THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN — Volume 18 • Issue 12 | August 12 - 18, 2005

The great will get even better on Tribeca’s piers
Step onto one of Tribeca’s two piers and the neighborhood feels like a small town – barbecued food, picnic tables, bare bones mini golf, free kayaking, beach volleyball, boats. Are we still in New York?
Yes we are, but Piers 25 and 26 did not become the neighborhood’s great community spaces because of the activities. It is the people who have followed their passions — whether for children, marine life or boating — that have built great programs and made it a home away from home for the passing cyclist at rest or the land-locked Tribecan seeking a river view. This fall the Hudson River Park Trust plans to close the piers for three years in order to build the park’s Tribeca section.

Letters to the editor


Talking point
Peace and harmony underground
By Wickham Boyle
I am a passionate bike rider. Let me rephrase, I am an obsessed bike rider, inveterate, unstoppable, overly enthusiastic, bordering on crazed. In order to illuminate the depths of my commitment to riding my 1968 Raleigh chipped green bike for the last 35 years on the streets of N.Y.C., let me elaborate.

Feeling safer with the N.Y.P.D. tracking terrorists
By Jane Flanagan
Well, I am now feeling a lot better about living in New York City. Let me explain. Yes, I am aware of what’s happening in London, and, no, I haven’t lost my mind. I know that N.Y.C. is still terrorist target No. 1. It’s just that I read an article on the N.Y.P.D.’s counter-terrorism efforts and I am very impressed. I can’t believe I didn’t know what these guys were up to.

The naked truth about the power of protest today
By Ronda Kaysen
The naked woman in the Washington Square Park fountain turned at least a few heads Tuesday. “Stop the War” was painted in red across her backside, down her legs and over her breasts. She had also scrawled something in Arabic that this reporter could not decipher.

The Penny Post
A young poet remembered
By Andrei Codrescu
On Friday, July 29, I participated in a poetry reading to honor the publication of a book by the 29-year-old poet Jeffrey Miller who was killed in a car crash after his birthday party on July 29th 1977. Several poets who knew Jeffrey when he was alive read his poetry from a little stage in the tiny town of Monte Rio, Cal., where Jeffrey lived and died.

Police Blotter

Tribute in Light’ to move

Shelly backing Freddy

In Pictures

Jamming on the Yankee
The Yankee Ferry, played host to trumpeter and vocalist Nils Nusens and friends Sunday in one of the last concerts on the historic boat this summer.

Sports / Youth
Youth Activities

Do security guards provide enough security?
By Ronda Kaysen
On Sept. 11, 2001 Abdul Willie Al-hammami stayed at his post five blocks south of the World Trade Center until 4 p.m. urging the occupants of a 37-story office tower to stay inside until it was safe to evacuate.

One more victim of the World Trade Center’
By Lincoln Anderson
Steven Vincent of E. 11th St., who was killed on Aug. 2 in Basra, will go down in history as the first American journalist murdered in Iraq. But before his tragic end he also carved a place for himself in East Village history as a core member of the group that brought City Councilmember Antonio Pagan to power and that helped bring about the cleanup of Tompkins Square Park.

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Rani Shankar of StoryCorps interviewed firefighter Peter Blaich about his 9/11 experiences in the World Trade Center site’s recording booth.

Revisiting ground zero to record 9/11 tales
By Vanessa Romo
Standing inside the World Trade Center PATH station, Peter William Blaich feared his knees might buckle under him. Normally he avoids Lower Manhattan altogether because being anywhere near the former site of the Twin Towers induces haunting memories of former colleagues, friends and strangers, but remembering was the point of his visit on Aug. 2.

Fenced in no more, East Siders take to the river
By Olga Mantilla
Fences along South St. that once limited access to the East River in the Lower East Side and Chinatown were taken down last week in the first step of a waterfront renovation plan that intends to link the communities of the area to the river and ultimately each other.

Straphangers react to Cortlandt Street station closing
By Olga Mantilla
Straphangers arriving from all parts of the city at the Cortlandt Street station on the R and W lines had mixed reviews for the Metropolitan Transportaion Authority’s recent announcement of the station’s temporary closing – optimistic Financial District workers said it was a small price to pay for an improved station, while others had nothing but bitter words for the M.T.A.

Keith Haring’s Pop Shop to close this month
By Ellen Keohane
This spring, when the Keith Haring Foundation announced it would be closing its Soho Pop Shop on Aug. 28, some Haring fans took the news pretty hard.

Lopez talks about finances and Scientology
By Lincoln Anderson
Margarita Lopez is under fire for taking contributions from Scientology while giving funds to the group’s Downtown detox center, and is also at risk of losing public matching funds because of unresolved problems with her 2001 funds. Yet, the East Side councilmember, in a lengthy telephone interview on Monday, claimed she has done no wrong and expressed confidence in her campaign for borough president.

After hoeing a long row, garden deal is made
By Sara Levin
Following a year’s worth of negotiations, construction will begin on the Chrystie Place II apartment complex on the north side of Houston St. on the Bowery after an agreement was reached last Friday with volunteers from the neighboring Liz Christy Garden over protecting their turf. Gardeners opposed developers’ plans to excavate three feet into the garden. Although construction will still intrude somewhat, it is about two-thirds less than originally proposed, and will preserve the garden’s towering dawn redwood tree and smaller blue Atlas cedar tree, which are prized by gardeners.


The man behind Hitler speaks
Joseph Goebbels’ thoughts revealed in diary entries and historical footage
By Jerry Tallmer
If Cleopatra’s nose had been a half-inch longer, my father used to say, the whole history of the world would be different. Or again, as a bitter old joke goes, if only somebody had liked Adolf Hitler’s youthful paintings…

Chilling story of a misguided naturalist
A moment with Grizzly Man film director Werner Herzog
By Rania Richardson
More of an interlude than an interview, I spent a few minutes alone with director Werner Herzog at the Silverdocs Film Festival in Silver Spring, MD. He was racing between his afternoon “Doc Talk” Q&A in the warehouse-like filmmaker’s lounge and the evening screening of his new documentary, “Grizzly Man,” in the recently renovated AFI Silver Theatre. We left behind his entourage, gawkers and sycophants for some scheduled time in the festival’s Green Room above the art deco theatre. We closed the door behind us to shut out the noisy surroundings.

Come blow your horn
Trumpet festival features a worldwide goulash of performances
By Rick Marx
For the month of August, master trumpeters of many different genres will be flocking to New York both to perform and enjoy the Third Festival of New Trumpet Music, of “FONT,” as it is known in brief. The entire festival runs through Aug. 27; locally, Tonic, the club at 107 Norfolk Street, will be among the venues, with four days of music, from Aug. 12 to 15, featuring a worldwide goulash of performances, from the Ray Vega Latin Jazz Quartet to the Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band, with lots of musical destinations in between. To say that there is something for everyone would be a bit of a cliché, but in this case, it may be true, as organizers Roy Campbell, Dave Douglas and Jon Nelson give new meaning to new music.

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