Volume 17 • Issue 27 | Nov. 26 - Dec. 02, 2004

Letters to the Editor

Give credit where it’s blue

To The Editor:
Re “Getting through the morning after…Bush’s win” (Downtown Notebook, Nov. 5 - 11):

Hey, Wickham Boyle: Don’t forget that not just the West Coast and the Northeast, but also the Middle Atlantics and heartlandic Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Pennsylvania supported us in our minority vote to defend our city and our country. Not to mention 90 percent for Kerry in Washington, D.C., where, like here, 9/11 is more than an abstract concept or political slogan. Gotta make sure all our true blue friends out there get credit.

Patricia Sandberg

Hard surface truths

To The Editor:
Thank you for the November 12 - 18 story, “Yer out! Adult softball ejected in park plan” by Ronda Kaysen, which presented a balanced view of the Columbus Park battle.  Although the supporters of “field turf” repeatedly emphasized the safety of this surface over “rubberized asphalt” for the ball field, this was not given priority by Councilman Alan Gerson either in his mandates to the Parks Department or in his press release touting “rubberized asphalt.”  This is nothing more than asphalt with a coat of color.

“Field turf,” the surface being offered our community, was not mentioned as a 21st century play surface safe for people of all ages. The only mention in Councilman Gerson’s press release was that “synthetic turf is a desirable surface for sports like softball and soccer” when in fact it is totally safe for volleyball, touch football, baseball, tai chi, exercise, running, racing, jumping, skipping, stretching, hopping, rolling, games of tag, tug of war, potato sack racing and somersaulting.

Why was a group that waged a Chinatown campaign demonizing “field turf” as the basis for their petition drive and an intimidation campaign against its supporters not exposed?  Why did the Friends of Columbus Park and their sports leagues’ divisive proposal to cover 2/3 of the ball field in asphalt volleyball courts not balanced against the needs of others in the community who have historically also used the ballfield?  Instead of configuring the ballfield to deliberately eject long time players, why was the compromise not more inclusive?  If  9/11 has taught us anything it was to be understanding and tolerant of all in our community. This would have truly embodied the generous spirit of Joseph Temeczko’s gift.

I would like to add a small correction regarding my comment that “Chatham Towers board members, for example, voted unanimously in support of a complete artificial turf surface.”  The vote was almost unanimous (eight to one in favor of turf). 

Jeanie Chin
Wall St. living

To The Editor:
Re “Living with the bulls on Wall Street – Booming condo market in the Financial District” (Downtown Homes and Lofts, Nov. 12 – 18):

That was a great article. As a resident of the Financial District on the decisive verge of resigning my lease, I appreciate your insight.

Thanks again.

Christopher W. Vecchio

Article was smoking

To The Editor:
I find that the article, “Downtown fire chief will hang up hard hat,” (news article, Oct. 8 –14) is very good. Not many journalists have the ability to write to as high of a skill level. I found that it was very interesting. Tyler Pray is an excellent writer and I will continue to enjoy many articles by him, and the many other writers for Downtown Express. Thanks once again.

Harrison Whitmer

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