THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER OF LOWER MANHATTAN — Volume 18 • Issue 4 | JUNE 17-23, 2005


Canal Park drives the road to a safer street

Canal is a city street best known for its traffic, congestion and pollution. A new park however has sprung up in the middle of the street’s western end – its widest area. The reopening of Canal Park is less than a few weeks away. The trees, flowers and grass are visible and have added a bright green spot to a place where cars rule.

Letters to the editor

Talking Point
More streets will make Freedom Tower less secure
By Bill Hine
Security needs to be an integral part of planning for the World Trade Center site. Last-minute changes can produce problems, as is now reported with the redesign of the Freedom Tower.

The Penny Post

Under Cover

Police Blotter

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert
Running for the Games
Connie Bock led a group of well-dressed runners on Wall St. Sunday for an NYC 2012 video intended to help the city host the Olympic Games in 2012. That evening, Mayor Bloomberg announced the city and the Mets would build an Olympic stadium as an addition to a new Shea Stadium in Flushing if New York wins the bid July 6. The mayor’s plan for a West Side Olympic-Jets stadium went down to defeat a week before.

Downtown briefs
C.B. 1 Meetings

Copter crashes Downtown

City provides last-minute funds for I.S. 89 after school

Buskers at the Seaport

Crowds at the Seaport
Balloons, laughter and masses of children were present at the annual Children’s Day NYC last Sat., June 11.

Sports/ Youth

Blue Jays take the season title
The Downtown Little League’s Blue Jays won the Junior League season title Saturday with an 8-3 win over the Peter Stuyvesant Little League Indians.

Hot play for Downtown Little Leaguers

Where basses get a chance for encores
By Ellen Keohane
David Gage’s String Instrument Repair shop is easy to miss on 36 Walker St. in Tribeca. Only a small oval wooden sign in the front window indicates its presence among the textile shops that line the sleepy street. After getting buzzed through the metal front door, visitors walk through a cluttered hallway toward the back of the shop’s first floor, which is the heart of Gage’s business — the workshop.

Job office faces unemployment
By Ronda Kaysen
An unlikely contingent of New Yorkers might soon join the city’s unemployment rolls: the unemployment insurance employees at the New York City Telephone Claims Center.

Downtown Express photo by Elisabeth Robert

Canal Park is nearly complete and is expected to open within a few weeks.

Trees grow on Canal: Park to reopen 85 years later
By Josh Rogers
Maybe good things do come to those who wait — if you have 85 years or so.
The final tease from Canal Park emerged last week as residents, workers and even motorists stuck in traffic at the west end of Canal St. got a better look at what the rebuilt and almost forgotten space will look like when it opens within a few weeks.


Cultural building receives good reviews from C.B. 1
By Ronda Kaysen
Designs for a new cultural center that will one day hover above a new World Trade Center Memorial, its façade a kaleidoscope of light and color peaking through a canopy of trees, awed Downtown residents at a recent Community Board 1 meeting.

Garden variety debate at Hanover Square
By M.L. Liu
A planned memorial slated for Hanover Square has brought little comfort to some nearby residents. Instead, it has evoked dismay.

AIDS facility marks gains but still urges vigilance
Rivington House, the largest residential AIDS care facility in the nation, marked its 10th anniversary with an open house and ceremony that looked at the remarkable changes that have occurred in treatment of the disease over the years.

Selling cars on The Street
BMW parks its new dealership Downtown
By Johanna Petersson
Traditionally Midtown’s west side is where New Yorkers go to buy their cars. This may be changing a little now that BMW has opened the first car dealership in the Financial District.

CBGB feeling punk’d, as nonprofit stops lease talks
By Cathy Jedruczek
The chances of CBGB keeping its home on the Bowery suffered another blow recently when the Bowery Residents’ Committee indicated it is no longer interested in negotiating a new lease with the famous punk rock mecca. Hilly Kristal, CBGB’s owner, previously feared he wouldn’t be able to pay the high rent of at least $40,000 — double his current rent — B.R.C. notified him that they would be renting his space for in the new lease. Now comes news B.R.C. doesn’t want to offer Kristal a lease at all when his lease expires at the end of August.

Arts and Entertainment
Anne Bancroft tribute
By Jerry Tallmer
There are only six of us left on this earth who remember a movie called “Don’t Bother to Knock.” It was released in 1952 – script by Daniel Taradash and Charlotte Armstrong (from her novel), direction by Roy Ward Baker – and it was the flick in which Marilyn Monroe, as a sub-psychotic baby sitter, gave the best performance of her life, or, if you like, second best to what she did in “The Misfits.”

Power pop tribute album
By David Chiu
Spike Priggen may not be a recognizable name to most casual music listeners, and that’s fine with him. “Yeah, nobody knows who I am,” deadpans the 41-year-old singer, songwriter who has been part of the alternative rock scene for over 25 years. “I’m totally obscure. Most of the music I like is really obscure so I can take some solace in that.”

Seducing in the kitchen
By Amanda Kludt
Did you know anchovies are a potent aphrodisiac? So are pine nuts, chili peppers, parsley, and one of the supposed intimacy-spoilers, garlic. “Garlic is the best thing created by God,” says Shani Castri, after expounding on its legendary use as an aphrodisiac and its scientific ability to improve blood circulation and therefore, sexual performance.

Literary celebration of Gay Pride
By Jerry Tallmer
You can say this about North Carolinians: When they write, they write long.
Thomas Wolfe’s first novel, “Look Homeward, Angel,” ran to God knows how many pages until, in 1929, Maxwell Perkins at Scribner’s steered, nursed, and cajoled the 29-year-old newcomer into cutting it down to a publishable 550 or so.

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