marx
Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath continues to ripple around the nation and the world. Among the worst hit have been the musicians who carry on the history and heritage of the birthplace of jazz.

Other ways you can help New Orleans musicians:

The New Digga Digga Doo
By Jerry Tallmer
There was once a day when you could walk out of a Broadway show singing some song (or two, or three) you’d just heard for the first time. Tune, words, and all.

Grief, revisited: Apex Art’s multifaceted response to 9/11
By Rachel Breitman
For art critic and Columbia University philosophy professor emeritus Arthur C. Danto, displaying aspects of the human response to September 11th meant departing from the expected.

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