Volume 16 • Issue 33 | January 16 - 22, 2004

Letters to the Editor

Getting high

To The Editor:
Re “C.B. 1 gets Freedom Tower presentation” (news article, Jan. 9 –15):

I am glad that there will be an observation deck inside Freedom Tower’s latticework top at 1,500 feet. It will attract many more tourists and visitors to the World Trade Center and to New York than a mundane 70th floor observatory. The original W.T.C. had significant tourist revenue from one of the world’s highest observatories. Besides, as a matter of principle, it is very important that the public will be able to ascend at least as high as in the Twin Towers. I used to visit the tops of the Twins whenever I got a chance to, and I am looking forward to visiting the 1500-foot Freedom Tower observation deck when it opens. However, it is deplorable that no one will be able to work above the 70th floor, as high up as before.

Alexander Butziger

Budget’s too trim

To The Editor:
Re “City says no to Downtown youth funds (news article, Jan. 9 –15):

I strongly oppose the idea of cutting the funding for youth activities. It is already hard enough to have activities in N.Y.C. and the children are being told we are fat. All the parks are small, not to include Central Park, but the activities mostly surround around computers and video games consisting of violence. Not to mention the violence that is exposed to us children at such a young age and for us to realize that the world is not perfect is not that great to find out.  
Erik Coler
Age 12

Pier 40 suit

To The Editor:
Re “Trust sued over Pier 40 delays” (news article, Jan. 9–15):

One grows incredulous at Downtown Express calling Arthur Schwartz an “activist.” Certainly I have never heard of a person in the Village being called an activist because he wants development as soon as possible.

In case Downtown Express hasn’t noticed there’s a beautiful ball field already being used just minutes from Pier 40 (Jimmy Walker field).

First of all, what right does Arthur Schwartz have to sue anyone? He doesn’t own the land Pier 40 is standing on. I believe it’s called adverse possession when a person demands rights for land that is not theirs.

Schwartz certainly doesn’t represent me or the hundreds of other people who park their cars at Pier 40. These organizations that claim to represent the best interest of the Village are a laugh. Downtown Express still doesn’t have the guts to ask Schwartz how he will personally benefit from his lawsuit. It would seem that patronage and the power that comes from handing out jobs would be what his real interests are.

Earl Carter

Letter correction
In last week’s issue, we mistakenly omitted the name of the person who wrote a letter criticizing planning officials for not being clearer about changes that would be made to the World Trade Center site plan by Daniel Libeskind. The letter, with the headline “W.T.C. problems,” was written by John Brindisi

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