Volume 17 • Issue 36 • Jan. 28 — February 3, 2005

Tribeca project may close dog run

A It may be a construction-eat-dog world in Tribeca.

Work on the lot behind P.S. 234 is expected to begin in about a week. The noisiest part of the construction will not conflict with the school’s high-stakes tests for fourth graders, but the project may mean closing the neighborhood dog run for about 16 months, neighborhood leaders said Tuesday.

Kevin Fisher, president of P.S. 234’s P.T.A., and David Feiner, aide to Councilmember Alan Gerson, were among those who recently met with developer Scott Resnick about his residential project behind the school. The pair briefed Community Board 1 members about what was discussed.

Resnick did not return a call for comment.

Fisher and Feiner said Resnick is a few days away from completing the purchase of the city-owned lot behind the school. They said Resnick will need to build a safety fence 20 feet into the school backyard and dog run area and it will be there for about 16 months.

They said P.S. 234 principal Sandy Bridges will use the school’s front yard area rather than send students into a tiny yard area adjacent to heavy construction. The area left over for the dog run will be somewhat larger, but it might not be enough to keep it open, Feiner said.

Fisher said the noisiest part of construction will be six-eight weeks after it begins – long after this year’s math and reading tests — when sheeting will be hammered into the ground.

Although Bridges will still be able to use the school’s front yard, the loss of the back play area will exacerbate the school’s overcrowding problem, Fisher and Feiner said. The yard comfortably accommodates 60 children and by creatively juggling classes and rooms, it enables the school to have two extra classes.

The Resnick project of 400 apartments also includes a school annex for P.S. 234, but that won’t be ready to be turned over to the Dept. of Education until the fall of 2006. It will take at least several months for the Education Dept. to build the annex’s interior, meaning it will not be until Sept. 2007 when the annex is open for an entire school year.

—Josh Rogers

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