Volume 16 • Issue 40 | March 5 - 11, 2004

The screenings begin

The festival kicks off tonight, Friday, March 5 with an opening gala and viewing of “Porco Rosso” at the Director’s Guild of America, 110 West 57th St. For ages 8 to adult it includes a fully catered reception. 6 pm, tickets: $18.

Film screenings begin this weekend uptown at Symphony Space, Broadway at 95th St. Downtown screenings begin next weekend at the Regal Union Square at 13th St. A listing of the Union Square films follows. For a full listings of all festival screenings visit the website: www.gkids.com or call 212-349-0330.

Regal Union Square - 850 Broadway at 13th

Shorts For Tots: March 13 @ 11:00AM, 1:00PM; March 14 @ 11:00AM (ages 3-6)
Short Films One: March 13 @ 1:45PM, 4:00PM (ages 5-10)
Short Films Two: March 13@ 11:30AM; March 14 @ 3:00PM (ages 8-14)
Shorts For Teens: March 13 @ 3:00PM (ages 12-18)

Feature Films:

Girls P.O.V: March 14 @ 1:30PM (ages 8-16, in English)Four fictional films presented from a girl’s perspective and from four different parts of the world – Iran, Hong Kong, France and the UK. A young girl in Iran faces battles with her family with her desire to go to school, ‘a Chinese girl makes a sacrifice for the return of her father,’ a Senegalese girl contemplates a Universe beyond her sensory perceptions, and a British girl experiences conflict in the preparation of a family holiday.

Mutants: (US Premiere): March 14 @ 3:30PM (ages 12-adult, in German w/English subtitles) A film about a 13-year-old girl called Paula, who through the boredom and predictability of her suburban life, concocts a theory whereby an alien virus preys on people when they sleep. Avoiding a beach vacation with her father, instead Paula pursues a 16-year-old orphan called Jen, and following a sudden violent encounter, the two find themselves on a road trip across Germany and France in a stolen car. As the days & kilometers tick by the two begin to develop a relationship of trust and affection.

A Wrinkle In Time: March 14 @10:30AM (ages 7 to 14, in English) This is a tale of travel through space and time to battle the cosmic evil. The story revolves around teenager Meg Murray and her younger brother Charles Wallace. Megan’s father disappeared suddenly, possibly related to his job as a highly classified scientific research into interstellar travel. One night the Murray family discover the existence of a ‘tesseract’ – a sort of wrinkle in space and time. Meg and Charles travel through this wrinkle in search of their father and come across a whole new world. Megan’s pursuit is to save her family and resist the power of ‘The Black Thing.’

Hammerboy (World Premiere): March 14 @1:00PM (ages 6 to 12, animated, in English) - On a future earth, where tidal waves have transformed land & buried continents, remains a small island called Candlestick Island. Mangchi is a young boy who lives within this close nit community and yearns to discover a world beyond his home island. One day a small plane crashes into the island carrying teenage Princess Poplar. Mangchi rescues the Princess and they embark on an exciting adventure together.


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