Volume 21, Number 24 | The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan | Oct. 24 - 30, 2008

Giants offense scores big in tough loss to Queens

Saturday was made for football — sun, wind, cold; perfect for the Downtown Giants Homecoming Day at East River Park in a Peanut Division game against the Queens Falcons.

The Giants offense came out fast and strong. On only the third play of the game, Michael Lenahan burst from the line for a 68-yard run straight to the end zone for a touchdown! You would have missed it if you looked away — that’s how fast the Giants scored.

The Falcons offense wanted to show their stuff. Both Devin Mercedes and Nathaniel Nickel got the ball and picked up some decent yardage. But Jack McCabe, Spenser Kiehl, James Halbert, and William Watt stayed tough and wouldn’t let the Falcons score.

Nickel got a handoff and broke away on the outside and ran like the wind, but Giant William Watt ran faster and made the tackle just in time on the two.

Falcons Aaron Almodovak then got the next handoff and scored for the Falcons. James Halbert stopped the extra point.

Nickel scored two more touchdowns in the half for the Falcons.

Fired with fury, the Giants offense was determined to score before the half – but would there be enough time?

Giants center Enrique Caballero made the snap to quarterback Jack Vernon. Ry Cohen carried for 20 yards. He made another nice run but the Falcons stopped him to end the half.

Out of the gate, the Falcons burst on the field ready to add to their lead, with, Nickel again on a breakaway. Sean Halbert and Trevor Doebele ran to make the tackle, stopping the Falcons in their tracks. Giants Jett Villa, Joseph Simmons, Spenser Kiehl, and Spike Grayson also did their best to stop the tough Falcons offense.

The Giant offense then took the field ready and raring to score. Cohen and Lenahan carried, but the Falcons dug in and would not give up Giants first downs.

Joseph Simmons, Avery Rivera, Sean O’Toole, Jake Ourvan and Ben Steinberg were focused and strong on defense for the Giants. When Falcons quarterback Alwayne Mitchell tried to sneak a run, Watt was right on him to stop the play.

The Giants offense regrouped and Lenahan ran for a 60-yard touchdown. Quarterback Jack Vernon scored the extra point.

With only two minutes left in play, the Giants took possession. Center Enrique Caballero made the snap, quarterback Jack Vernon made the handoff, and there went Lenahan again for another 60-yard run to score the Giants third touchdown of the day.

But coming up short on points but long on guts, dedication, and tenacity, Giants Coach John reminded the players that they never gave up: “You don’t give up on the field; you don’t give up in life. That is why you are winners today, young men.” Watt was awarded the game ball.





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