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Battery Park City Spring Festival
Photo Essay by Elisabeth Robert.

Father knows how to teach all of the good stuff
People are surprised when I tell them that when I married my husband I gave no thought to what kind of father he would make. Probably because I was too busy obsessing over what kind of mother I would make.
Talk about lucky.

Little League action heats up Downtown
It stayed dry most of the weekend and Downtown Little Leaguers were able to get in almost a full weekend of play. Here’s a sample...

Things to do with the kids

Tribeca Film Festival

Film Festival returns to help Downtown
The Tribeca Film Festival returned to Lower Manhattan last weekend with some children’s films and activities and will move into a full gallop Tuesday with a horse-drawn procession down Greenwich St. and speeches by Gov. George Pataki, Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the festival’s co-founders, actor Robert De Niro and his partner, Jane Rosenthal. With more films, more venues, more events, more days and more time to plan, this year’s festival is expected to be bigger than 2002, the inaugural year.

Festival’s new director returns to N.Y.C. to find a community
Peter Scarlet was 3,000 miles away from New York — 6,000 miles away from San Francisco, for that matter — when he first heard of something called the Tribeca Film Festival.

Adding a few to the celebrity deluge
The hills of Tribeca are alive with the sound and sights of stars. These are not uncommon sites to us locals; in fact we have become almost inured to tripping over celebrities and pretending it is no big deal.

Raised in Tribeca, they’re playing the festival
These three Madonnas might be on the fringe of making it big, but scoring record deals and opening acts does not cloud their vision.

Film festival programs and schedule

Downtown Express photos by Ramin Talaie

A smoker enjoys a stogie at Swan’s, which is exempt from the city’s new law because the owners are now running the bar themselves. The exemption will last until July 24 when a stricter state law takes effect.

Smoker’s paradise on Pearl St.
Swan’s Bar doesn’t tout its top attraction. The Pearl St. pub relies solely on word-of-mouth and a small chalkboard sign to convey its weighty message: “Smoking Permitted.”

City approves sale of Independence Plaza North
New York City last week approved the sale of Independence Plaza North, setting the stage for the end of middle-class rent protections for many of the 3,000 residents of the Tribeca complex.

$30 million needed for pier-park w/o Home Depot
Ann Ketring, 8, who lives on Hanover Sq., presented a bouquet to Her Royal Highness Princess Anne on the damp afternoon of April 29 at the ceremony announcing the creation of the British Memorial Garden in Hanover Sq.

Kayakers ready for new season in Tribeca
When New Yorkers daydream about escaping to the sun, water, and open air, most are probably not thinking about the Hudson River. But thanks to the Downtown Boathouse, which opens for the season on May 15, there are a growing number of ways to enjoy a paddle and a splash within city limits.

Laight St. project divides C.B. 1 committee
The boarded-up site across from the Holland Tunnel exit rotary may have graffiti and posted bills, but some members of Community Board 1’s Tribeca committee are opposing the development of the site because they don’t think the developer should change the number of apartments in the proposed building after he already has approval to build five luxury lofts there.

Gerson outlines plan for his Downtown district
Councilmember Alan Gerson, whose district includes the World Trade Center site and all of its surrounding neighborhoods, last week released a “blueprint” on how to make Lower Manhattan a more livable place as the grandiose plans to rebuild Downtown proceed.

Ceremony to honor 17th century Jewish cemetery
The cemetery was the resting place of members of the first Jewish congregation in the city, founded in 1654 by a group of Spanish Jews who came to New Amsterdam from Recife, Brazil.

Some residents oppose more housing in north Hudson Sq.
The City Planning Commission heard conflicting opinions last week on whether to allow residential development in the north and south ends of the Hudson Sq. manufacturing district.

Room For Improvement

Finding the wares to put atop the table
We had a long, cold, stay-in-the-house winter, but people are finally on the streets again, rollerblading as they window shop. Grilled fish and vegetables are replacing stew as the special of the day, and sturdy houseplants have given way to vases of brightly colored flowers. It’s the perfect time to throw open the windows and invite your friends over for a dinner party. If you discover that three of your best dishes are chipped or that you’re missing several wine glasses, before you venture out to buy new things for your table, take a deep breath and do a bit of research. This is a great opportunity to learn how to create a formal place setting and which items a truly furnished table should have.

A digital cutting edge at the World Financial Center
The visitor hesitates before a clinically white screen. She sets her champagne glass down with one manicured hand and places the other on the smooth plastic shell of the mouse. The image on the liquid crystal display screen above blossoms into a sphere, which then sprouts dozens of pseudo-organic stems. A frown emerges as she tries to make sense of this—this work of art.

Scientology’s Tribeca run receiving mixed reviews
Being an actor can be a frustrating, lonely existence. So it’s not surprising that some aspiring thespians are attracted to the Church of Scientology, founded in the 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard, to help creative people achieve their goals. The group’s New York branch has been renting a Greenwich St. space for two weeks, just north of the Tribeca Film Festival headquarters. It is displaying an exhibit chronicling Hubbard’s prolific, varied career as well as conducting acting seminars.

Koch on film
“Blue Car” (+) The title of this film refers to the memory that 16-year-old Meg (Agnes Bruckner) has of her father leaving their family... “The Dancer Upstairs” (-) John Malkovich killed this film with his direction. It had so much going for it, but it ultimately is all for naught.

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