Volume 22, Number 19 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | September 18 - 24, 2009

Transit Sam

By Sam Schwartz

Dear Readers,
One of my employees from my company, Dan Schack, reached out to the NoHo BID regarding a quality of life issue for pedestrians walking along the new Houston St. medians. Along the Houston St. corridor, particularly at Broadway, new benches were installed, complimented by attractive plantings. The space became very popular and has drawn a lot of pedestrians. However, there were currently no trash cans on the median and the space behind and underneath the bench was overrun with garbage. After sending a letter to the NoHo BID, they came back with an almost instantaneous and positive reply! I post the response from the NoHo BID here.
Transit Sam

Dear Dan,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. From this day forward, the NoHo NY BID will take full responsibility for the maintenance of the median from the east side of Lafayette and Houston, to the east side of Mercer and Houston, including the intersection at Broadway and Houston. The reconstruction of Houston St. has resulted in a unique and beautiful public space. We promise to do our best to meet the standards set forth by both the SoHo and NoHo communities. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.
Harriet Fields
Executive director, NoHo BID.

Dear Transit Sam,
The United Nations General Assembly begins next week with all these world leaders coming into town. What does that do for those who are Downtown trying to navigate around the city? What would you advise?
South Ferry

Dear Franco,
Every year when U.N. gridlock arrives around the third week of September, the message is simple; when our president and other world leaders move about our city streets, you don’t! Thus, my advice would be to take transit or stick to the west side and you’ll be much better off. Many leaders usually take up residence at the Battery Park Ritz, Barclay Intercontinental and the Waldorf-Astoria, just to name a few. This essentially means that for most of next week, First Ave. between 42nd and 48th Sts. will be closed off, and the F.D.R. Drive will be subject to freezes in both directions (not to mention the one lane northbound that’s still closed around the clock from 14th to 18th Sts). In addition, all east side avenues will likely be frozen as the leaders are shuttled to/from their hotels to the United Nations, causing all kinds of tie-ups stretching as far back as downtown. Play it safe and use transit beginning Monday through the end of the week!
Transit Sam




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