THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN — Volume 18 • Issue 14 | August 26 - September 01, 2005

A pass for now on the Democratic mayoral candidates
The race for the Democratic nomination for mayor may make for interesting theater at times such as during last weekend’s debate, but the race has been a disappointment on substance. The four frontline candidates are fighting to compete against a well-financed mayor who has done a pretty good job, and they have not yet made the case for making a change at City Hall.

Letters to the editor

Talking point
Residents and 9/11 families share common ground
By Rachel Snyder
When the nine Lower Manhattan Development Corporation proposals for the World Trade Center site were released to the public in December 2002, I, like many Downtowners, headed over to the Winter Garden to take a look. While there, I filled out one of the comment cards. Besides leaving a few lines for feedback, those cards contained a list of categories such as “Relative of a Victim, “Lower Manhattan Resident,” “Lower Manhattan Employee,” and so on. Beside each choice was a small box, and respondents were asked to check each box that applied to them.

The Penny Post
What’s with the young?By Andrei Codrescu
Boulder, Colorado is more like itself every time I go there. Tourists from the Sixties, now in their sixties themselves, stroll the pedestrian mall like it was their past. On a crisp sky-blue summer afternoon, two longhaired boys blew mightily into two longhorns plugged into washing machine agitators attached by hoses to earphones strapped to the heads of a middle-aged couple who moaned in ecstasy with their eyes closed, prey to a big-time flashback.

Police Blotter


Downtown Express photo by Scot Surbeck
Flight of fancy
A pigeon took to the air from the fountain near North Cove Saturday.

Capping off a return to Ludlow

The art of day planning

Sports / Youth
Youth Activities

Czar readies for five-year construction plan
By Ronda Kaysen
As Downtown residents brace for years of drilling and street closures outside their apartment windows while the mammoth rebuilding process gets underway, construction czar Charlie Maikish is searching for ways to ease the burden.

Lopez pays to play; gets her funds
By Lincoln Anderson
Margarita Lopez last week received public matching funds for her borough president campaign — but she first had to make a payment equaling almost half of what she was awarded.

Just a veneer of panic, as false wall collapses near Houston St.
By Jefferson Siegel
Two Downtown buildings were temporarily evacuated Sunday night when a portion of a veneer wall collapsed, sending bricks and debris into a rear courtyard. There were no injuries.

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Safe at any speed
Lachlan Burke, 18 months, kept his eyes on the road and stayed clear of the harbor while playing in Wagner Park Tuesday.<more>

Do school bells still ring?
By Ronda Kaysen
The children at a Tribeca elementary school might not need to include earplugs on their back-to-school shopping list after all. The neighborhood school will not be subjected to months of mind numbing construction noise, if discussions continue to progress, according to school and political leaders involved in the negotiations.

Woman and puppy saved in I.P.N. terrace fire
By Vanessa Romo
A fire on the balcony of a 15th floor apartment at Independence Plaza North caused a traffic-stopping spectacle on the afternoon of Aug. 22 when fire trucks from eight fire houses, several police vehicles and an ambulance responded to the call.

Council looks for input before historic demolitions
By Albert Amateau
City Councilmember Bill Perkins last week introduced a bill to require the Landmarks Preservation Commission to calendar landmarks designation hearings on individual buildings or historic districts declared eligible for listing on the State Register of Historic Places.

Downtown Arts & Entertainment

The photo master
Documentary on the life and work of photographer William Eggleston
By Rania Richardson
“You can love it and appreciate it but you can’t really talk about it,” muses William Eggleston, on art in general and his photography in particular, in the new documentary about his life and work.

Stunning collection of rarely seen German art
Fred Ebb’s personal art collection willed to the Morgan Library
By Jerry Tallmer
n all the musicals that ever played on Broadway, there are few moments scarier than when an assemblage of beautiful blondish well-scrubbed pink-cheeked young men and women in their pastoral tree-lined beer garden rise to their feet during this harmless little nature-loving song and suddenly, as one verse follows another, clench it with tiger jaws into what it is really saying which, less disguised, is Today, Germany, tomorrow the entire world.

Cindy Blackman plays for Bird
Blackman holds alto saxophone legend Charlie “Yardbird” Parker in high esteem
By Rick Marx
What do Charlie Parker and Lenny Kravitz have in common? Start with percussionist Cindy Blackman, who has been Kravitz’s longtime drummer, and as a jazz player, will be appearing at the 13th Annual Charlie Parker Festival in Tompkins Square Park.
While well known for rockin’ out, her current quartet has just released “Music for the New Millennium” on her Sacred Sounds Label.

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