Volume 23, Number 6 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | June 18 - 24, 2010

You can make a right on red onto the Brooklyn Bridge onramp (right), but not onto Frankfort St. (left).

Transit Sam

Dear Transit Sam,
Heading south on Pearl St. approaching the on-ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge, there is a sign that states “right turn on red permitted.” You can also turn right onto Frankfort St. about 15 to 20 feet just past the on-ramp. My question: does this sign apply only to a right turn onto the bridge or onto Frankfort St. as well?
Rita, Park Row vicinity
Dear Rita,
A good question with a simple answer... The “right turn on red permitted” signage applies only to the first immediate right turn, which in this case is the entrance ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge. Traffic must wait for the light to turn green before proceeding to make a right turn onto Frankfort St. Otherwise, you risk a moving violation for the second right turn.
Transit Sam

Dear Transit Sam,
Do we have any last minute recourse for saving our train lines and bus routes that are due to be cut on June 28th?
Bill, W train rider in Soho

Dear Bill,
I would encourage all my readers to write or call your councilperson and representatives in the State Assembly and State Senate who can put pressure on the MTA to restore some of these cuts. But honestly, it doesn’t look promising with the agency’s fiscal situation in dire straights. I hope in the near future some of these cuts will be reinstated. I also hope congestion pricing or tolls on the East River Bridges are back in play so that there’s a dedicated funding stream for emergency scenarios just like this. For a complete list of all upcoming service cuts, visit http://www.mta.info/news/stories/?story=24.
Transit Sam

Do you need help navigating through Lower Manhattan or getting around by transit? Then e-mail me at TransitSam@downtownexpress.com or write to Transit Sam, c/o SSE, 611 Broadway, Suite 415, NY, NY, 10012.


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