Volume 23, Number 10 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | July 16 - 22, 2010

Under Cover

Crane Trouble at 130 Liberty
Things are getting shaky over at Tower 5. Literally.

A part on the crane at 130 Liberty Street, the former site of the Deutsche Bank building, had to be replaced due to a malfunctioning, delaying crane work at the site, according to Catherine McVay Hughes, C.B. 1 Chair of the W.T.C./Redevelopment Committee. But non-crane-related work continued there, as usual.

The fifth floor collar tie had a welding problem that also needed fixing, McVay reported at the C.B. 1 W.T.C./Redevelopment Committee meeting on Monday evening. Apparently, the problem was reviewed by the City Department of Buildings before the area was cleared.

“I was at 111 Broadway around 5pm [last Thursday] and there was no one working on the top floor,” said Hughes. “I’m told that the year-end completion schedule remains.”

Publishing Giants Moving Downtown?
Everyone’s heard that publishing giant Conde Nast is interested in acquiring office space in the 102-story Tower 1 at the future W.T.C. site.

Talks about it were being kept hush hush for a while, but now the word seems to be out. And now, the word is that the National Enquirer is also looking into property around the site. And if that wasn’t enough, The Daily News is rumored to be eyeing commercial space on Water Street. Who said Midtown was the publishing capital of the world?

Statue Cruises to the Rescue
Folks won’t only be able to take buses to the new W.T.C. site — they might be able to take cruises as well.

Members of Statue Cruises is proposing that a ferry be created that would transport passengers to and from the World Financial Center in New York and the Liberty Landing Marina in New Jersey.

The project’s main objective is, “To provide environmentally-responsible, practical and comfortable access for WTC tourists, reduce congestion and minimize vehicles in Lower Manhattan.”

“It’s wonderful,” replied Catherine McVay Hughes, C.B. 1 Chair of the W.T.C./Redevelopment Committee, after hearing about the project at the Committee’s monthly meeting on Monday.


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