Volume 22, Number 16 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | August 28 - September 3, 2009

Letters to the Editor

McCourt memories

To The Editor:
Re “My brother Frank: The teacher who walked beside me” (Downtown Notebook by Alphie McCourt, Aug. 21 - 27):

Alphie, thank you for writing something so real. Thank you for bringing us into the room with you and into your thoughts and memories around Frank. It is these things that are of real value. I breathe a deep breath of fresh air. It is such a pleasure to be free of cloying sentimentality.
Marta Szabo

City problems

To The Editor:
Would someone please explain to me how Mayor Bloomberg creates these oxymoronic catchy titles for himself?

First, he is the “Education Mayor” — for kids without schools. Then, he is The “Good-For-Business Mayor” — and I just see more and more empty store windows.

What about that plant-a-million-trees for PlaNYC? Guess what? I just noticed today that no one in his administration seems to know that once the trees are planted they need watering. The trees on Eighth Ave. in my neighborhood around 12th St. seem to be dying.

Now he is going to be tough on the M.T.A., just after a ceiling on the 181st St. I.R.T. station collapses. Has he been dong anything regarding the M.T.A. during his reign?

Please, I need help, I just have a graduate degree. Anyone out there?
Pamela L. La Bonne

on downtownexpress.com

“Gleason spars with Gerson at candidates’ forum” (News article, posted August 18)

Having attended the August 17 debate, I commend the Downtown Express and The Villager for having convened and managed such an orderly forum. That said, as a voter, I found the questions very disappointing, playing more to headlines and soundbites than substance. With so many new candidates of such variety in experience, I was hopeful that the moderators would query far more about HOW a candidate would set about ensuring their platform’s success. Additionally the “bullet rounds” requiring one word answers were no help at all. I look forward to better questions, next time.

Council District 1 Voter

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