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Letters to the Editor


To The Editor:
As a condo owner, I read the article on Battery Park City ground rent with great interest (news article, Aug. 7 – 13, “B.P.C. residents push for ground rent changes”). Most of the residents of B.P.C., myself included, know little about the B.P.C. Authority.  My conclusion is that B.P.C.A. is simply a taxation body for B.P.C.  They may sugarcoat their function, but a mandate to generate revenue for the city, to be spent outside B.P.C. is a disgrace.  In essence the goals of B.P.C.A. and the people of B.P.C. are completely antagonistic.  This is even before you throw in the actual cost of B.P.C.A. itself.  The B.P.C.A. should be dissolved and let B.P.C. just be another normal neighborhood in N.Y.C.
Andrew Williams

Council race

To The Editor:
A recent letter by Bill Love, a political appointee of Councilmember Alan Gerson, about Gerson’s removal from the ballot by the Board of Elections fails to point out several facts (Letters, Aug. 7 – 13, “Ballot access”). 

First, it should be noted that Gerson has engaged in some of the very same ballot access issues that he is bemoaning.  For instance, in 2003 Mr. Gerson chose to challenge the only other candidate off the ballot, Pete Gleason, who is also his current opponent.  Gerson did this to avoid having a  primary. By attempting to kick Gleason off the ballot in ‘03, Gerson held up Gleason’s matching funds and prevented him from fairly challenging Gerson.  Mr. Love, does that sound democratic to you? 

Secondly, it is politically expedient for Gerson to cry typographical error. However, his current troubles stem from legal blunders involving serious allegations of fraud. 

Thirdly, the Board of Elections gave Gerson an opportunity to cure and explain his petition defects.  He mishandled his opportunity.  This is no surprise to his constituents.   Gerson is notoriously known for missing important meetings, from constantly postponing his Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Committee, to having one of the worst attendance records, and  being chronically absent or late to important community meetings.

On the other hand, Gerson was neither missing nor late when casting his vote for an extension of an undemocratic third term twice rejected by the voters of New York City. 

I ask Mr. Love, and the voters of the First Council District, does this sound democratic to you? 
Adam Silvera
Democratic District Leader and Pete Gleason supporter

To The Editor:
I have to respond to your article on PJ Kim being a Republican (UnderCover, July 31 – Aug. 6, “Young Republican”). I remember an issue being made of Julie Menin having been a Republican. But with her, she had a strong record of service here. Now Kim comes along and it is reported that he too was a Republican, although he volunteered on Democratic campaigns once he got to New York.

The fact is that he was a Republican when George W. Bush was elected president. He did not change his registration until Nov. 2006. To boot, he barely has any record here; being limited to the fact that he was thrown off Community Board 1 for insufficient attendance.

At the last minute (April 2009), he decides to run for City Council and within a month he raises $70,000. The record will show that most of his money comes from outside of New York State.

According to Downtown Express: “Kim could be the only candidate who could support Mayor Bloomberg.” I think he’s done a good job,’ Kim said.” (news article, June 5 – 11, “Newcomer to the Council race says fresh approach is needed”)

I have a problem with a young Republican-Democrat supporting a Republican-Independent mayor buying a third term election, ignoring the people’s term limits vote. Bloomberg should not be able to buy an election and a “former” Republican should not be able to buy a Council seat.

I disagree that “rumors of Kim’s Republican roots had some fact and some falsehood.” I don’t see “falsehood,” only facts. However the story is spun, he was a Republican; he moved into the community and has no record. His fundraising alone raises eyebrows; his money does not come from the district and some comes from Republican donors.
John R. Scott
John R. Scott has volunteered for City Council candidate Margaret Chin at some of her campaign appearances in Tribeca.

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