Volume 22, Number 20 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | September 25 - October 1, 2009

Two weeks ago, our fall book roundup (“New York, New York: Read all about it”) incorrectly spelled the name of “Speed Shrinking” author and Greenwich Village resident Susan Shapiro (clumsily, as “shaprio”). We apologize for the mistake, and would prefer you chalk it up to burdensome dyslexia rather than simple carelessness. In the spirit of full amends and then some, here, then, is the description from the original article — with, we’re pretty sure, the author’s name spelled correctly this time.

by Susan Shapiro, from St. Martin’s Press

A follow-up to her 2005 memoir “Lighting Up” (which chronicled addiction to smoking, drinking and drugs), “Speed Shrinking” is longtime Village resident Susan Shapiro’s debut novel. Set in Greenwich Village, it chronicles the emotional meltdown and the long trek back to relative sanity experienced by Julia Goodman. When her shrink and her best friend both ditch NYC at the same time she’s set to plug her new self-help book on beating sugar addiction, Goodman succumbs to a cupcake binge; then goes on a desperate “speed dating”-like search for a new shrink. For our July 29, 2009 profile on the author, visit www.thevillager.com and do a search for “Speed Shrinking.”

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